Shopping: guilt-free Easter treats

Let’s go shopping: guilt-free Easter treats

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Easter for us is usually a time to re-group at home, enjoy the beach if it’s putting on an autumn show and consume a small(ish) mountain in quality chocolate.

I also seem to be drawn to anything vaguely chocolate-related. ‘Tis the season and all that. Chocolate martinis, chocolate body butter … you name it, it’s got my name on it at this time of year.

We also have a few traditions apart from chocolate and one of them is buying new winter pjs for each of us. I think it’s a change-of-season thing. I can’t even remember when we started that tradition but it’s one that’s stuck.

If you’re remotely like me, read on … I’ve been doing some virtual shopping for guilt-free Easter treats.

Shopping: guilt-free Easter treats

Shopping suggestions

Just click on each image and then the caption below each image for more details.


Do you have any shopping traditions at Easter? And are rabbits the new flamingos in interior decorating?


53 Shades of ChocolatePS. Want to create some healthy chocolate indulgences over the Easter break? My friends Kim Morrison and Cyndi O’Meara have just released their 53 Shades of Chocolate e-book. You can buy it here.


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  1. Great post Nikki! I just had the PJ’s for Easter conversation yesterday with some girlfriends and I think we’ll start it as a tradition in our house. I love Colleen’s comment below about the ‘Fooflers’…. my daughter is 2 and we still have lots of fun figuring out what she’s trying to say. A x x

  2. We have traditions too Nikki. It began 50 years ago. My eldest son not 50 was excited the Easter bunny was coming. We asked what he would like Easter Bunny to bring and immediately in his toddler language he was excited asking for fooflers. He repeated it over and over. We showed him photos of everything we could find that fooflers might be. Then I pushed his stroller into Woollies one day and he got so excited pointing out slippers saying dats fooflers.. Mystery solved so every year the tradition continues, we all get new, warm slippers with a small chocolate egg in each one. 13 Grandchildren and 3 Great Grandchildren later.

  3. We have the new winter pyjama Easter tradition too Nikki – my mum started it with us kids. Not so much in the past couple of years – now they are teenagers. My boys (14 and 16) have asked for cash instead this year (no such luck for them), however Miss 18yo is a first year uni student and has asked for some new PJs.

  4. Yes we buy PJs for easter too,I started that tradition when the kids were little,I can’t remember why I think it was change of season buying and just gave them to them for Easter as well as the Easter bunny coming,now we don’t seem to get change of season till April or May,but Easter is early this year and as My kids are adults the bunny does not come now.I can never have too many candles or body treatments so they would be much apppreciated.I usually like to see the family at easter and have a hot cross bun as well.I don’t know about bunnies being the new flamingoes but they are cute,but I have not succombed to buying any I have too many owls ,when I first started collecting them they were hard to find not now though owls are everywhere!

  5. What has happened to all the Easter Bilbies? I haven’t seen them for years. Much more ecologically sound than Easter Rabbits.

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