Dermalogica phtyo-nature firming serum | Get glowing skin

Get glowing skin with a new serum that fights the lifestyle factors that dull it

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Editor’s note: I’m excited to be part of the #DermTribe. As part of this ambassadorship, I bring you news and my reviews of dermalogica products. I love and use these products on a daily basis and always trial any new products for a month before sharing my thoughts.

Get glowing skin with a new serum that fights the lifestyle factors that can dull it. Dermalogica phyto-nature firming serum has been formulated to just that.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of this new product and why I think it’s worth the investment, I want to address all the comments (not always nice ones!) that always come up whenever I talk about my skincare regime. I’ve never hidden the fact that I get Botox. I’ve done so since the year I turned 40. And the year I turned 50, I got .5ml of filler in each of my cheeks.

I know it’s not for everyone and that’s ok. I’m now 52 and I like the way these treatments give my face a fresh look. What they don’t do is change the condition of my skin. 

I think this is one of the biggest myths about skin out there … that injectables change the texture and feel of the skin. They don’t.

The condition of my skin is thanks to a combination of staying out of the sun from a very young age and having a consistent skincare routine since the age of 18. I upped that routine the year I turned 30 and actually committed to night-time cleansing. I KNOW! Future self is very happy.

So, when I talk here about the skincare products I’m using and the regime I stick to (a regime that also includes monthly facials that also include microdermabrasion and LED light therapy), I’m sharing what works for my skin. And, in doing so, it just might just offer a solution for you too.

Dermalogica phtyo-nature firming serum

Get glowing skin with dermalogica phyto-nature firming serum

The dermalogica phyto-nature firming serum is dermalogica’s most advanced serum to date. It has a two-pronged approach to improving the appearance of your skin.

  1. It firms the skin on contact.
  2. It works over time to safeguard against the external factors that age your skin.

What it doesn’t do – and I love this – is promise the impossible. Too many skincare companies promise eternal youth in a bottle. 

What this serum does do is help counteract the damage that external factors (climate, UV exposure, pollution, lack of sleep, poor diet and stress) do to our skin.

The latest skin research suggests that up to 50% of visible signs of ageing come from these external factors – not our genes as previously thought. This is a very good thing, particularly if you’re someone like me who inherited the fair, easily sun-damaged skin gene.

Dermalogica phtyo-nature firming serum | Get glowing skin

How phyto-nature firming serum works

The science behind the formula is an approach that mimics nature.

In the firming phase, it’s synthetic peptides created to mimic naturally occurring peptides that are doing all the work, giving instant skin gratification. Peptides (in general) are used by the skin to build collagen, elastin and keratin – the things that help keep our skin looking fresh.

In the safeguarding phase, this serum calls on modern plant-based technology and ancient botanicals to improve the health of the skin and revitalise it through the power of antioxidants. Key ingredients: Amazonian Camu Camu (a superfruit with 60 times more Vitamin C than an orange); Moroccan Rockrose extract (a plant that has the ability to germinate even after burning, helps neutralise skin-damaging free radicals); Caffeic Acid from the Madagascar green coffee bean (helps revitalise the skin and decrease appearance of fine lines and wrinkles).

Dermalogica phtyo-nature firming serum

How I’ve incorporated phyto-nature firming serum into my skincare regime

My dermalogica skin therapist Sally Williams is very big on a less-is-more approach to skincare, particularly if you have peri-menopausal sensitive skin, prone to dryness and irritation like I do. I have to be super careful adding in something new. So with phyto-nature firming serum, I first started just using it at night, switching it out for the multivitamin power serum I’d previously been using.

A couple of weeks in, I started using it in the morning as well. What I found was that my problem area (forehead) started becoming irritated and dry. The rest of my skin was thriving and this product was delivering everything it said it would.

So, I simply used the ultra calming serum concentrate on my forehead and the phyto-nature firming serum everywhere else. My skin is very happy right now with that combination. 

The serum itself smells amazing and just one small pump yields enough to pat gently into the whole face, neck and chest area. So, yes this product will go the distance. In fact, I find that all my dermalogica products seem to last longer than I think they will.


1. intensive moisture cleanser

2. redness relief essence (I use this instead of a toner)

3. ultra calming serum concentrate (on my forehead)

4. phyto-nature firming serum (on rest of face, neck and chest)

5. intensive moisture balance 

6. dynamic skin recovery SPF50


1. precleanse balm

2. intensive moisture cleanser

3. redness relief essence (I use this instead of a toner)

4. ultra calming serum concentrate (on my forehead)

5. phyto-nature firming serum (on rest of face, neck and chest)

6. intensive moisture balance 

Twice a week:

1. (After precleanse and cleanse) daily microfoliant

2. multivitamin power recovery masque (I often leave this on overnight once a week)

The overall effect of switching in this serum has been a freshening of my face. It feels like I’ve got my spring glow on after winter and that’s a very good thing!

Dermalogica phtyo-nature firming serum


Dermalogica has 3 prizes of the phyto-nature firming serum to giveaway to three Styling You readers. Each prize is valued at $220. To enter, leave an answer to the following question in the comments’ section below:

Why do you need the phyto-nature firming serum to help you get your glow on this spring?

Entries open on Friday, October 4, 2019 at 5am (AEST) and close on Friday, October 18, 2019 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here

Dermalogica phtyo-nature firming serum

Comments 32

  1. Struggling with perioral dermatitis now since early July. At 48 and generally lucky with my skin, things have certainly changed and I hope this serum will return my glow.

  2. Well it’s been a tough winter with menopause arriving on my door step, so I can handle the night sweats and all but crap skin I can’t. I use a few dermalogica products but this sounds too good to be true. Please help me!

  3. To the ‘Derma tribe’ I do belong
    It’s a pack that keeps me strong

    New product – oh yes please
    They always bring me to my knees

    My skin says is good, it’s a commitment I’ve made
    It’s team work with Derma that keeps it this way

    The serum is something I’d love to try
    Who doesn’t want to glow and shine?

    A fresh face will give me a lift
    and I’m sure my friends will notice the shift

    Thank you Derma and Styling You
    What would a girl do without you two?

  4. Dermalogica phyto-nature firming serum will help me achieve a radiant glow
    Through every season with confidence, I could proudly show
    Kaleidoscopes of happiness and joy that enlighten my heart
    While skin is enriched with nourishment & pampering; beloved/part
    An extra Spring in my step and smiles all around – it will be
    Embracing the uniqueness & femininity that makes me, ME!

  5. Love my Precleanse and Daily Microfoliant since “committing” to night time cleansing but have yet to venture into other Dermalogica products! I definitely need to try this serum!

  6. When I turned 40, I thought ‘what’s all the fuss about?’ but four years later and two dress sizes heavier, I’ve had a wake up call and, in addition to joining weight watchers, I desperately need to get my skincare regime sorted. If I can look as good as Nikki, it will be worth it!

  7. I desperately need to try this serum because at 52, after a long and early menopause, my skin has been left very dry and quite itchy and dull. I’m about to embark on a new career direction in photography and would like to look and feel fresher.

  8. I am feeling run down after one hell of a year and I am hoping spring will bring back my glow, which would be helped by the phyto-nature firming serum. I’ve had seriously ill cats, a newly diagnosed chronic illness, a seriously ill husband, my father died and to top it off I my job was made redundant!! AND I’m just finishing five years of studying for a bachelor degree with my final exams tomorrow. I need some self-care 🙂

  9. Ok I would love to say I have loving looked after my skin over the years however the truth is I haven’t. I have gone to way to many parties, had too much fun, regularly forgotten to take off my makeup, forget to drink enough water and can often be seen in my car rushing to work from school drop off putting on moisturiser etc. I am ready to make a change!!! I need a beauty routine and need to start been a grown up ( at 46!!).

  10. I have had a milestone birthday in July which I have shared with iconic “Barbie”, yes the big “60” and as people tell me, I certainly don’t look it. But as I am clicking up those years I would like to keep it that way and feel that the Dermalogica phyto-nature firming serum would definately help to add to my routine to aid in that youthful glow. Isn’t that what we all aspire to have and to be. “YOUTHFUL” ( without the surgery, if that’s your choice)

  11. Serious glow is what I need
    So I do have to pleed
    My skin is ageing and so dry
    Phyto-nature Firming Serum I do need to apply
    Freshness, firmness and fewer visible wrinkles I would like to see
    Revitalization and confidence is what this product would deliver to me..

  12. Now in my late 50s ‍♀️ Have alway look younger for my age (as people tell me!) but fear that this will come crashing down very soon so need to step up my game plan ASAP !! Just love love the sound of these wonderful products & cant wait to get my hands (we’ll face) alllllll over it !!!

  13. Now in my late 50th‍♀️ Have alway look younger for my age (as people tell me!) but fear that this will come crashing down very soon so need to step up my game plan ASAP !! Just love love the sound of these wonderful products & cant wait to get my hands (we’ll face) alllllll over it !!!

  14. This new Dermalogica serum looks lovely.I believe this serum could help my face,as of tomorrow I’ll be a Nanna of two,even though I’d never trade the wrinkles for the love I receive off my granddaughter some help for this tired Nanna would be wonderful.

  15. I’d love this new serum to get some serious glow back into my face & life!! I’m going back to work after 7.5yrs of being a stay at home mum & to say I’m nervous is a complete understatement! At least with Dermalogica Phyto Nature firming serum, I could look like I’ve got it altogether, even though I’ll be crazily treading water!

  16. Dermalogica’s serum sounds wonderful to me.
    I am 68, mother of four and grandmother of ten wonderful grandchildren. One of my grandchildren Mr Harry at all of 8 years asked me how old I was which I answered, how old do you think Harry? He answered very old as you have lots of skin hanging down on my face and neck. We agreed we wouldn’t tell anybody about Harry’s find. Maybe I could get a little help with my skin.
    Hopefully this wasn’t used for news at school.

  17. Such a beautiful product to help fight free radicals & with my skin aging at 62 yrs young with kidney failure & on dialysis my skin could benefit from as much love as possible!

  18. My skin definitely needs firming and safeguarding. Those external factors – UV, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep – have affected my skin and unfortunately I didn’t have the forethought to start a skincare routine from a young age like Nikki did. My 42 year old skin is crying out for some help.

  19. I’m 47, menopausal and overwhelmed with so many products on the market, ridiculous claims and have no idea where to start with a skin care regime. I know I should have started 30 years ago but hey, I’m keen to start now! What is the one thing I should definitely commit to every day?

  20. Since I turned 40 two years ago I feel my skin has lost its ‘glow’. Nothing seems to help. Phyto Nature sounds like the answer to freshen up my face and nurture my skin for the future.

  21. Your skin looks wonderful Nikki! Would you mind me asking where you get your Botox done? It’s very subtle/ I never would have guessed. Thanks!

    1. Post
  22. I always like to follow Nikki’s recommendation on products. She does the hard work and research and I/we reap the rewards. I had my first ever facial this year (at age 50) and it has really inspired me to be more aware of my skin and taking better care of it. The problem is knowing where to start – this is where Nikki is a godsend. I love her honesty and her transparency. The fact that she uses and recommends these products and we can see the results is all I need to know i NEED this in my life.

  23. As someone in my mid 50’s with slightly dehydrated, fine & lined skin, I’d absolutely love the opportunity to try this product, it sounds amazing!

  24. After working hard and losing 23kg I need some assistance with the new wobbles that have appeared on my face. At 61 I am happy to have some wrinkles but find people are now commenting on them rather than the fact I am healthier (and happier) than I have been for many years. Just a little more to lose then will need advise fron you all about a new wardrobe. Love your posts.

  25. Decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, yes please. I have always wanted to try Dermalogica products and to win this prize would be awesome. I am in my late fifties and I am needing something to give me a boost and freshen my skin.

  26. At 48, whilst I’ve always looked after my skin and it’s smooth it is now splotchy and needs a lot of extra love. I adore bettyquette oil for extra hydration but needs to try something with extra powers.

  27. Dermalogica’s Phyto Nature firming serum
    Sounds incredibly like a dream
    Something that will nourish
    Coaxing my skin to flourish
    Something that will firm my skin
    While all the while safeguarding
    Against premature ageing
    Using antioxidants – a war they’re waging
    And with continued use
    Protection builds, to stop environmental abuse
    Results over time
    Create a skin glow so fine.
    ([email protected])

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