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Inflight travel health and beauty essentials to help reduce jetlag

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I love flying. Always have. Love the excitement of airports. Love the glamour of it all.

Unfortunately glamour is not a word that I associate with how I roll out of a plane at the end of a long-haul flight.

Not. At. All.

My dodgy thyroid, which makes this old bod’ prone to inflammation at the best of times, sure has a swell party (with the emphasis on swell-ING) while up in the air for a prolonged period of time.

Add to that, flying back in time, half way across the world to attend BlogHer in New York … let’s just say, I’m prepared. By prepared, I mean I’ve packed of an excessive amount of helping-hand products for my cabin bag.

Just ask my now-friend Sarah, from A Beach Cottage, just how “prepared” I can be. I first met Sarah in person last December. We had chatted on Twitter but it was in the queue to check in on our flights to Kuala Lumpur for the Nuffnang Blog Awards that we actually properly met.

Everyone was telling me that I could only take a 100ml TOTAL of liquid product on board. I panicked and asked Sarah if I could stash my “excess” liquid, read beauty products, in her suitcase that was about to be checked in (mine had already gone through). All references to boogie boards and leafy substances aside, you can imagine the look she gave me? A cross between CRAAYZAAY and IS SHE FOR REAL?

But being the trouper that she is, she did take my beauty stash … only for us to find out when heading through customs that I would have actually been ok. It was only a single item that could be no greater than 100ml. Oh and they need to fit into a sandwich bag (You can get all official and check it out here).

Sarah kindly “re-paid” me for my beauty stashing by blogging about the beauty show and tell I did on the floor of Melbourne airport where we sat out the night waiting for our “connecting” domestic flights home 😉

So, how do I manage my love need for having product with me at all time with meeting inflight requirements and hoping against hope to minimise the pain that is jetlag?

1. Pack products like wipes and pressed powders which don’t eat into your allowed space.

2. Hunt down travel sized versions of your favourite products and carry these tiny tubes instead.

3. For larger products (and I’ve included some below), I’ll put some of the product into a clear travel container and put the jar into my checked luggage. Look for cheap sets at your supermarket or Priceline.

Let me talk you through what’s made the cut, so far.

Inflight beauty - personal care

These are my non-negotiables for personal care. They are coming with me, no matter what.

The Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel (1) will be a godsend on my face (but I’ll transfer some into a travel tub to cut back on space). Wipes (2). I never leave home or stay at home for that matter without them. The Jojoba Company lemon & coconut hand cream (3) came in a travel set, so a perfect size. My sponsors, Sensodyne* (4), are ensuring not only that I get to BlogHer but also that my teeth look and feel their best too.

I’ve previously talked up the new Golden Ointment from Lanolips (5) – my lips will not be parted from it and I can use it as an all-over moisturiser too. I’ll be buying an aerosol the minute I get off the plane but it will be the sister version of this product (6), a new fave from NIVEA that works to keep the sweat monsters at bay without any irritation.

The Trilogy Travellers pack includes five little gems and this is one of them – a hydrating mist toner (7) – great for spritzing whenever it takes your fancy. Also from Trilogy and something my eyes will want to marry during a long-haul flight – Age Proof CoQ10 eye recovery concentrate (8).

Inflight health - jetlag weapons

These are the things that I convince myself that will make the jetlag recovery process at either end all the better. Also non-negotiable.

Start with a good neck pillow (8) and cankle-minimising compression socks (2). And I’ve been using the Australian Bush Flower Travel Essence (4) on long-haul flights for 10 years now. I really think having those drops regularly during the flight and after does make a difference.

Olive Leaf Extract (1) is my friend. This is my extract of choice but when it comes to ziplock bag time, if I’m tight, I’ll swap for some tablets and put this in my checked bag and start swigging when I arrive. I’m going to give these Nature’s Own natural sleep aid tablets (3) a go. Can’t hurt, can they?

Now, let’s talk spritzers. My good friends at Twenty8 taught me the power of an essential oil spritzer three years ago and I’ve been spritzing ever since. I talked to Kim Morrison from the organic brand recently and she swears by these two blends for inflight health. Use Immune Boost (6) in the spritzer bottle (5), mix four drops with pure water and spray around you in your seat – often. I liken it to creating a Cone of Immunity. Yes, I expect looks but better the looks than a lurgy. The Energy and Vitality blend (7) will come in very handy when landing in both LA and New York. And I’ll probably be inhaling it to get me through the entire conference.

Inflight beauty - makeup

Ok, hear me out on this one. Yes, I take my makeup off and moisturise up when I get on the plane. BUT. Just before I land and I’m not feeling so hot, to pep me up a bit, I’ll add on a bit of a “face”. Nothing fancy, a few pick-me-ups. Not everyone is like this but it works for me.

I’ll start with this new Catalina Geo Intensive BB cream from Makeup Australia (2) I’ve been trialling. It goes on more “mask-like” than the Garnier one that’s been a firm fixture in my makeup kit but within seconds it disappears into my skin to create the BB base that I’m a little bit addicted to. The bonus with this one for me is that it’s SPF35+ as opposed to SPF 15+, which is just what I need when sending my skin into a hot summer from a Queensland winter. It’s also more matte so I will be testing how it stays on in humidity.

And, as I do with my Garnier BB Cream, I “set” it with a little mineral makeup powder. And I much prefer my Jane Iredale Pressed Powder (3) for travelling and minimising mess. The final touches: a bit of Nars Orgasm Illuminator (1) for upper cheek colour and a bright pop of lippy with a formulation that is still kind on dry lips. Say hello to Eles Cosmetics Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Melon (4) – a gorgeous orange/pink.

… NOW, if all that doesn’t help me, I’ve also built in some fast-tracking recovery strategy for when I’m on the ground in New York.

It’s the kind of recovery strategy I do best 😉

I’ve booked a jetlag massage here and a blow dry here.

And then I’m off to lunch. At Balthazar. As you do.

BECAUSE YOU’RE IN NEW YORK! And that’s all the recovery time I’m giving myself.

Have you got any jetlag minimisation tips for me? Any products you swear by for inflight health and beauty?

* Disclosure: the above products are a mixture of products I’ve bought, products that were gifted to me a long time ago and others that are new additions. Any gifted products were sent to me for editorial consideration.


Sensodyne sponsors Styling You to BlogHerIn case you missed the announcement yesterday … 

I’m attending BlogHer ’12 thanks to my favourite toothpaste, Sensodyne.

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  1. I’ve done heaps of long haul travelling since I moved from NZ to the UK in 2008. Last year I did that trip 4x and in 2008 I did it 6x. My tips are to drink lots of water, limit alcohol to only 2 glasses at dinner time. Don’t eat the bread! Move your body clock to your destination time by sleeping at night time in the time zone you’re heading to, even if you miss a meal during the flight. When you arrive at your destination don’t go to bed until it’s bed time. The Trilogy hydrating mist is gorgeous, and another thing that is wonderful is the Lush shampoo bar which can be used for body and hair and isn’t a liquid so doesn’t have to squeeze into your liquids allowance. Oh, and I always put my hair up into a ponytail and take my contact lenses out as the dry air does horrific things to them. 🙂 Have a brilliant trip, Vix x

  2. I have just returned from New York and the flights home nearly killed me…had a migraine for the last few hours so def pack headache medicine of choice. Other great things I had was some Burt’s Bees hand salve and some Perfect Potions Jet Setter spray. And a tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm as well. A silk eye mask is essential…not synthetic. Agree noise cancelling headphones a must as well. Stash an empty water bottle in your carry on or save the one they give you and keep it filled for sipping. They’ll walk around with cups of water, but you can’t stuff a cup in the seat pocket…your tray table needs to be down to hold it…so a water bottle was great.

  3. You’ve just reminded me of my trip to New York. Lunch at Balthazar on a snowy New York day. Enjoy! It was fabulous.

  4. On our last OS trip we both took noise cancelling headphones. Expensive but so worth every cent. They cut out all that horrid overpowering never ending engine noise. I swear they made me less stressed about being stuck in a seat for 22 hours. That, a contoured eye mask and sleeping tablets popped at the time you would sleep at your destination and we hit the ground running in London. Have fun.

  5. With the natural sleeping tablets, make sure you try them out in advance. I tried a natural sleeping tablet once, apparently it had an ingredient that, for the vast majority of people, makes them sleep, but for a teeny percentage of people, has the exact opposite effect. Guess who was in that teeny percentage?
    The worst part was, I didn’t realise it was them keeping me awake until after I took the third (the max recommended dosage). I lay awake and stared at the roof all night long and threw them out the next day.

  6. Never wear blue jeans while travelling for 2 reasons. They are tight and uncomfortable and you will never get an upgrade in blue jeans. I’ve been upgraded 4 times recently. I always dress really well, jacket, heels etc. It might not be the most comfortable but believe me, an upgrade to business is worth it.

    If flying economy, I’m with Jane Frosh. Get on plane and order vodka.

  7. Whenever I travel I take a little satin covered eye pillow filled with rice. I keep it in the freezer in the motel, it’s a great eye refresher. A few drops of lavender oil on it helps with sleep, eye refreshing and headache relief.

    Also I have a pair of “indoor shoes” or slippers from SunShadow (hand made, hand painted in Byron Bay) which are fabulous on flights, don’t take up much room, and work as slippers in your hotel too.

  8. Really enjoyed this post! I love the Simple Face wipes – actually I’ve just done a recent blog post about them! I travel for work as well and when I fly long haul I always have eyedrops, Clinique All About Eyes Serum to sooth my tired puffy eyes and I always have Lucas Paw Paw ointment – it’s great for so many things – cuticles and lips.

    Have a great trip!

  9. Balthazar! I was there last May when we were in NYC – great food, pity I was so jetlagged.
    My tip – a good eye mask – not those airline ones that always fall off but a nice one. Will come in handy if there is too much light in the hotel room as well. Umm – and I always take a change of fresh clothes or at least undies, in case the airline loses my bags..But then again, you are in NYC, what better reason to shop?

  10. Happy travels, Nikki. Have a street vendor pretzel for me.
    My must-have on a plane is my own tea bags – I drink green tea rather than coffee when flying and hosties are always happy to give you a cup of boiling water for you to ‘dunk your own’ 🙂

  11. You are the ultimate travel companion! Between your techno gadgets, health products and beauty products…I’d hardly need to bring anything! I hope you have an easy, relaxing flight with plenty of good movies! xx

  12. Great tips! I always take a little makeup kit.

    My essentials are similar to yours, but I do have a few more: mini can of dry shampoo to freshen up and volumise hair, Evian face spray.

    I always bring bed socks on the plane. Glamourous? Not at all – but that combined with a heavy wrap cardigan and I am protected against the godawful cold air on planes.

    The biggest lesson I learned last year is DO NOT WEAR JEANS! I wore boyfriend jeans for my whole round the world trip (at least the flying parts) and on the last leg between Switzerland – Bangkok – Sydney my legs swelled up and filled the jeans. Never again. I always wear a dress and leggings with ballet flats now. Comfier and just as acceptable fashion-wise…much less dangerous x

    1. Bed socks. Check. And I will be wearing my NYDJ jeggings on the plane (they’re super comfy) and then changing into lounge pants to change back again before landing. That post to come next week!

  13. Love it! But I have to ask…what kind of bag are you taking on board to stash this all into? It’s been so long since I have traveled overseas I can’t work out whether to take a carry on suitcase plus a purse, or just a large oversized handbag..or????

  14. We travel o/s all the time so I’m always on the lookout for tips – will steel a few of yours Nikki. I always pack my medications in cabin/hand luggage just incase they loose my suitcase plus spare underwear and I would NOT travel without my pashmina scarf. I also wear my heaviest shoes to keep the weight down in my suitcase and change into slippers. Most of our flights involve a lengthy stopover in Singapore Airport and someone told us about a fabulous facility there where you can hire a bed and shower for a few hours sleep there. Its like a little series of transportables/cocoons and they give you 2 wake up calls in time for your connecting flight – makes all the difference to re board showered and refreshed after a few hours shuteye! Best advice…have a fabulous trip!

  15. You are so funny! I think our friendship was sealed in the first moment with the potion stashing 🙂

    I am going to try the taking make-up off thing, though my flight is very early I might not even bother putting any on…

    I am travelling very light so will pack some wipes, I hadn’t thought of that x thanks

    as usual great post

  16. Wow you are one super organised lady!!!
    I love the idea of the massage and blow dry when you arrive. Very lush.
    Oh and I love Sarah and her gorgeous blog abeachcottage. You chose a great person to help with your beauty stash there 🙂 and I do remember reading the story on her blog.
    Have a fabulous time. Very jealous!

  17. I am so glad you are prepared Nikki LOL,yes My bag looks like this when I go anywhere,I need to have all my “things” i like with me ,I don’t think I have anything to add except for maybe one of your pashmina style scarves to double as a blanket it gets cool on planes or to use as a pillow ,knee blanket ,you name it,it’s there to use.I have a wonderful spritz it’s a rosewater one from Australis and it’s very good,Oh and don’t forget your meds and some panadol etc because delays happen,Bach rescue remedy and some elastics for you and your daughters hair,I have heard serotonin is good for jetlag ,might be worth getting some.
    I agree ,dodgy thyroids are no fun!

  18. Back in the day when I was a backpacker, I swiped an unused toilet bag of products that was complimentary for first class passengers. Apart from the sleeping mask, a tiny pottle of aromatherapy lotion to stop your nasal passages from drying out became my best friend for years of long-haul flights!! A tiny bit went a long way! We also used to request seats in one of the last 3 rows, as the plane tapered here and you ended up with your own 2 seats (no neighbours!) plus a big leftover area in which to stretch your legs down the side of the plane. Plus we spent a lot of time stretching at the back of the plane while chatting to cabin staff (and avoided queueing for the loo!) P.S. I love my Clarins hydraquench mosturiser in winter and will try your BB cream when my Garnier tube is empty – thanks for the tip xx

  19. I wore a necklace (I will include the link) & I was full of energy and vitality when I arrived back in Aus from US a few months ago & hubby had really bad jetlag, sick & slept for 18 hrs, said it was like the worst hangover he’d ever had… They are on the following website if you want to have a look… symplytoogood(dot)com(dot)au in the shop under jewellery for health. I swear by them now…

  20. OMG. my list is 1) get on plane 2) order vodka 3) read and sleep 4) get to NY. shower at hotel. lol. Send me some stuff and I’ll be your ‘long haul beauty virgin!” haha!. (jeez,.. I haven’t even used a moisturiser in MONTHS!) XX

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