Which foundation stays all day: Stila All Day Foundation and Concealer

Which foundation stays all day and goes the distance on my face

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The last time I shared a Trinny London makeup update, I had a lot of questions about which of my personal foundation choices stays all day and goes the distance on my face … because I use three different foundations depending on what the day holds.

Have a watch of the video for a three-day experiment I did with the foundations I use on a regular or semi-regular basis.

I photographed and videoed with the same lighting each morning and afternoon. There will be lighting variations between morning and afternoon as light filters through an adjacent window in the afternoon but not in the morning. No filters have been applied to the photos or video.

Foundation #1: Trinny London BFF and BFF De-Stress

It’s taken me a while but I’ve started to embrace the Trinny London “less is more” concept of base makeup layers on your face. This idea all about only enhancing your natural skin look by first nourishing your skin with a skincare routine that brings out the best in your skin and then only adding foundation and concealer products as needed. 

Whichever foundation I’m going for, I do start with Trinny London BFF Cream SPF 30 (Medium). My skin loves it for evening out my skin tone and it offers another layer of sun protection over the sunscreen I’ve already applied at the end of my morning skincare routine.

Next up, the new Trinny London BFF De-Stress in Leslie. I’ve been truly surprised by this product. It works over time to improve the quality of your skin but also gives coverage and an instant radiance.

I finish with Trinny London Just a Touch foundation/concealer in Amelia but honestly no longer use much of it for the every day after the first two products and BFF Eye in Reda have been applied. It’s designed to fill in any “gaps” in coverage or pigmentation, ie under the eyes, across the top of the cheeks. It’s not needed to cover the whole face but you can if you want.

I love this natural look but I do find that by the end of the day it needs a touch-up if I’m heading out somewhere after work. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with this choice for a long-ish event.

Which foundation stays all day: Trinny London

Foundation #2: It Cosmetics CC Cream

Before Trinny London, It Cosmetics CC Cream Your Skin But Better SPF 50+ in medium was my everyday go-to. And I still LOVE it. That SPF 50+ is a winner here in Australia, particularly Queensland, and it provides a level of coverage that’s more like a foundation – my old preference – and still something I’d opt for if I felt my skin was looking and feeling a bit MEH.

The moment I apply it, it makes my skin glow. Like really glow. It also contains skincare ingredients to support your skin. 

Importantly, it really does stay put, even in a sweaty, humid Queensland summer. This is a great one to pack for a summer, beach getaway.

Which foundation stays all day: It Cosmetics CC Cream

Foundation #3: Stila All Day Foundation 

Be still my beating heart. A year ago, I lamented the discontinuation of my all-time fave event and photoshoot foundation, but I was the first one adding to cart when it recently returned to Mecca. Stila All Day Foundation and Concealer is everything I look for in a foundation that stays all day: good coverage, a radiant, glowing finish and the inability to slide off your face in a Queensland summer. It doesn’t dry out your skin and the concealer in the lid is a bonus! Antioxidants help support the skin while you wear it.

Its only negative – it doesn’t have an SPF – but I cover off on that with my skincare.

Which foundation stays all day: Stila All Day Foundation and Concealer


If events and photoshoots are not part of your daily or weekly thing but you still want coverage, go for IT Cosmetics CC Cream. 

If you do have a regular need for a foundation that stays put, then have Stila All Day Foundation as part of your makeup kit.

If you’re a fan – or becoming a fan like I am – of the “less is more” for everyday work or weekend day looks, then do check out the Trinny London range.

So, tell me, do you wear any of the above foundations? Wear a foundation that stays all day that we should know about?

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  1. I’ve just moved to Queensland and have a feeling i’m going to have to up my foundation game. My normal ‘everyday’ one I wear doesn’t seem to like the humidity. Will def be checking these out! Thanks!

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  2. I love IT cosmetics CC cream I wear it all the time now,I haven’t bought “proper” foundation in a while,I and certainly going for the less is more approach as I get older.
    I bought Chi Chi CC cream recently but haven’t tested it out in the heat but it gives good coverage and has a lot of good ingredients for mature skin, I have bad rosacea,I feel nicer with some colour correction.

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  3. Hi Nikki. I have just received my Trinny London BFF De- Stress and BFF foundation. No sure if the colours are a match but really like it. In Trinny’s video she uses the de- stress first and then the foundation. You seem to use it after the foundation. That’s how I thought it was of benefit to the skin. I just wondered why you use it on top of the foundation?

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