Add a pop of lippy (your Nan was right)

Unlock your style in 14 days: Add a pop of lippy

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So far we’ve spent every day on this style holiday camp talking about fashion. It’s time to switch it up a little and talk beauty.

For me, they go hand in hand when talking about style – whether you’re creating a new style or refining an existing style.

Sometimes, the addition of one new makeup product to your collection can be just the style boost you need.

It doesn’t have to get complicated unless you want it to. And if you do want it do, I suggest you book in with a professional makeup artist for a hands-on lesson.

I’ve had a few in my time and each time I’ve learned something new. The first time I had a lesson I wished I’d done it sooner – like about 30 years sooner!

On a day-to-day basis I’m all about implementing the two-minute makeup {the key product here which I’ve embraced for 18 months is BB Cream}.

Most days of the week I have minimal time to apply a full face, so practice at home has helped to create some much-needed shortcuts.

Shortcuts that will get you out the door, feeling fresh even if you may feel far from it.

But if all that fails, I rely on one product {and some dark sunnies}.

I’ll give you a clue …  your Nana was right … a little lippy on the lips before you step out for the day can make all the difference to your mood and how put together you look.

Add a pop of lippy

Which is why this lazy-girl beauty queen always carries a swag of her favourite pop lippy colours in her handbag.

Because, unlike my Nana, I’m more likely to have left the lipstick application until I’m in the car and stopped at traffic lights on the school run.

Check out my vlog from last year for the lowdown on four lipsticks to pop your lips – they’re my faves but I’d also like to hear about yours. (Warning: I may have taken the Nana analogy too far and there may or may not be incidences of Nana teeth. Oops.)

4 lipsticks that pop

1. Eles Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Melon $39.50 | 2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in Orange  $50 | 3. Napoleon Perdis Lady in Red Lip Gloss $30 | 4. Maybelline New York SuperStay 14HR Lipstick in Perpetual Peony $18.95

Style work

Now, I know there are many of your out there who have sworn allegiance to lip gloss and lip gloss only but because we’re on holiday camp, I’d love you to give a lipstick a try.

If you don’t have any at home to experiment with, treat yourself to a beauty counter visit and get some advice on a good statement colour for you.

It doesn’t have to be bright but it should make your eyes spark and skin tone glow. Yep, that’s the power of the lippy!

Add a pop of lippy (your Nan was right)
PS. Don’t forget if you want to share any of your progress along the way via photos, you can upload them in the comments or share via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #unlockyourstyle and make sure you tag me so I can find it (@stylingyou). Facebook uploads to my page are welcome  too.

PPS. Have a great weekend, Stylers. I’ll be back on Monday for the final five days in this series. Thanks so much for playing along.




** The Styling You Holiday Style Camp {Unlock Your Style in 14 Days} is based on the Styling You Manifesto. If you don’t have your own, you can download it here. I’ll also be giving away a proper printed Styling You Manifesto from The Smile Collective every day to the reader who catches my eye with their comments and participation.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream Nikki. Bought some after reading your post and am loving it. It makes a noticible difference (to me at least) to the finish and staying power of either my minimeral powder or liquid foundation on my 41 year old skin.

  2. Totally agree. My dear old nan was a big fan of bright and beautiful lippie.

    A couple of years ago when my son was in Prep, one of the little girls said that I was the most beautiful mummy of the class. I said “but your mummy is *very* beautiful” and she replied “but you are the only mummy that always wears lipstick”! Bless.
    A quick flash of lippie is a winner for giving a bit of pop and sparkle!

    I am going to take a look at the YSL lippies…..

      1. p.s I bought a kaftan! It’s orange and purple and outrageously bright, with feather tassels. And it is divine. Brand is duSud. Your style camp has opened me up to a lot of new options and possibilities – thanks, I love it.

  3. Part of this is finding a colour you feel comfortable with, part of it is the type of lipstick. There are stains like Mrs Woog suggested but also good long lasting lip colours that don’t dry your lips. The Napoleon one above definitely fits this criteria.

  4. Hi NIkki,

    I can’t agree more re learning how to apply make up. I convinced hubby to buy me a Napolean Perdis make up lesson for my birthday 18 months ago and my BFF gave me a NP gift voucher … My only question, like you… WHY did I wait so long. & the best thing is… the cost of the lesson is redeemable in product!

  5. Oh I love lipstick!
    About 12 months ago I thought I should try a nude lip at the office “every now and then”, you know, just for something different. Wouldn’t you know it, within a month I was buying my first red lippy! I now never leave the house without lippy and the kids put in special requests as to which colour I should wear. My preference is L’Oreal Infallible Rouge as it will stay most of the day without feeling dry or heavy on the lip. I now take the Noah’s Ark approach – when I find a colour I like I buy two!

  6. I ALWAYS wear lippy – even to the Dentist and they always get upset and act shock/horror and wipe it off before peering into my mouth. I’m currently holidaying in Cape Town and went to a Dentist here who did not say a word but when he finished he was upset because he had messed up my lippy and offered to fix it for me (I suspect he’s gay). I love him so much that I have promised to fly back here from the Gold Coast for my next checkup.

  7. I totally agree that lippy makes a face pop. I did a vintage makeup course last year and have been wearing it ever since, usually red (Rimmel Alarm) or dark pink (Mac Capricious). My morning routine is now down to BB creme, a bit of eyebrow pencil, a slick of black eyeliner, mascara and lippy. I can’t believe how quick it is.

    The biggest problem I find it while it is easy to wear at work, when I go out I’m with my gorgeous partner who I can’t help kissing all the time (yup we are that PDA couple) so am on a constant search for kiss proof lippy. Any thoughts are most welcome.

  8. Lipstick for me as well. I tend to wear a more neutral colour, Napoleon Perdis, but intend on visiting Myer tomorrow for a try of something more interesting – you know, something to make my eyes pop!

  9. Love it Nikki! I have really been getting into bright lipstick lately, unlike the old days when I would have played it safe. Loving the hot pinks and of course classic reds! Thanks for sharing xx

  10. I never walk out the door without mascara or lipstick. The mascara because I am so blonde as to appear to have no eyelashes (or eyebrows!). Along with the lipstick they create features that, being so pale, I don’t really have without a touch of makeup. I stick to long wearing type lip colours so I am only applying once or at most twice in a day.

  11. i love the realness of your posts, because the reality for me is just that – you’re out the door with the children before you’ve even had time to think about applying some foundation! my lips felt a little out there this morning at daycare drop off, but i’m going to embrace this step x

  12. Hi Nikki, loving the all the advice so far! I’ve recently embraced lipsticks (albeit the half-way between lipgloss and lipstick ones by Revlon and Clinique) and loving it! Any recommendations for make up lessons? I’m not in Qld (I’m in Sydney) so maybe which counters you’ve tried or know to be good? Thank you!

  13. Loving this series Nikki. Had a lovely time last night reading all at once (catching up after being away).
    Lipstick for me too. If I don’t wear it I am often asked if I am sick!

  14. Yes Nikki Nana was right ,well one of mine anyway the stylish one who could make a paper bag look good! She put lippy on to go to the letter box,maybe that is taking it a bit far but I love lippy,glosses and anything you put on your lips,I am a tad addicted I think,I even wear some balm to bed,I hate the feel of naked lips.
    My personal favourites are Maybelline pink peony ,mango diamonds and Napoleon St johns red and I have a Revlon one I wear when I don’t leave the house it has a faint pink sheen to it ,barely blossom it is called ,I do have a pet hate of drying longlasting lippys and ones that have a horrible taste,they go straight in the bin.I think as you get more “ahem” mature that lippy comes into play they brighten your face,I know my daughter and my sons girlfriend do not wear lippy only glosses,does your daughter wear only gloss??I love lipstick.I do think though I am going to have a makeup lesson soon because I have never had one and maybe there is something I will learn,it probably is 30 years too late but I am going to do it this year.
    You have a lovely weekend Nikki and stay cool!

    1. Lisa I love your lippy story… I’m not much of a lippy wearer, put it on in the morning & that’s it! But your story makes me want to start… as Nikki says they definitely lift your look.

  15. I have always been a big lipstick wearer and won’t even go to gym without it on even if it is only a bit of nude colour ( I love the Bobbi Brown nudes). Funny, I don’t like orange on me clothing wise but I love orangey red coral lipsticks ( I am so eyeing off your YSL Orange Nikki), the hotter the better and always feel happy when I wear them. Bright pinks with orange bases, no blue bases as these tend to make my teeth look yellow for some reason, are another favourite too. Finally a style commandment I was already following so looks like no homework for me this weekend lol .

  16. Yep, definately a lippy gal. If I forgot my lippy, and inevitably I would remember when I was in the car, the kids would shriek “OMG it will be on the front page of the local this week – mum forgot lippy”. Never leave the house without it no matter what I am wearing. Even without other make up, always lippy n mascara

  17. Lipstick does make such a difference doesn’t it? It is not something I always do but when I do I certainly feel much better. Thanks for the reminder!! But I have to share some very exciting news … After doing the wardrobe audit I realized I have a lot of things that don’t fit properly. Yesterday I was in a local shop that stocks NYDJ and because I was trying something else on I thought I would try them too. Oh wow!! They are absolutely amazing which I know you have been telling us all for ages but I guess seeing is really believing! I cant wait to wear them. Thanks so much for all the things you share with us … I am sure i am not the only one who appreciates it. Thanks Nikki!

  18. Morning Nikki,

    I have a teeny tip for avoiding the dreaded Nana teeth. After applying your lips/gloss pop your pointer finger into your mouth up to your 2nd knuckle. Complete a firm seal around the finger then remove. Any lips destined for your teeth with be on your finger and very easily removed. This is something not to necessarily blog about as if you’re doing it right, it’s a touch suggestive (but at least there won’t be lippy on your teeth).


  19. Another great tip Nikki! I too tend to have lazy girl ways, and am lucky enough to have good skin and not too many lines (yet!) so BB cream, curled lashes with a slick of dark mascara and some balm, gloss or lipstick is all I need for work.

    Most of my lip colours are some sort of red – Nivea tinted balm being my go to for everyday. A Max Factor retro red is my favourite for adding instant colour and glam – I get compliments every time I wear it! Perfect for lifting a simple basic face or as the added touch to a full on retro glam look with cat’s eye liner.

    I would like to try a pop of bright pink this season but haven’t started looking for the right colour yet – any suggestions? I have dark hair and eyes and a medium complexion if that helps 🙂

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