Keeping it Real: the blogging conference outfit. Hair: L'Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod

Keeping it real: the blogging conference outfit

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Oh, it’s so, so lovely to be home. Today, I’m Ms Casual 2012. I need my comfort fix. See, last week was NOT a casual wardrobe week. No siree.

I was in Sydney for most of it, so packed a wardrobe suited to the job I’d been contracted to do. Was actually quite impressed that I got away with only packing two pairs of shoes.

Two very nice pairs of shoes, I might add. But just two pairs all the same.

For my corporatey days, I went with a not surprising mix of orange and black 😉 Dresses, tights, ankle boots and a jacket.

But Saturday was Blogopolis Day. Time to mix it up a little. Splash a bit of neon about and pull on my favourite jeans.

I’ve written about my blogging conference outfits before. If you’ve been following along for some time, then you know I have a bit of a uniform for them:

  1. Jeans
  2. Top
  3. Jacket
  4. Statement shoes/boots
  5. Scarf
  6. At least one statement cocktail ring

The reason I keep coming back to this uniform is that is comfortable, semi pulled together, yet not over-dressed.

These three things work together to give me a welcome confidence boost – particularly if I’m going to be on stage speaking.

So here’s what I wore … thanks to Mrs Woog for the photography and the lovely back drop.

Keeping it Real: the blogging conference outfit. Hair: L'Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod

I’ve blogged about this AMAZING new way to get your hair finished off at the salon  – I’m truly in love with it so stay tuned. And my favourite pink lippy? The one that’s been on my lips since fashion week? You’ll be pleased to know it will be available this month. If I’m not doing an orange lip, I’m doing Perpetual Peony.

Also, on the beauty front, see below for a sneaky neon toenail (OPI Did it on ‘Em, featured in my neon post). For my nails, I hit the neutral button and opted for CND Shellac in Rubble, a deliciously perfect winter taupe that I keep coming back to for my monthly manis.

Keeping it Real - what to wear to a blogging conference

Uberkate | Gorman (jacket is still available and on sale) | Dinosaur Designs | sass & bide | abi and joseph | NYDJ | Zoe Kratzmann Footwear

For me, this outfit was all about the jacket. It was an online purchase that I’d hoped would work as I had imagined it in my head. And it did. Plus, it was perfect for a conference venue when it can get a bit cool but will also work as a trans-seasonal (or QLD winter) piece. It’s kind of timeless too and a good addition to my jacket collection. Expect to see me wearing it a lot 😉

Are you a blogger? Or do you go to conferences as part of your job? What do you choose to wear?

PS. On Saturday I posted about opportunities through blogging – which I talked about on the panel I sat on at Blogopolis. I’ll blog this Saturday about the key things I learned and share some photos of the bloggers I caught up with or got to meet IRL for the first time.

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  1. Hello Nikki love your hair;). Did you cut a fair bit off? I am going through that stage at the moment “do I cut it or do I keep it long? I am loving the long bob at the moment but so unsure Nikki your hair cut looks stunning and healthy.
    I love getting my emails and checking out the fashion and the best of all “ninas clothes” keep up the great work nikki.
    Warm regards bec.x

  2. I absolutely noticed those shoes and that ring, but the HAIR was what got my attention. Popping over to that post in a sec. It was so lovely to meet you in person, I will admit to feeling a little star struck.

  3. Gorgeous to meet you Nikki, i gazed at your hair all day at the conference. Your rings are so much fun, love them!! You looked a peach, loved it all, love Posie

    1. Thanks Posie … really, really great to meet you after a long time of following! I’m going through a ring thing but I make a point of wearing at least one big one when I speak as I always use my hands so it’s a bit of an anchor!

  4. Love love love that jacket! I threw out something very similar last year and i am kicking myself now that all these pastel and neon tweeds are back in. Urgh!

    I am so bummed that I couldn’t go to the conference this year. I am making it a goal to go next year as long as we’re not overseas for our wedding when it is on.

    1. I think a wedding is a justifiable excuse! It really is invaluable attending conferences like this. My approach to blogging changed hugely after my first one last year. Plus, it’s great to hang out with other people who do what you do!

  5. Nikki I have to say this is one of my most fave outfits I’ve seen you in! That jacket is killer!!!! You also do neon so well. I am loving all the neon around but am a bit ( OK, a lot!) scared to try it because it is so out of my normal colour range. Any tips?
     Also, I must say you are looking super slim & healthy, you are glowing with good health! Whatever it is your doing can you please bottle some & send it to me? 😉

    1. Hi Reannon – I think the secret with neon is just to add in a little bit – even just my toenails in neon was a bit of fun. It’s a comfort zone thing. And I like toning it down with neutrals too. Thanks for your lovely words … will send you an email x

  6. This jacket is perfection Nikki!!! Love it. Gorman do colour so well. I adore your ‘keeping it real’ posts… but they always make me want to buy something new!!! Oops 🙂

  7. You look stunning Nikki ,Love that Gorman jacket it would go with so many things in your wardrobe,and I really really love those Zoe Kratzman shoes ,I might have to get me a pair,they look so soft and comfy.I can see why your in love with that steam pod your hair looks amazeballs so soft looking and shiny.
    I will get that lippy when it comes out ,cause I love the mango diamonds one you recommended goes with all my orange clothes and My orange your keeping it real posts keep them coming.  

    1. Thanks Lisa … yes, the jacket will go with so much – and could look quite coporatey as well if need be. I honestly can wear those shoes ALL day – comfortable yet have style.

  8. You looked sensational, I so needed you the night before when I took my husband on a 2 and a half hour “shop for blogopolis” expedition where depressingly I couldn’t find anything appropriate and ended up deciding to wear an old work outfit.

    1. Oh, Janine … I wish I’d been able to help! It does put pressure on though when looking for a whole new outfit. Everything in mine – except the jacket – I already had, which was helpful for me.

  9. Nikki, I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to finally say hi to you in person!  You are just as gorgeous in person as you are in your photos – no Photoshop required, ladies.  She is the real deal!  A genuinely nice person too and very generous with her time.

    I was admiring the jacket – it is such a good shape on ladies with boobs.  I’ve found myself buying this same shape over and over again in different colours and fabrics.  And now we know the secret to your shiny hair!

  10. This bloggers conference was a first for me and I enjoyed every last moment of it, especially the opportunity to meet people like yourself. Thanks for being so generous with your time!

    Plus, I can understand your love for that jacket – it looked fabulous! As did your hair – looking forward to reading more about the Steam Pod process!

  11. I didn’t get to meet you but admired you from afar 😉 You looked great and spoke very well, as always!

  12. You did look gorgeous. You hair was amazing. It’s perfection kept distracting me and then made me worry about my own fizzy flyways. I loved meeting you. Rachel x

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