Chocolate Martini

Weekend recipe: Shady chocolate martini

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It’s been some time between drinks. I’m talking drinks on the blog, not actually what passes my lips. Particularly on a Friday.

So, when my girlfriend and author Kim Morrison posted on Facebook last weekend that she and nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara needed recipe testers for their up-coming chocolate recipe e-book, I was on the email to her quick smart.

I’d had a little word up, you see, that in that there e-book there would be a recipe for a chocolate martini. And I needed to test that out in advance for myself.

You know, just to make sure they really were on to something here.

What’s different about this chocolate martini recipe, you ask? Glad you did.

The basis of this ebook – 53 Shades of Chocolate – is all about using Changing Habits Cacao Wafers and Rapadura Sugar. The sugar is organic and unrefined. The cacao wafers are simply the cacao bean before it’s been separated into cacao butter and cacao powder. Nothing has been added.

{Remember when I made super berry and coconut organic chocolate? I used the wafers and rapadura sugar there too.}

This chocolate martini recipe uses the wafers and the sugar in both the drink and the chocolate ganache that goes around the rim of the martini glass. Heads up, the ganache is something else. There will be plenty of leftovers from the amount in the recipe below and it keeps well in the fridge for about a week. I served some with poached pears last night.

It’s decadent but with a powerful punch. A great dessert cocktail, or just because. And it’s sort of healthy, right? 😉  I made my batch using our trusty Thermomix but there is also a method for using a blender below.

Chocolate Martini

We had such fun creating this one. Not quite sure of the health benefits but it was requested by two of our darling friends Russell Bullen and Matt Moon and had to be included! Kim Morrison, Like Chocolate For Women


(serves one lush or 4-6 normals!)

Chocolate martini ingredients

Thermomix method

1. Place cacao wafers and rapadura sugar in TM bowl, 5 seconds, speed 10

2. Add rest of ingredients – blend 10 seconds, speed 8

3. Rim the glass with ganache by placing the ganache on a flat plate, then turning glass upside down into the ganache.

4. Pour the martini into the rimmed glass.

Blender Method

1. Add all ingredients into blender and blend until smooth.

2. Rim the glass with ganache by placing the ganache on a flat plate, then turning glass upside down into the ganache.

3. Pour the martini into the rimmed glass.



  • 120g rapadura sugar
  • 50g cacao wafers
  • 300ml cream

Ganache Thermomix method

1. Combine and grind the sugar and wafers for 12 seconds on speed 6.

2. Add the cream and heat on 70C for 5 minutes on speed 3.

3. Allow to cool slightly before coating rim of Shady Chocolate Martini glass {I couldn’t wait, which is why the chocolate is dripping down into the drink but it made it extra tasty, I thought?}.

Stove-top method

1. Blitz wafers and sugar in a food processor.

2. Gently heat cream in saucepan on stove.

3. Add in sugar/cacao mixture and stir until dissolved and smooth.


Is this something you’d like to try? What’s your cocktail poison?


53 Shades of ChocolateWant to create more healthy chocolate indulgences? Kim Morrison and Cyndi O’Meara have just released their 53 Shades of Chocolate e-book. You can buy it here.


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  2. Looks beautiful in that glass but Iwould have to use lactose free cream as I am lactose intolerant,but I would happy make it for my friends ,very nice indeed!!

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