summer makeup essentials

Lazy-girl beauty: 8 summer makeup essentials

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Hello lazy-girl beauty lovers. It’s me.

The Queen of all short-cuts in the beauty department. If you’re new here, let me share my lazy-girl philosophy with you.

I’m not so lazy that I drop all semblance of a beauty routine completely. No, I’m too vain for that. But you know that, right 😉

It’s more that after a gazillion years of trialling beauty products as part of my job {yes, I know tough job … no need for violins}, that I tend to look for products that make my beauty life easier.

Unless, it’s a special occasion, I don’t devote – or have – a whole lot of time to getting my face on.

And in summer, that’s even more of the case. It just feels too damn hot and sticky to get to focussed on what goes on my face.

For about 18 months now, BB Cream has been my lazy-girl makeup saviour. I’ve not included it in this post but you can take it as a given that it’s still very much a part of my everyday routine. I swap and switch around the brands I’m using but whatever brand goes on my face that day, I thank the sweet makeup gods for it because in seconds, my complexion looks fresh and alive, belying my usual lack of eight-hours-a-night sleep.

The products featured here* made up my makeup kit {plus a BB Cream, mineral powder and smudge-proof mascara} for our recent trip to Bali. I know many of you will think this is excessive for a beach holiday but I know at least one person, with whom I’ve previously travelled who will not believe that this is all that I took. This particular friend was so amazed at my beauty travel kit, she blogged about it.

Anyhoo, down to beauty business …

summer makeup essentials

8 summer makeup essentials

1. The Gloss Bar naked eyeshadow pallet $35:  Having a pallet of nude eye makeup colours is pretty much an essential for everyone’s makeup kits. This one from Brisbane-based independent, The Gloss Bar, doesn’t have a vanilla shade in it, which is usually my base eye colour. But, you know what? I didn’t miss it on my my holiday. I only did eye makeup for the evenings we went out to a fabulous bar or our date night at Sarong and these three colours were perfectly golden and sun-kissed. A great combo for bringing out a blue eye colour.

2. Ere Perez Cheek and Lip tint in Charm $29.95: This is a natural cheek and lip tint made from beetroot extracts. I used this on my lips for long-lasting almost natural colour and then popped on top the NIVEA Lip Butter or Jane Iredale PureGloss also featured here. More sun-kissing with this lip combo.

3. NIVEA Lip Butter in Caramel Cream $5.19 {available mid-March 2013}: Sorry to tease you with this one but it was the one thing that was in my handbag all day, every day while we were away. It’s still there too. Love the retro style of the tin and the fragrance {think jersey caramel lollies} but my lips also loved it thanks to the shea butter, almond oil and vitamin E combining with NIVEA’s own hydration technology to keep the normal crusty-ness at bay.

4. Benefit Fine One One $44:  Benefit always get me in with its cuter-than-cute packaging and product naming and then I stick around because the products are acer than ace. This new one is no exception. It’s a multi-use makeup work horse. Glide all on together {lighter colour positioned at top} across cheeks for a fresh contoured blush look, blend with fingers. Then if you want, use your finger or a brush to add any of the colours to your lips. A great handbag/makeup purse addition.

5. Maybelline NY Color Sensational Vivids Lip Color in Fuchsia Flash and Electric Orange $16.95 each: This new collection could have been made for me. You know how I’m a big believer in the lipstick pop? Well, I’m even more so if you’re heading out while on holidays for sunset drinks. My reasoning? You’re going to have those big sunnies on for quite some time, so the only makeup to really do the talking for you is what’s on your lips. These two shades were my Bali sunset drinks go-tos and they’re still on high rotation.

6. Maybelline NY Hyperglossy Liquid Liner $13.95: I’m a big fan of Maybelline’s Precise liquid eyeliner so wasn’t prepared to be won over by this one. But I have been. It’s super easy to apply and helps create a sleek eyeliner look that won’t disappear before the first cocktail has been finished. I took the brown one away with me because I was keeping this whole makeup thing a bit more simple and natural but have also used and loved the black since returning home.

7. Jane Iredale PureGloss in Gold Fling $40: This is not the first PureGloss I’ve tried and loved and it won’t be the last. Each PureGloss has a mint flavour and ginger to plump up your lips without use of chemicals. Ingredients are gluten free and vegan and include an antioxidant cocktail of green tea, grape seed and pomegranate. Loved the gold tint for completing that just-stepped-off-the-beach look.

8. Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation $31.95: While BB Cream is my day-time makeup base bestie, I put this one on for our late afternoon/evenings out. And was super glad I did. Humidity is my makeup enemy but I was giving it a run for its money with this foundation as my face armour. The 3-in1? That’s primer, foundation and concealer in one and I’ll vouch for that. Didn’t use concealer and it certainly did “hold” on my face for the evening. The finish is flawless and application super easy. I had a makeup brush with me but also applied with fingers with similar success.

There you have it my lazy-girl, beauty-loving friends … a few new products that might just float your beauty boat.

Let me know if they do? 

* These products were sent to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. You had me at “Caramel Cream Lip Butter”. And I will definitely check out the Ere Perez cheek and lip tint – I absolutely love tints. But props for sticking to the basics – no mascara, though?

  2. Nikki – you have this routine down pat – holiday or not!

    I am new to the whole make up thing – lazy or not! I wore it when I was younger, but now that I am moving closer to 40 I find myself wanting to look my best. Thanks to you Nikki, I have been using the Garnier BB cream, a mineral power and mascara as my daily basis. I have more recently introduced a blush, brighter lipstick (again, thanks to Nikki and the Style Makeover), and some new eyeshadow and gel eyeliner from Sigma Beauty.

  3. Love the idea of that 3-in-1 foundation – I am feel like I am putting layer after layer on my face, a 1 step process sounds divine! Will definitely check it out. Thanks Nikki.

  4. l Love all those new products for lazy girls ,I am a very lazy girl but still vain,I need some makeup on everyday to look fresh ,so completely understand about wearing makeup on holiday.I want that Niviea lip balm now as I am a lip balm junkie can’t do without it and I want that lip and cheek stain too,love a product that does double duty.I am so in love with the Maybelline lipsticks they are great. I alternate between Pink peony and Mango diamonds depending on what I am wearing. I also am loving the lanolips range,you blogged about, I bought 2 travel packs of the 3 products because they were on special and I adore them ,they have the 101 ointment,the rose hyration hancream and the golden ointment and are good sizes epsecially for your bag and have you tried Australis makeup spritz it is good ,it is supposed to set your makeup and also on a hot and sweaty day is nice to spritz over your face and neck,and it has a rose smell.Thanks Nikki for this new post keeping us up to date with what is new and great!

  5. Hi Nikki,

    Thanks for showing us some great new products! Yum, can’t wait for the Nivea release in March and I love Benefit makeup as well. I bought my daughter the “She’s so Jetset” starter kit at Christmas but guess who is the main person using it… Off to check out the Gloss Bar website now as those eyeshadows look wonderful too. Thanks again! Have a lovely ( much cooler) day!

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