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My children are indeed genetically linked to me.

I know I was present at each of their births but to have none of them raise objections to devoting a big chunk of the first full-day of our holiday in Bali to shopping? Well, that … that just confirmed the ties that bind us.

Until … they out-shopped me.

Yes, when faced with a stroll down Seminyak’s main shopping street, Jalan Kayu Aya, they took on the challenge and handed over their Rupiah like nobody’s business.

Granted, this street is home to many of the global surf brands and I do have a tribe {My SY included} who love their surf clothes. And when said surf brands are cheaper than at home, it’s little wonder that they went at it. Hard.

Our favourite shop hands down was Drifter Surf Shop & Cafe. Loved the eclectic shopping mix here – kind of surf-wear-meets-high-fashion – with a decent coffee {plus reliable free wi-fi} served up on the side.

Drifter Surf Shop & Cafe Bali

Me, I loved popping my head into little boutiques in between the big names. This isn’t the bargain-shopping end of town but for independent boutiques, the pricing compares with Australia.

When I realised that we’d reached Seminyak Square and I was the only one without a purchase to my name, I had our driver drop me back at the start of our walk at a boutique called Mist. Mist had been recommended to me by a Facebook follower who clearly knew my love of a cool rayon or cotton frock. Read on for one of the new Mist additions to my Bali wardrobe. The average price here was about $AU85 per frock.

Mist | Seminyak | Bali

I resisted buying one of these tanks at the Seminyak Square markets … for now 😉

You look hot today Rhonda ... like a sunrise

As for who dominated the shopping. Well, hands down that honour went to the son who’s heading off to uni next month and no longer has a uniform to pad out his wardrobe. Yep, that’s some haul.

Teenage son's Bali clothes haul

But back to me … about that frock. A girl’s got to wear it immediately, hasn’t she?

Turns out it was just the thing for afternoon drinks and early dinner at Potato Head. It’s cool to wear, has a splash of colour and is still a bit sun-safe. I tell you, that 5pm tropical sun still has a mighty bite to it.

Oh, and please note the distinct lack of hair styling?

Yes, this is what I call the I’m-on-a-tropical-holiday-permanent-wet-hair-look. To distract from lack of attention to detail, I call on my friends, big earrings {in this case the perfect orange tassels from Red Phoenix Emporiumand big sunglasses. They never let me down.

Mist dress | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Miu Miu sunglasses | Dinosaur Design Ring | Noosa Amsterdam cuff

Just fell in love with the design of the building at Potato Head …

Potato Head | Seminyak | Bali

The kids were a bit taken with the wet-edge pool.

Potato Head | Seminyak | Bali

Could happily work my way through the cocktail list and back up again.

Potato Head | Seminyak | Bali

Nothing like a sunset to give you a holiday glow … even on Day 2.

Mr SY and I | Potato Head | Seminyak Bali

Now, that my East Coast friends is what sun setting over the water looks like. And if there was a soundtrack to this photo, it would involve uber-cool-for-school pool-house beats.

Sunset Potato Head Seminyak Bali

Bali … I’m in love.

Editor’s note: I’m on holidays this week with my family. I’ll be popping in here most days with postcards from Bali. Regular Styling You programming will resume next week.

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  1. If you’re looking for leather goods – DO NOT GO TO AURA LEATHER in Seminyak. Poor quality, the work was late with the wrong measurements and they advertise that they take Visa and its Cash Only. The Store Manager is rude and degrading to women. Overall a terrible experience in what is otherwise paradise!

  2. Don’t leave without going to Bodyworks Spa in Seminyak. And coincidently – another Mist shop is right next door.

    Also the Wah Wah Bar deserves a visit for the maitre de alone and stunning Italian at La Lucciola.

    Enjoy x

  3. Hi Nikki – it’s hard to believe you were outshopped! What a great effort. Looks like you’re all having a fab time – there’s so much to love about a relaxing tropical holiday. How amazing is that building? Is it made from shutters? Stunning. Glad you got yourself a pretty frock, I love it. There’s a QLD label that has similar styles – it’s called Adrift. Beautiful cottons. Keep sending the post cards, they’re making me all the more desperate to escape the city very soon!

  4. You look so supremely relaxed. Love the dress! I appreciate the chance to live vicariously through your holiday experience. We’re going to Europe/USA for the whole of April but there won’t be pools and cocktails. C’est la vie!

  5. Hi Nikki I just arrived home from Bali, check out Scandi for beautiful leather and silver jewellery and Biasa for clothes (the best boutique in Seminyak in my opinion) on Jalan Raya Seminyak (where all the best shopping for us girls is) enjoy!

  6. Love your dress,I bet you bought more than one,well I would have anyway so so pretty ,BUT I cannot belive you got outshopped,your son does have a great haul though and if surf brands are cheap well he should go for it and I am sure you will make up for it by the end of the trip :).Thankyou for sharing your holiday snaps the colours of Bali are stunning….love and I would not do my hair either the humidty and the heat would not make it worth it ,enjoy Nikki,I am still deciding where Hubster and I will go this year but Bali looks very nice indeed.

  7. It looks so great Nikki! I have never been interested in going to Bali, but you might have changed my mind. Have a great time and I look forward to the shopping adventures.

  8. Oh my lord I am living vicariously through you Nikki, up here in these foggy mountains! I was wondering how your chilluns would keep up with YOUR shopping, what a turn-out for the books that you were outshopped! (But not for long, I suspect.)

    Love it so much …. wishing you just the best time. XXXX

  9. We’re going back in July. In love with Bali. I also had my hair up permanently. As soon as it was down, it would frizz like Monica on the Friends episode when they went to the Bahamas!! Keep having fun!

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