The Model and Me: Verily Spring/Summer 2010

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Welcome to a new regular post at Styling You –  The Model and Me.  Ever looked at a model wearing an item of clothing that appeals to you and dismissed the purchase out of hand?  Yep, me too.  Well, I’m here to tell you that you SHOULD get into that change room and give the object of your desire a try.  You may not look like the model, but you never know, it just may look right for you.  

Verily is a label designed by Sunshine Coast-based Leonie MacLeod.  {BTW her daughter, Hannah MacLeod, is also a fashion designer, formerly of the Sunshine Coast but now based in Sydney.}  

Verily garments are  hand crafted in Australia (yeh, I know. Rare.) and made with attention to detail and an understanding of what woman in the 30+ age group love to wear.  Whether it’s a frock, top or pair of pants, each garment makes a women feel good about their bodies It fits well in all the right places, yet is forgiving and extremely comfortable. I’m a big fan of that. 

The dress I bought (that is pictured below) is from the current Verily summer collection.  I love my black and this one is light and perfect for summer in a tencil/nylon (15%).  It’s available up to size 18.  I love the shape, best described as a long, fitted tunic. It is loose fitting but does create a little upper waist shape.  And here’s the really good bit.  Simply hand wash – or gentle machine cycle, hang it up to dry and then wear again. NO IRONING. 

So, here is the dress I just bought (in black and stone) on a lovely, young, petite model: 

Verily Overall Dress with Sleeves in Black $160

Verily Overall Dress with Sleeves in Stone $160

And here the black one on me: 

Me in the black Verily Overall Dress with Sleeves. I've teamed with red necklaces by Elk and Country Road platforms

  Want this dress for yourself?  I don’t mind sharing a look.  Buy it here.

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