Eat Pray Love: if you can’t get 12 months off try these at home

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Confession time.  I was a late adapter in the phenomenon that is Eat Pray Love.  Elizabeth Gilbert did not need me to purchase her paperback to help her bank account along.  It was well and truly full by the time I picked up my copy.   To be honest, I wasn’t sure I’d find her 12-month of navel gazing all that interesting.  I knew I’d be jealous … I mean who gets to just run away from their life for 12 months?

Eat Pray Love stars Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem (sorry Javier but you'll always be Izzy's Denny from Grey's Anatomy)

But then I started reading … and I couldn’t stop.  Is it shallow of me to admit I liked the Eat and the Love parts best?   Of course it is. My bad. MUST. GET. MORE. IN. TOUCH. WITH. INNER. SELF. 

Anyway, I AM excited about the movie (Mr Styling You has even said he’ll come with me … I know, I know, I’ll let him off the hook when it comes to crunch time but I’m stringing him along at the moment).    

To help contain that excitement I thought I’d bring you some Eat Pray Love essentials … you know, in case you too are dreaming of nicking off for a year. (Oh, and if you do, please don’t tell me. Or write a bestseller. Green is not my best colour.) 

1. You may as well have some nice luggage tags to show off to those who drop you at the airport.  These are from Bag Tag Studio – and yes, you can get them custom made. 

Bag Tag Studio luggage tags $12.95 each

2. Not into the Love bit? … then this tee from Mannikin is for you. 

The Eat Pray Tee $59

3. Want to just get enlightened via your computer? … download Sam Sample’s ebook: Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Genki 

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Genki. ebook $12.95

4.  To get a little Pray in your life every day, try this pranamat ($138, also from Be Genki).  Apparently if you lie down on this at the end of each day, you won’t even think about a glass of wine.  It’s a acupressure tool for self-healing, relaxation and revitilisation that restores the energy flow of your body that is a combination of ancient wisdom, bio design and modern technologies. 

Pranamat $138

5.  Make like you are in Bali with these resin necklaces from the latest Dinosaur Designs’ Coral Sea collection

Dinosaur Designs Coral Sea necklaces

6. Planning to do the Eat part?  I suggest you take these jeans with you.  NYDJs (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) suck you in but still feel like you’re wearing tracky pants. 

Not Your Daughter's Jeans $230

 7.  Want those lips to be ready for the Love part? Lanolips 101 Ointment is all you need. Don’t leave home without it.

Lanolips 101 Ointment $17.95

So, over to you … have you seen Eat Pray Love yet?  Did you sleep through the Pray bit?   Where would you spend 12 months if you could escape?

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  1. Must confess read and loved the book ages ago but have been holding off seeing the movie until I have some fellow wanderlust girlfriends to share it with… first dip into the book found me drooling in Italia, remembering the wonderful crisp dry wines and deliously creamy cheeses followed by tangy pistachio gelati in the hot tuscan sun…after that memory indulgence and being the “right now isn’t quick enough” type of girl… skipped the whole introspective thing and straight to Love, sand between toes salty beachy kisses love. Having matured enough to go back to pray and decided that all of my prior indulgences require a new pair of those fabulous not your daughters jeans to be contained, which I have been coverting for some time, not very zen of me but 🙂 thank you for the reminder Nikki!
    So where would I spend a selfish 12 months with no budget and no worries? Earth, Ocean and Air… Riding a beautiful horse through some spectacular country, then onto a boat around some island adventures, and finishing with some dreaming on a mountain under huge skys where the sunrises and sunsets fill the space above you and stars are too many to count.

    1. Ah, KT, see I wasn’t the only one to struggle with the middle bit. Clearly you have a novel in the making there. Just need 12 months and sponsor?! And yes, get thee to a NYDJ stockist! You won’t look back.

  2. Hmm ok….
    Eat: I’ve cut back on eating… Eating is not conducive in my pursuit to fit into most of my wardrobe (size 12). Must, stay. away. from. chocolate.
    Pray: No praying for me but gardening, being out in the sun and my spa bath are pretty much my Zen places.
    Love: My family, my boys, my hubby, my friends, my cat, my dog and our 3 fish (although, secretly I think they only talk to me because they think I am going to feed them :S).

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  3. Well I would come to Australia, of course. 3 months in Sydney, 3 months in Perth…

    Love your suggestions! And yes, who gets paid to take a year’s hiatus from their life? What a deal.

    And why is that one lady putting an orange vibrator in her mouth?

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