Fabulous Friday October 1, 2010: What’s made your week?

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Welcome to Fabulous Fridays – my weekly blog and video blog (vlog!) about the things that have made my week.   It’s all about the positive – and yes, you’ll find a little style tip as well. Let me know what you think?  And most importantly, what’s made your week. 

What’s made my week?

1.  The Valentino Retrospective exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) was a visual fashion feast.  Getting up, close and personal with some seriously stunning couture was definitely a highlight.  (I had hoped to see this exhibition sooner but decided it wasn’t the best idea for our anniversary weekend … umm, if I wanted to see in another anniversary.  What I loved was the timelessness of the majority of the gowns.  You really did have to check the date to place many of them in a certain era.  Most you could (if you were of celebrity status and size) don for any red carpet event in 2010.   I definitely favoured the strength of Valentino’s black, white and red designs and I got a thrill to see in person the gowns worn on the red carpet by the likes of Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts.  Do yourself the proverbial favour and try and see this exhibition before it ends on November 14.  $20 is a small price to pay for a BIG fashion thrill. 

Fave Valentino quote:  “A woman dressed in black and white is, for me, like a sign – a writing, a calligraphy.”

Valentino Retrospective at GoMA, Brisbane


2.    Surviving a trip to Ikea.  Or more specifically, my marriage surviving a trip to Ikea.  The planning for this “holiday” event started a couple of weeks ago.  In a fit of spring cleaning/re-arranging, I created a new office nook in our lounge room.  One that means when I sit down in front of the TV to watch the latest episode of Mad Men, that I’m not reminded of work.  It is all behind me.  The nook utilises existing furniture but needed a desk.  I wanted the trestle style so it didn’t look to “officey” for everyone else in the house so I logged on to Ikea, found what I wanted, wished they were not the only major international company NOT ot have online shopping, and then hope and prayed it was still in stock (and I could find it) when I finally travelled the two hours to find it in store.  And yes, it was there and yes, husband is still talking to me (this of course may change tomorrow when he devotes the morning to actually building it!).  Will post a photo next week of what it actually looks like … this is what I’m hoping for … 


My dream office space ... filled with kikki K

3.  Hanging out with Mr 5.  You can’t help but get caught up in the enthusiasm that comes from a five-year-old on holidays.  They awake with energy and make the most of every minute until (reluctantly) hitting the pillow 13 hours later.  

If only you could bottle a five-year-old's energy

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And now it’s over to you.  Let me know what’s made your week?  And don’t miss your chance to win an escape to The Golden Door.

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  1. Lots of things have made my week…

    My neighbour brought us a lovely orchid to welcome us back into the street. (we finised the house build last week)

    I received a surprise gift from my best buddy in Scotland

    And the icing on the cake….It’s the end of the school holidays! I know I am evil ;o) x

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  2. Hey gorgeous!
    It is my dear mum’s 60th birthday in December and unfortunately my brother (who is in Sydney) and we (here on the Sunny Coast) cannot all make it back to NZ to celebrate for a number of reasons. Soooo we decided to buy her a ticket over here to celebrate and when we emailed her flight times and details she was beside herself. Now every day we get an email of how many sleeps to go before she arrives and all the things she cant wait to do when she gets here.
    Money is tight so they are not allowed to be expensive things…
    So far her wish list has things like:
    Drink many cups of Kim’s freshly ground Chai Tea!
    Go on a 10km fun run with the family
    my brother did not think that was in the fun category!!)
    Play scrabble with me!
    Have a game of touch footy on the beach
    Discover somewhere on the Coast she hasnt been!
    It is brilliant and I am compiling the list and we are then all going to ensure they are ticked once she arrives!
    Oh little I guess but it has give me (all of us) a huge kick for the week!
    Have a great weekend beautiful Nikki xx

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