The outfits: what I wore in Melbourne for the weekend

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Hello Stylers! Today’s post is a little variation on the normal Friday post as I’m in MELBOURNE.

I flew in yesterday with way too much luggage – remember a girl’s got to have options, hasn’t she?!

I promised I’d share some outfits from the weekend so I’m popping up a couple now and will be back with more later.

Yesterday it was straight from the airport to the hotel, then early dinner by the bay at Stokehouse, St Kilda. DIVINE.

I had managed to get a “costume” change in … Couldn’t let all that over-packing go to waste now could I?

The common thread is a pair of NYDJs, the rest is a bit of layering and some cute accessories.
Today it’s game on for the Digital Parents Conference. Lots to learn and lots of other bloggers to be inspired by.

Don’t feel sorry for me in regards to all this hard work. A blogger’s got to do what a blogger has to do … and at the end of the day there will be plenty of bad dancing and a few vinos. You can count on it.

On arrival at Melbourne Airport: NYDJ black jeans | Country Road green knit | wyse bodywear scarf | Emerson at Big W leopard print loafers | Uberkate necklace | Nancybird handbag | Samsonite case | Ruby Olive ring

Out to dinner on the bay at Stokehouse, St Kilda: NYDJ navy jeans | Country Road white top | Sussan jacket | Mix Apparel at Coles scarf | Gorman shoes

Oh, and see how my hair is up and looking all kinds of lovely … It’s all part of my plan for conference day … stay tuned!

TA-DA! My hairdresser (Maria at Suite Three Buderim) styled and set this on Wednesday afternoon with today in mind. Genius.

Conference go time: NYDJ red jeans | Country Road jacket | Emerson at Big W top | Nancybird scarf | ASOS boots | Peter Lang ring | Uberkate necklace


Gala dinner: Annah Stretton Chameleon dress | Yeojin Bae shrug | Samantha Wills earrings | Mezi bracelet | Adorne cuff | Wild Bling ring | Florsheim heels


I’m attending Digital Parent Conference 2012 thanks to my sponsors Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. You can find stockists around Australia via their Facebook page. If you’d like to WIN a pair all of your own, head over here to find out how.

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  1. Lovely outfits ,I Love how you coordinate your scarves,with your tops  will have to do some style stealing off you ,You always look so well put together ,do you  plan what you are going to wear the day before or do trying on sessions when you have time???
    I need to do that before winter and look at all my choices especially the knits,might do it on the weekend if it’s cooler.

    1. Lisa, you’re so lovely! Yes, I do plan if I’m heading somewhere to an event or work function – helps it to be less stressful on the day. I also make sure that I’ve got good foundation pieces, like pants and jackets, then I can concentrate on the “decorative” bits. Steal away!

  2. I loved that coral jacket you wore on Thursday night, and those shoes – you looked so TALL!! And that black dress – divine. It gives you a gorgeous shape. I want!

    Great to see you, I wish we could have talked for longer. 
    I am glad you had a good time in Melbourne – I know Bianca was looking so forward to catching up with you and Pip all together. xx

      1.  It went well and a report will be on my blog on Wednesday. Thanks for the wishes.
        PS – people in Canberra asked what’s the DPCON. I did describe it as Mums on the Loose – so glad others did too! 😉

  3. Love the dinner outfit, your conference look is also fab can’t believe Mr SY doesn’t love those boots! and the textures in your party dress are divine loving the bling too 🙂

  4. Love the dinner outfit, your conference look is also fab can’t believe Mr SY doesn’t love those boots! and the textures in your party dress are divine loving the bling too 🙂

  5. You brought the weather with you Nikki! Sunshine and sunny days for the next couple of days at least, forecast here in Melb. Love the pop of colours in your outfits, and yes those boots are TDF! Have fun! 😀 

  6. Great outfits Nikki… I’m heading to Melbourne for a few days in early -mid April and have NO idea what to pack – so am looking for ideas!

  7. Looking hot, Nikki!  So sad I won’t be there to meet you this year, but I hope you plan on attending next year, because I certainly do!  Have a wonderful time.

  8. Nikki, one always needs a ‘costume’ change after flying! Hope you enjoyed Stokehouse, great spot for people watching…and last night’s sunset was awesome. Love the Sussan jacket and THOSE shoes!! Have a great DPCON12, Jen

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