Fabulous Friday October 15: What’s made your week?

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Welcome to Fabulous Fridays – my weekly blog and video blog (vlog!) about the things that have made my week.   It’s all about the positive – and yes, you’ll find a little style tip as well. Let me know what you think?  And most importantly, what’s made your week. 

Here’s what’s made my week?

1. Rocking out in the pouring rain in a blue Big W poncho for the final Powderfinger concert on the Sunshine Coast.  It was no fashion statement but it was a statement.

2.  Having success at Westfield Chermside with a new client.  Have you checked out the Adorne shop there?  It’s a treasure trove of well-priced accessories all merchandised like you are in an upmarket boutique.  Put it on your must-do list (it’s down the David Jones end near the food court).

Adorne Westfield Chermside

2. Seeing my eldest son get all excited about heading to Melbourne with a team of five from his school for the national finals of Future Problem Solving.  I’m excited that clearly he’s going to one day have a really high-paying job that will fund my retirement lifestyle.

3. Travelling to Warwick to help fit 40 plus staff into new uniforms – confidence doesn’t just come from wearing clothes that fit and flatter outside of work.  Given how much time we spend at work, what you wear there matters hugely.  Kudos to companies that recognise that.

4. The sun finally coming out yesterday to give us a glimpse of the weather that we should be having in October.  The kind of weather that means it’s time to stock up on your suncreen and self-tan products.  Sorry, last year’s just will not do.  Apart from smelling strangely it won’t be effective as a sun protectant.    I have skin that’s prone to burn … quickly.  But here’s the thing, I live just a 10-minute walk from the beach.  It’s so much a part of our summer lifestyle, that I need a sunscreen that works and goes the distance. And now I want one lucky reader to discover why I’ve long had a summer love affair with Ella Bache Great 30+ Sportsbloc too.

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Now, over to you … what’s made your week?

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  2. ‘Great Tan without Sun’ could save my summer! I’m a bit paranoid about going in the sun and I always look so white! I wish I could be browner which would make me look healthier too!

  3. To see my girlfriend (who has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer at 44 & has 2 young girls) smile, laugh & be happy! She is being so supported by her friends and to spend a morning with her yesterday was just lovely! Time is so precious, that MADE my week, it can be a dark time for some xx

    1. Great to hear of her positive outlook – and many wonderful women have paved the way for a bright future.

      If her treatment may result in hairloss – visit beautifullybald.com.au for some stylish headwear for women suffering hairloss

      1. Thanks Robyn, yes she will lose her hair. She was going to go and get a wig for herself. Congratulations too for having your last Chemo….that within itself is a great achievement xx

  4. Save me from ridicule and pale face taunts!
    At last a tan I could happily flaunt!
    From burnt skin,I’d finally be saved
    Thanks to the brilliance of Ella Bache!

  5. Save me from ridicule and pale face taunts!
    At last a tan I could happily flaunt!
    From burnt skin,I’d finally be saved
    Thanks to the brilliance of Ella Bache!

  6. Hey there.. These products would save my summer as I am very fair skinned and burn easily!! I have tried lots of sunscreens and none seem to really help, Ella Bache has a great reputation of being a high quality product that delivers..

    As for the tanner.. Well i currently glow!! lol.. I am that white that i blind ppl! A bit of colour would really give me a boost!

  7. What’s made my week is that we’re moving into our new apartment this weekend, so we’ve been packing and culling a whole heaps of stuff in preparation.

    The Ella Bache pack would make my summer because I burn really easily and therefore look a little like Casper the Ghost all year around. Would greatly appreciate some Ella Bache goodies to help!


  8. What made my week …beautiful sunshine yesterday afternoon & seeing my 4 yr old ‘rainbow’ boys painting, then striping off and painting themselves and each other in the colours of the rainbow.
    Baking chocolate brownies for a playdate that got cancelled …that was a bit sad but we had people to divide it between 😉

  9. Love the sports bloc. I got onto this sunscreen when I was hunting for one that my second son could use when he was little has he would get reactions to all the standard kiddie sunscreens. I love it because I can wear it when I run and it doesn’t sting my eyes when I start to sweat.

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  10. My week was total crap – but I am looking forward to 5 weeks in Bali come december. And catching up with you soon!
    ‘Love Mrs Woog

  11. I got a phone call from my previous employer from Strada Noosa.
    She asked if I would work the weekend in the Aje Sydney store.
    It’s a beautiful boutique in Potts Point and I’m going to adore working with the Aje label again and possibly meeting new people. Having freshly moved to Sydney, I have a whole of three friends.

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  12. 1) My children went back to school, which means I now have a tidy
    (well a little tidier!) house!
    2) The working week has been busy, but productive. Lots of boring,
    necessary bits taken care of!
    3) Our weather is also warming up! Hooray! The weekend weather is
    looking beautiful.
    4) Last, but certainly not least, this particular Friday is even
    more fabulous because It’s My Birthday! Cup cakes for morning
    tea. Yum!

    Have a great day!

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  13. They will save me from feeling the need to go out in the Sun just to get a tan to look like the stereotypical Aussie. And in case I do I will have a lovely Face Saver sunscreen so I will definately not begetting the dreaded sunglasses tan

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