Sensodyne sponsors Styling You to BlogHer '12 New York City

I’m off to NYC and BlogHer ’12 thanks to Sensodyne

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I have many and varied body issues. I wish this weren’t the case but it just is.

Like most women, it’s SO easy to stare into the mirror each morning and be a little on the critical side of what’s reflected back at you.

Sometimes complete denial works for me too. You know, as in, greasy hair, what greasy hair? No time. Just jump in the shower for a quick wash, why don’t you? (This is an actual internal conversation I have with myself on a semi-regular basis. Nina, much?)

In all those mirror conversations, there is one thing I’ve never had an issue with. My teeth.

Well, except that time in Year 10 when I still had gaps where adult teeth should be due to being a late (tooth) loser.

I remember a boss telling me in my early 20s that even if work sucked that day or if a boy was being mean to me, at least I had good teeth.

The first time he mentioned this, it caught me by surprise. The second time, I decided to “own” my teeth.

Yes, they are freaking good. They are.

For starters, NOT one filling. I know, what am I missing out on? Don’t hate me.

For seconders, NO orthodontic work has ever been required. Despite this, they are straight. Damn straight.

Should I stop skiting now?

In truth, I think I owe it all to good teeth genes. I go to the dentist every 12 months when I remember. He tells me I should be flossing regularly, I nod my head and forget said instruction quicker than the time it takes for my health insurance card to be swiped through the HICAP machine.

What my dentist did tell me 10 years ago – and something that I did listen to and act on – was that my teeth are sensitive … and that they need a helping hand with such sensitivity.

I was like a mad woman possessed. I had to protect my “good” teeth.

So I bought Sensodyne toothpaste to deal with those sensitivities, laughed at myself and my “old woman” teeth*, and have been buying and laughing ever since.

Which is why I’m very excited to announce that my favourite toothpaste – Sensdoyne – has come on board to sponsor me to BlogHer ’12 (the world’s biggest female blogging conference – 3000 women in one room!) in New York.

Sensodyne sponsors Styling You to BlogHer '12 New York City


I know, I’m beyond excited. First time in the US. First time in NYC.

I’m incredibly grateful for Sensodyne’s support, which will enable me to concentrate on being a bloggie sponge, learning as much as a possibly can to bring home to share here with you, without worrying about Mr Styling You’s reaction to opening September’s credit card statement 😉

Stay tuned for plenty of cheesy smiling teeth photos from all around New York …

Sensodyne sponsors Styling You for Blogher '12 in NYC

Do you like your teeth? Do you have teeth issues? Do you need a sensitive toothpaste like me?

* I have since learned that it’s not necessarily my advancing years that have been contributing to my teeth sensitivity. Your teeth become sensitive when the “dentine” (or soft, inner core of the tooth) is exposed.  The dentine can be exposed by acid erosion (softdrinks and juices can cause this) or gum recession from over-enthusiastic brushing.

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  1. Congratulation Nikki! I too have healthy teeth (only one teeny filling) but alas major issues as a teen which required braces 🙁

    Enjoy NYC, can’t wait to read about your exciting adventures!

  2. So happy that you were able to receive sponsorship to attend BlogHer in NYC – good work Sensodyne! As someone who had to endure 2 years of braces, I envy anyone with naturally great teeth. I’m glad to hear you take good care of them and appreciate them…! xx

  3. Ha ha! I have freaking awesome teeth too! I’ve never had a cavity, but a school dental nurse thought I did and started getting all drill happy. She stuffed up and had to send me to a dentist, so I do have one filling, in a perfectly good tooth!

    My teeth are so straight that I’ve had dentists ask me how long I had to wear braces for. Uh, never!

    My teeth are a little sensitive though. I’ve never thought to try special toothpaste, but maybe I will, just because the good people at sensodyne are sending you to New York! Well done 🙂

  4. Yay, this is so exciting. Congrats, Nikki! I can’t think of anyone more deserving. I have to say though, I am totally jealous! I am dying to get back to NY.

    I hate my teeth. I still have some of my baby teeth, they’re yellowed thanks to a doctor giving me a course of tetracyline after he insisted my eczema was acne. I just hate them. They’re straight, that’s it. I want to get veneers as soon as we can justify the expense. If you have lovely teeth (which you do) own and love your teeth!

  5. PEE ESS a sneaky hint, if you have an extra sensitive spot you can put a dab of Sensodyne straight onto the tooth and leave it there for a little while, and it will calm down very nicely 🙂

  6. I’ve been using Sensodyne for years as I also have sensitive teeth, and nothing else does the job. I hate to tell you this but I floss every single day without fail. aaaand -deep breath- I think teeth are so important that I have spent twenty thousand bucks on my kids teeth too (orthodontics). They might be little terrorists and get smart to me on a regular basis but … at least they have awesome fangs as well 🙂

    1. Bella, I’m a shocker with flossing … have some Sensodyne floss now so that might be an incentive … and yes, have paid out about $10,000 for one child’s teeth so far … ahh, health insurance does not help much there, does it?!

  7. I had a really sore jaw and gum about 10 years ago and went to the dentist. He put some cold ice stick thing on the tooth and I jumped ten feet in the air. There was nothing wrong with the tooth or gum, but for some reason it had become sensitve.
    He filed it down and recommended sensitve toothpaste and at the time Sensodyne had been out for a little while so I used it but then stopped because not long after that the price jumped quite high and I saw that it reached the $10 mark in the last year or so but has since dropped in price. I’ve used other brands, Colgate, McCleans, Coles brand, Cedel, until last month because my tooth has been quite sore the last 6 months or so. Although I’m sure the whitening toothpaste I used didn’t help.
    I saw there was a whitening version of Sensodyne on sale and bought it. My tooth is still sensitive and they look no whiter so unfortunately this is a toothpaste that does not work for me.

  8. Hmmmm now I’m thinking maybe I should be using Sensodyne as a preventative rather than the teeth whitener I use from time to time…. Can’t wait to see your perfect smile against a NYC backdrop! And lap up all your travel tips! Enjoy xx

  9. From someone who *coughs* recently had six fillings *coughs* I could probably use something like this. I am so jealous of all the bloggers heading to New York – it really is an amazing place. Have fun x

  10. I can totally relate to this! I have to use a certain toothpaste as it is not my teeth but the lining of my mouth! It all peels away if I dont use this one particular gel. It looks disgusting having bits of ‘skin’ rolling up and creeping out of the mouth. My teeth are really good, only one filling until last year when one of my back molars fractured and now I have a crown. Gold of course with diamonds! lol. But they are beautiful and I often get lots of comments on them. No ortho work here either! I am very jealous of your pending trip!

    1. So, So jealous as I just loooove the USA. I have been there twice and really am not all that interested in anywhere else until after another visit- being to NYC and the east coast. We have done the west coast twice 10 days at Disneyland and then Los Angeles and San Fran and San Diego and the Grand canyon and Vegas twice, and also Yosemite. Now can’t wait to do NYC and Niagara and maybe a bit of Canada and of course another Disneyland in Florida. Just so much to see with a similar culture and ‘values’ to ours.

      1. no, funny it doesn’t hurt, not like when you get a burn, the ‘sheets’ are not as thick, just terribly unsightly, it gets mixed in with the lippy too! No pastes for moi, just gels!

  11. Your very very lucky you have good teeth,I have had problems with my teeth not lately ,but a few years back,because I have bad reflux,but they are alright now,but also sensitive too,I also use Sensodyne toothpaste as well.New York New York ,Not long now Nikki!

  12. Enjoy your time. Hopefully I will get to go one year. I wonder if I will ever have a sensor as generous as Sensodyne. Cannot wait to hear about your trip. Feeling very envious right now. Enjoy. 🙂

    1. Hahaha … I didn’t think it was exciting too. I’m just glad that the first toothpaste my dentist put me on to I actually like! So it doesn’t feel like I’m missing out in the teeth department!

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