keep on the right side of healthy this easter

Keep on the right side of healthy this Easter

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I do love a tradition and one of the most popular traditions in this family gets trotted out for any party or special occasion … but particularly so at Easter.

That tradition?

The Chocolate Salad.

With the chocolate just sitting there – on the table – for the whole long weekend, not just Easter Sunday, it actually takes away some of the demand for it.

There’s less of a splurge mentality and more of a treat mindset.

In my mind that’s what healthy living is all about.

Generally making healthy choices 80% of the time and allowing yourself a little treat 20% of the time.

For more of my tips on how to keep on the right side of healthy this Easter (and how to put together a chocolate salad), head on over to Dettol’s Mission for Health site.

keep on the right side of healthy this easter

Comments 12

  1. My son has a dairy allergy, so that significantly lessens the amount of chocolate in our house! I’ve always been a chocolate lover, but try not to indulge too much over Easter. I love the small Cadbury eggs as a treat. The chocolate salad looks divine!

      1. It definitely grows on you! I bought him a Moo Free egg this year. We haven’t tried that brand yet, so I’m looking forward to seeing what he thinks.

  2. Darn, does that mean I can’t make the Cadbury Creme Egg cake now!? That might tip me over the 20% allocation, I reckon! But, I’m going for it anyway… x

  3. I’m the only one who really eats chocolate here. I don’t eat a lot but I do love quality choc. We never buy it but we have a tub in our fridge that is always full of chocolate. We just can’t eat our way through the amount that we’re given and are still working through Christmas chocolates and party bag remains from my daughter’s birthday 2 weekends ago. Last year for Easter, EB bought the kids a basket of decorative bunny/egg/heart shaped shortbread cookies with pastel coloured icing. A HUGE treat.

  4. I love your chocolate salad and yes it is true when it is looking at you,you don’t need to eat so much,but if there no chocolate in the house I have to buy some!

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