Australia’s Next Top Model. Who really won?

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In a budget cut that sadly I initiated a couple of years ago, we no longer have pay TV.  Didn’t matter last night as sitting on Twitter last night, I felt like I did.  As the debacle that was the final of Australia’s Next Top Model unfolded, so did the disbelief from those who I follow on Twitter (and are lucky enough to have their budgets cut).

If you missed it (as I did), this is a community service announcement.  I think Sarah Murdoch really did hold her own and both Amanda and Kelsey showed incredible grace.  FOXTEL has apologised to Kelsey and are sending her to New York as well as awarding her $25,000 as a prize.

And Harper’s Bazaar is now going to put both of them on the cover of its November editions, so that’s a good outcome. But which one would you buy?

Amanda's cover for Harper's Bazaar November 2010

Kelsey's Harper's Bazaar cover for Nov2010

And what did you make of it all?  Classic blooper or publicity stunt? 

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  1. I have never watched the show, but I certainly watched the replay! I think Kelsey won in the grace department, I feel for Amanda, talk about stealing her thunder.

    I’d definately buy the magazine with Amanda on the cover…what a stunner!

    Poor Sarah, I wouldn’t come out from under the bed for a week! I hope she is feeling okay today. xx

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