Keeping it Real: the summer school run outfit | accessories

Keeping it Real: the high summer school-run outfit

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Ahh, how about this heat?

Well, maybe it’s not so hot where you are but I tell you here in Queensland it feels like I’m still in Bali … except without the private pool, air-con and cocktails on tap.

Yep, it’s back to reality. And a mega dose of it with back to school this week.

Now, I’ve tackled the what-to-wear-on-the-school-run issue before. And I’ve made some suggestions for what to wear on the school run as it cools down in the coming months.

But this week’s been a whole new school-run style ball game. One, I’ve not really felt like playing.

Could be post-holiday blues or just that icky, sticky feeling that comes with gazillion percent humidity … whatever the cause, my high summer school-run outfits have very much erred on the comfort and cool side of style.

Here’s an example – a high summer school-run outfit – not to mention a chance for me to show off my other holiday purchase from Mist boutique in Bali {the other purchase featured here for cocktails at Potato Head}.

I’m seriously in love with this label – the beautiful fabrics which are printed with Mist’s exclusive designs – are so easy to wear. They’re available in Australia too but you’ll probably pay a little more than what I did in Seminyak but in my opinion worth it.

Keeping it Real: the-back-to-the-school-run in summer outfit

Dress: Mist {Bali} | Sunnies: Prada {NYC purchase still going strong} | Shoes: Zoe Kratzmann | Earrings: Uberkate

Anyhoo, this one – as you can see – is very much of the strappy nature. I’m not usually one for getting my tuckshops out there but out there they are this week. To wear anything on top is just too damn hot. Should it be lovely and cool where you are, however, why not layer an old-school denim jacket and summer scarf on top?

Underneath, I’m wearing a slip dress {extra useful for soaking up the sweat coming from places no women should sweat from} and I threw on a coloured bra as I refuse to wear a strapless unless it’s a formal occasion. Even then it has to be a damn good dress for me to forgo my normal support for the girls. Besides, my stunning ex-model girlfriend tells me that showing a coloured bra is all the rage in Paris. She spent two months there last summer, so we’ll go with that, shall we?

Keeping it Real: the summer school run outfit | accessories

Silver ring: Sari Dewi Silver {Bali purchase} |  Orange ring: Dinosaur Designs | Arm party from top: Wild Poppy; Coolbabycool; Noosa Amsterdam @ Willow & Bird; Vagary Watch

What’s the weather doing where you live? Did your kids go back to school? What’s your summer school run style look like?


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  1. Looking forward to your summer back to work post. I’ve got another year studying at uni, but I’m running some professional workshops and mingling with future employers as a student rep, so need to up the grooming and dress to look the part.

  2. The humidity has been a bit mad. That dress is gorgeous and looks perfect for a stinky hot day where you don’t have access to a pool and a flow of thirst-quenching cocktails. I hope it was a good first day back for your kids.

  3. You look fantastic Nikki! I love the red bra, it looks like part of the dress. Thankfully I don’t have to do the school run, but in this heat dresses are definitely the order of the day for me. The lighter the better, and definitely a breathable fabric.

  4. Looks lovely and cool. What do you do about bra straps and shoestring strap dresses? Do you wear a strapless? I find them so uncomfortable.

  5. Oh I love that fabric Nikki. There are some gorgeous boutiques in Bali now. I was surprised last time I went as on the previous trip there were only tye-dyed pool dresses 😉 Not any more!

    1. It was our first time Kim but I loved checking out the boutiques – Mist had been on my list thanks to a Facebook follower suggesting I’d like it! There were cheaper stores offering similar but the feel of the fabric and print quality did not match up.

  6. Yes It has been very hot here too ,the humidity has been lurking around the 80-90% mark and I have been sweating as well, very unladylike but I cannot help it and with a non exisent thyroid and menopause thrown in,I have been sticking to cotton or viscose dresses as well.I don’t do the school run as you know but do do the shopping,cleaning and the odd run to the post office or shop for bread and milk.My hair does not like this weather but I have given up!! On the day I wash it I do straighten it but the days after that,a pony or in a clip,too hot for hair and necklaces too most days,and I do have summer scarves but find them too hot as well.I love your little cool Mist dresses they are so pretty,and I love this one you have on, very femine and the Fabrics are beautiful ,your arms look fine to me.You always accessorise beautifully, I live in dresses in summer anything else is too hot.
    I wish my wardrobe was full of silk dresses but alas it is not, when I am rich I am going to buy heaps of Camilla dresses,I don’t know when that will be but I can dream.I’m Glad bra straps showing is chic becuase I need a bra as my gils may be small but are a tad saggy.
    I bet you are having post holiday blues Nikki ,epecially as the weather is the same x

  7. The heat and humidity are despicable. I have trouble with strappy dresses due to ugly maternity bra strap action, so I force the girls into a.sort of strapless bra boob tube thing. I cannot wait til I can wear normal bras again I am going to get some coloured ones, what a great idea. Bra free is NOT an option for moi.

    1. I bought three coloured ones when in the US and I must say I’ve worn them more than I thought I would. Just having them there winking at me in the drawer means that I consider them over my usual nude or black!

  8. Hot here too 30 plus degrees today. I have quite a few sun dresses that I am rotating at the moment and yes I am doing the school run at the moment. The bus doesn’t start until next week and it is too hot and new school shoes too uncomfortable to walk just yet.

    I struggle with the strap issue as well so tend to stick to styles with wide straps or racer backs.

  9. Oh yes it is hot and humid. Great outfit choice Nikki! Whilst I dont have to do the school run getting dressed at the moment is quite the challenge especially when you are in and out of air con all day. Love the idea of the slip.

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