Keeping it Real: BlogHer '12 outfit Day 2

Keeping it Real: the BlogHer ’12 outfits

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BlogHer ’12 is done and dusted.

It was huge, crazy, fun and inspirational. And I’ll be back next year in Chicago (shhh … haven’t told Mr Styling You that one yet).

I’ve got more posts coming for you about what I’ve learned from the two days but I thought you might like a little look-see at what I chose to wear.

It may have been a hot, stinky summer outside but inside the Hilton New York, it was a climate-controlled conference temperature ranging from comfortable to freezing.

Me, I like to err on the side of freezing when choosing a conference outfit (you can check out my previous conference outfit posts here and here), which is why I have a little bit of a uniform of sorts for these types of events.

It’s not unusual to find some NYDJs on my legs and a jacket over a tee or tank. And then I accessorise it up.

Which is what I did on the first day.

Day 1

For me, this outfit was all about letting my new Sussan jacket do the talking.  I’m not generally a floral kind of girl but this piece just makes me smile. Take off the jacket and I’m just in a basic white tank and jeans.

Keeping it Real: BlogHer '12 outfit Day 1

Earrings: Renee Blackwell Design |  Scarf: Witchery |  Top: Seed |  Jacket: Sussan |  Jeans: NYDJ |  Shoes: Zoe Kratzmann

Day 2

On the second day I changed it up a bit, ditching my conference jeans uniform for something fun and new from one of my favourite labels, Feathers*.

I’m a big fan of stripes and usually like my skirts maxi length but this midi style was fun to play around with. The fabric of the skirt is a thick jersey with awesome sucker-in-er powers. We like that.

So the skirt may have been classic in style and stripe but when you pop it with a lime green and some florals, it takes you smack bang into Spring 2012.

Oh, and please excuse my cankles … flying is not friendly to my feet and legs 😉

Keeping it Real: BlogHer '12 outfit Day 2

Keeping it Real: BlogHer '12 outfit Day 2

Skirt: Feathers |  Top: Feathers |  Scarf: Sussan |  Shoes: Zoe Kratzmann

We’ve got the rest of the week in New York, with lots of things to see and do … and just a little bit of shopping to be had, so my outfits will be not so structured. I’ll be embracing the casual chic that I’ve already seen locals wearing on the streets.

My version of New York casual chic , however, will come with a good dose of sweat on the side.

Are you freezing where you are right now? Does it seem crazy to think of wearing summer clothes?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

PS. Big THANK-YOU to my BlogHer roomie, the gorgeous Sarah from A Beach Cottage for taking these photos … she’s the bomb!


I’m attending BlogHer ’12 in New York City thanks to my favourite toothpaste

Sensodyne is sending me to BlogHer '12

Comments 46

  1. Loving that jacket! And that feathers midi skirt, I think I might need that one of complete my stripe skirt family.

    Chicago is on my list. NY for full figured fashion week then on to BlogHer sounds like the plan. Don’t want to miss out two years in a row!

  2. Love that Sussan scarf – they’re really coming out with the goods, aren’t they? Also, your fringe totes rocks! X

  3. Love the outfits. But I’m in love with those shoes….. and the fact that Sensodyne has sent you to NYC, (August being dental health month here in Australia). 🙂

  4. I love that first outfit Nikki! I’m not a floral girl either but that jacket makes me want to be!
    Do you know I never realized those shoes had a strap! I’ve seen you wear them heaps & never seen the strap. …. You really do rock a bright so well Nikki xx

  5. wow great photos Miss Styling You 😉

    you know what, I love the scarf a lot, I would never have picked that up but it pops, I am into popping my neutrals as you know

    thanks for being a great roomie…we might have to try that again for Chicago x

  6. Love both outfits ,but my fave is the floral jacket one,I’m not usually a floral out there type either but love that jacket on you,Stunning.I see you mixed stripes and floral’s ,wow that’s a big leap for you looks great though,I find that midi length hard to wear, I think I am too short,but it looks great on!!Love that floral scarf sobright and fun.Yes it does seem silly wearing summer clothes but won’t be long i suppose before we are wearing them too,have a lovely holiday and I won’t tell Mr styling you about next years Blogher 🙂

  7. You look gorgeous in that jacket Nikki! Looking forward to your casual shopping posts xx p.s. sun is actually shining here today so will only be wearing 2 layers instead of my usual 4 🙂

  8. seriously Lady, your style is effortless and timeless. I’m not even 30 and I would wear carbon copies of these outfits (but not look that hot!).

    Keep ’em coming!

    xo em

  9. It’s freezing here Nikki. The mornings and nights have been icy. Gorgeous days once it hits 20, and you find a place out of the wind.
    love that colour green, will be adding something in that colour to my wardrobe this spring.

  10. I CANNOT get enough of that Feathers stuff. Give me a few weeks and I will “add to basket” like it’s nobodies business. Thanks for the tip lady!

    And BTW? You looked AMAZING. Both days. Fresh!

  11. YES FREEZING! But I am starting to think of summer wear. I am loving that feathers top, it absolutely suits me to have a bit of extra length at the back (but not mullet!). Your feet look to be exceedingly painful!
    Am off to source feathers top for summer!

        1. I’m not sure … they’d probably have to go back to the West Coast. Someone was saying the sponsors and exhibitors play a part in where it’s held. They don’t announce the next year’s venue till the end of the the current year’s conference.

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