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The skincare routine that’s helping me through menopause

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I know how you love an update on what I’ve been putting on my skin and I thought I’d touch base and let you know how I’m going with a skin routine that’s helping me through menopause.

I’m probably still on the peri side of the menopausal divide but a few of the symptoms of the cross-over are alive and well in this 52-year-old body.

Hello night sweats and the need for only summer pjs despite the temperature dropping to single digits. And hello dry skin.

I chatted to you about the strange arrival of dry skin on my forehead in my last skincare routine update and I’m super pleased to report that I’ve had significant improvement in the past few months. That improvement is due in very big part to the dermalogica intensive moisture cleanser and intensive moisture balance I wrote about in that post. I cannot tell you just how much these two products have been a game-changer for my skin. If for some reason I forget to pack/use the intensive moisture balance, my forehead comes over all flakey and lets me know about it.

The other thing I’ve done is work with a dermalogica skin therapist (Sally Williams), booking in for monthly treatments that support, hydrate and strengthen my skin. I can’t stress how this individual attention not only helps your skin but also stops you from either using products not suited to your skin or over-stimulating your skin with too many products. Over-stimulating your skin can throw your skin’s balance out of whack. You might blame the product but it just might be the products are not the right combination for you right now.

What Sally has done is sort out and simplify my skincare routine and we’ve scaled back on the actives I’m using at home, saving any peels, retinol or super strong serums for in the monthly treatments. In those treatments, I also have micro-dermabrasion and LED light therapy.

Dermalogica multivitamin power serum

dermalogica multivitamin power serum

At home I’m concentrating on hydration, keeping my skin calm and gently delivering active ingredients at night time only using dermalogica multivitamin power serum. This is a product that’s back by popular demand and I, for one, am extremely happy it is. 

Let me share the reasons why.

1. At a time when my skin is hyper-sensitive and prone to flakiness, this product gives it just the right strength of vitamins A, C an E to boost the appearance and glow of my skin without tipping it over the edge into the reactive zone.

2. The product itself glides on gently, hugging and smoothing the skin, much like a makeup primer might. 

3. When worn overnight, I wake up with fresh, smooth, hydrated skin and that makes me a very happy woman.

So, what powers this serum?

Retinyl Palmitate: encapsulated Vitamin A to help increase cell renewal and turnover. 

Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate: encapsulated Vitamin E to help provide antioxidant benefits to the skin and reinforce the barrier lipid layer (this is a big one for me!).

Ascorbyl Glucoside: stabilised form of Vitamin C that stimulates collagen synthesis to help treat hyperpigmentation and provides a photoprotective function against UV rays.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate: stabilised and highly active ingredient that stimulates collagen synthesis and helps treat hyperpigmentation.

dermalogica multivitamin power serum

My menopause skincare routine

This is my current, simplified (peri) menopause skincare routine. It may not be right for you but it might get you thinking about how you could tweak what you currently use to get the best out of your skin right now.


Menopause skincare routine | night time | dermalogica

1. intensive moisture cleanser

2. redness relief essence

3. ultra calming serum concentrate

4. intensive moisture balance 

5. dynamic skin recovery SPF50


Menopause skincare routine | night time | dermalogica

1. precleanse balm

2. redness relief essence

3. intensive moisture cleanser

4. multivitamin power serum

5. intensive moisture balance 

Twice a week:

1. (After precleanse and cleanse) daily microfoliant

2. multivitamin power recovery masque (I often leave this on overnight once a week)

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Comments 33

  1. I’ve travelled a bit lately and it’s taken its toll on my face! From the bitter cold Northern European winter to the searing dry heat of Spain and back to Brisbane, I’m really noticing it needs something special to get me feeling human again. I’d love Dermalogica to be my ticket back to great skin.

  2. It’s the lack of time and effort I have spent on my skin so it’s looking tired and dull, never did I realise being a mum was so tiring.

  3. At 49, my body is going through a roller-coaster of events, all of which somehow make it to my face, leaving extra worry wrinkles, dark, puffy eyes from insomnia and pigmentation spots that just pop up as if from nowhere. Plus the need for me to be in a constantly air conditioned space, due to my body’s thermostat malfunctioning, leaves my skin completely parched. I believe a multivitamin power serum boost is just what the Doctor, Styling You & Dermalogica would prescribe me. ([email protected]).

  4. We’ve had a particularly wet June so there’s been heating that has has been doing a number on my hydration levels. Father Time continues his steady march too, with fine lines continuing to multiply!

  5. Why does your skin need a multivitamin boost right now?
    So many reasons but chiefly a Canberra winter, which is harsh on the skin; and my father dying the day after the first anniversary of my mother’s death! It is amazing how grief really knocks you around physically and everything shows on your face – specially now that I’m in my 50s (51 to be exact).

  6. My skin needs a multivitamin boost because I had shingles along my facial nerve so one side of my face and neck are dry and flakey…not a great look.

  7. Hello, I have suffered from eczema and psoriasis for years and during winter my skin is extra dry and yes I have started getting dry flaky skin on my forehead. I would love to try these Dermalogica products.

  8. I am in need of some help…I’ve just had my mum pass away in Adelaide but the funeral was in Darwin, I live in Queensland. Beside the stress of what has just happened the differences in the temperature & flying Sth & Nth has caused my skin to be dry & my pores are terrible. I would appreciate some help please!

  9. I’m in the process of transforming my life, my home, my career, and my focus following some massive change in my world. Also coming to grips with my changing body and hormones (I too am peri-menopausal) I’d love the opportunity to transform my skin and embrace the future me!

  10. Because I’m old. It’s bad enough normally that I’m blotchy and have wrinkles but my skin is scaly and peeling in winter and it makes me feel even more middle-aged and past-it!

  11. My skin is dry, flaky and dreams of an effectively luxurious hydration boost
    From an innovative & reliable multivitamin power serum that has been produced
    Microencapsulated vitamin technology for increased defence against skin aging
    A beauty treasure which will captivate my heart and be inspirationally engaging
    Thanks to Dermalogica & Styling You; I would jump about and smile with glee
    Each day growing my confidence that lets me, be ME!

  12. I would love to have the products to revive my skin as I enter the menopause journey. I have been searching for the right ones with no luck so far!

  13. Love dermalogica and the multivitamin power serum sounds ACE; the perfect match ingredients for my ageing skin. I’m already a fan of the multivitamin power recovery masque and it’s amazing ability to find your sometimes hidden glow. The precleanse is awesome too. What I love about dermalogica’s products is that they are effective but also a pleasure to use with delicious textures and gentle, uplifting scents. The kind of products that take your skin routine from ordinary to something to be savoured so that I feel like I’m taking care of more than just my skin. Something just for me in an otherwise busy day which, like all mums, is mostly about the others in our life. LOVE.

  14. I have dry skin that can become oily leading to breakouts. I also notice I have brown spots starting to form. I think I am probably over loading it with the wrong products. I feel like I don’t know my skin anymore.

  15. My skin needs to experience a new product that could help it survive a Queensland winter. Being in my early fifties I like to nourish and boost the health of my skin with each change of season.
    The Dermalogica Power Serum sounds like the product to do just that!

  16. Shift work in air conditioning and winter always leave my skin dry! Need help and this sounds like just what it needs to get back to my mid 50’s glow!

  17. I’ve been using the intensive moisture cleanser and balance for a few months now & I’m loving it. But the big surprise for me is the precleanse balm. I got a sample and tried it and loooveed it so I went and bought a full size. It’s a great product. I haven’t tried serum but it’s on the list!

  18. I’ve just switched to dermalogica and appreciate your advice. I’d love to try the power serum this winter!!

  19. My skin is a disaster this winter, dry in patches with acne clusters in other areas. Would love to try some ultra calming alternatives.

  20. My skin needs a multivitamin boost right now because it is coping with both peri menopause and the dry skin caused by the autoimmune disease flare up I get every winter.

  21. My skin is really confused at the moment and I need help! I’m either suffering flaky skin with sore dry patches or I am breaking out. Send help pls! I would feel very special to win this! Thank you!

  22. As I have got older I’ve found my skin breaks out in hormonal acne. I may need a shrink as it’s worse with emotional turmoil!

  23. Since turning 50 and perimenopausal I have noticed my skin has definitely changed. It’s a lot dryer, sensitive and developing more lines! This serum would be a Godsend for my skin 🙂 x

  24. Being in my mid 50’s my skin has definitely changed with menopause. It’s drier, redness is more evident and the harshness of winter coldness doesn’t help.

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