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Dry skin? You need these dermalogica products on your face

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Editor’s note: I’m excited to once again be part of the #DermTribe for 2019. I’ll be bringing you news and my reviews of products being released this year. 

It’s almost two years since I started exclusively using dermalogica products on my face and can I just say that my skin has never looked better (#humblebrag)

I’ve always been a huge believer in creating a skincare routine and keeping to it. By keeping to it, I mean being consistent with a twice-daily cleanse and moisturising routine – and making sure that sunscreen is part of the morning routine.

What I’ve learned is that you need to pivot and adapt with that routine as you age and as you are exposed to different environmental factors.

The biggest change I’ve had to pivot and change in response to has been the oh-so-fabulous peri-menopausal years. And yes, I’m smack bang in them. Are you? SO. MUCH. FUN.

One of the major impacts of peri menopause for me has been dry skin, specifically dry, flakey skin on my forehead. The rest of my facial skin would tick the dry box as well but it’s manageable, not flakey and prone to irritation from dryness like my forehead.

It’s incredibly frustrating and exacerbated by sweat – just a teeny issue when you live in Queensland, it’s the height of summer and you like to exercise. HAH.

(Ok, so yes, I’m sorry, I’m now one of THOSE people who found exercise later in life and now it’s a non-negotiable.)

So, what to do with the dry skin? I had no issues in January when in Japan skiing. Despite, negative temperatures and cold winds on my face, the combination of using these products (plus dermalogica protection 50 sport SPF50), kept my skin in check. 

On my return to the heat and humidity, it was another story. The dryness and irritation returned within days. I was far from impressed.

Without re-location to a colder climate on the cards, I was a very happy woman indeed when the skin god planets aligned and I was asked to trial a re-formulated moisturiser and a new cleanser from dermalogica – both specifically aimed at targeting dry skin.

dermalogica intensive moisture balance duo

dermalogica intensive moisture cleanser

Cleansers have a very obvious job to do when it comes to our skincare routine but not all cleansers suit all skin types. Dry skin needs a cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin’s lipid barrier because a strong lipid barrier is essential for hydrated skin.

dermalogica intensive moisture cleanser is an emollient, lipid-rich formula that feels soothing on the skin as it cleanses. It features dermalogica’s BioReplenish Complex™, phytoactives from coconut and murumuru seed butter for a smoother feel on the skin after cleansing and extracts of citrus, palmarosa and jasmine to refresh a tired skin. 

dermalogica intensive moisture balance

With the skin cleansed and prepped with the intensive moisture cleanser, it is in the best position for a moisturiser that will continue the lipid-balancing work the cleanser started.

dermalogica intensive moisture balance is a re-formulated dermalogica fave. It also features BioReplenish Complex™, which includes key barrier lipids to help a dry skin barrier recover and become more resilient. A prebiotic Chlorella Algae complex helps rebalance the skin’s natural microbiome for healthy-looking skin. Hyaluronic Acid, combined with Echinacea, Centella Asiatica and Aloe Vera, lock in hydration.

dermalogica moisture intensive

My current skincare routine

I’ve changed up my routine to include these two products, while still using actives and keeping my skin protected with a spf product.

Morning: I use the intensive moisture cleanser, tone with ultracalming mist, then apply biolumin-C serum, intensive moisture balancedynamic skin recovery spf50 and multivitamin powerfirm for around the eyes.

Night: I remove makeup with precleanse balm, then cleanse with the intensive moisture cleanser, tone with ultracalming mistapply overnight retinol repair 1 (I avoid my forehead when it’s flakey), intensive moisture balance and eye reversal eye complex.

I’ve been using this new combination for two weeks and I’m so stoked to have had balance restored to my dry skin – particularly the skin on my forehead. I felt the difference in texture of the skin on my forehead after just one day. 

I’ve also started applying the moisturiser to my forehead as almost a preventative measure before a run and that’s making a huge difference to how my skin feels that day. 

I’m not sure how long my dry skin situation will be a thing (maybe you have experienced similar and are out the other side?) but I am sure that I’ll continue with these products to help keep the dryness and flakiness I’ve experienced in check.

For me, smooth, hydrated skin is the daily goal. Yes, I’ll apply makeup but I’ve long since learned that makeup only goes so far to mask your underlying skin health.

Targeted products, plus plenty of water and food that nourishes are key to supporting your skin to glow.

 dermalogica intensive cleanser

Special offer

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Dermalogica has 3 prize packs of the large size intensive moisture duo to giveaway to three Styling You readers. Each prize is valued at $216. To enter, leave an answer to the following question in the comments’ section below:

Do you suffer from dry skin? How much does your face need the intensive moisture duo right now?

Entries open on Friday, February 8, 2019 at 5am (AEST) and close on Friday, February 22, 2019 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance

Location: Emporium Brisbane | Photography: Kate Luke Designs | Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning

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  1. Nice post. My skin was also dry but then I had taken Dermal fillers treatment as suggested by my friend and found great results after this treatment. It’s great.

  2. MENopause sucked the moisture from my skin, I never had much of a problem with dry skin but WOW my skin looks and feels ten years older then I am, it’s now an ongoing battle to keep my skin mosit, I really need a product that works, Dermalogica sounds like what I need.

  3. My skin is always dry, but with the weird weather (hot to cold) it is extremely dry. Definitely could use Dermalogica’s intensive moisture duo!

  4. My skin is always dry, but with the weird weather (hot to cold) it is extremely dry at the moment. Definitely could use Dermalogica’s intensive moisture duo!

  5. Weirdly I have dry skin around my eyes in this hot and humid QLD summer. Tried everything with no success! Will look into Dermalogica, thanks for the tips.

  6. I’m 6 years into menopause and my skin is so dry my neck, cheeks and nose are flaking I would love to try the Dermalogica

  7. I have quite bad scarring from acne from when I was younger. Dermalogica is a beauty product that I have always wanted to invest in but to be honest with our family budget, I don’t always put myself first. It would be amazing to try this beautiful prize pack. My skin especially at this time of year feels so very dry. I love the feeling of a good moisturiser making you feel hydrated and beautiful again. Thank you for running another great comp. good luck to everyone who enters. Xo

  8. My skin has always been dry and sensitive, not helped by being in an office during the week and out and about on the weekends. All the products I try just seem to dry my skin even more. As I’m now nearing mid-forties I need something that works before the damage can’t be restored. This sounds like the answer.

  9. Perimenopausal I am, 56 and needing to change up my skin care as the dryness kicks in , ravages of Adelaide weather 46deg highs!! Been using Dermalogica special cleansing gel but to try these recommended products would be amazing as my skin ages .

  10. Each day I struggle with dry skin
    An intensive moisture duo would be the ultimate win
    My face needs this, it would be the best
    Allow my skin to repair and get some well-deserved rest
    I dream of a healthy, gorgeous radiant glow
    Thanks to Styling You & Dermalogica I will love to show!

  11. As someone who spent my entire childhood outside in the days before sunscreen was even a consideration, not to mention a former smoker my skin needs constant attention. I would love to opportunity to try this new product

  12. Was gifted a Dermalogica facial and could not believe how my aging dry skin glowed. I would love to start using the products with this great prize.

  13. My skin has become so dry! At the end of last year even my poor eyelids were peeling. HOT! These products look so great!

  14. Thanks for the solution I’ve been looking for especially after having oily skin and “Shock” to suddenly wake up to
    Dry skin. ☹

  15. I am 53 years young and am wanting to change my skincare products but have no idea where to start, to be given the chance to try a product that Nikki recommends would be amazing.

  16. My face feels wrinkly, crinkly and tight, and no matter what I’ve tried, it’s still not right. I’d love to try your magic creams, maybe then I’ll have the skin of my dreams.
    Thanks Dermalogica and Nicky, for the chance to enter.

  17. Story of my life is dry skin and the past 6 months have been worse. My nose now flakes too!!! Help me sort this out with Dermalogica

  18. When I read your post I realised I have exactly the same flaking on my forehead. I’d love these products to combat this issue – it’s driving me crazy

  19. my skin is super sensitive and dry and in needs rescuing. none of the products i’ve tried work now i’m a little older and would love to try Dermalogica.

  20. Have never found “the one” when it comes to face products… would love to give dermalogica a try to to help combat my dry skin

  21. Yes my poor dry skin is desperate, need to give the old girl a boost after all she’ll be sixty this year ! Could Dermalogica be the answer ?

  22. Dry Skin!! I’m the queen. Hands, face, legs. If I’m not covered from head to toe in moisturiser i would blow away in the wind.

  23. My skin in the last month feels like sandpaper despite using “ quality “ products for decades. It has been an expensive waste of time trying a new product range. I need some help so I can kiss my grandkids again.

  24. I suffer not only from dry skin but extreme redness that is getting worse with age. I use a treatment gel for Rosacea but it does not seem to help.
    I have never tried Dermalogica and would love to be considered for this wonderful opportunity.

  25. I just came back from having a facial with hydrating and calming demalogica products and my skin feels amazing. I just turned 43 and more aware of how sensitive my face is and want to ensure i take care of it. I cannot recommend demalogica more for this reason.

  26. I’d love to win this duo, because dry skin is the biggest skin issue I’m battling at the moment! I’m trialing pure coconut oil as a moisturizer and let’s just say I’m not loving smelling like a Bounty Bar all day! I’d much prefer to try these products from Dermalogica!

  27. Yes my skin is exposed to the climate where I live. I often moisture throughout the day on dry spots which can also effect the look and feel of my makeup. A product like Dermalogica would give me the confidence and glow I deserve, because right now everyone should feel that they can depend on a skincare brand.

  28. I spend alot of time outdoors assisting with my family’s various sporting commitments and I would love to be able to nourish and pamper my dry skin with Dermalogica intensive moisture duo so my skin can recover!

  29. My 37 year old combination skin, with flaking dryness (so hot), needs the dermalogica intensive moisture duo like a desert needs the rain (Slightly misquoted song lyrics are my wheelhouse).

  30. Nikki/Dermalogica – ‘How much does your face need the intensive moisture duo right now?’

    My excessively dry skin needs that duo like a heart needs a beat!

  31. This summer, my middle aged skin has decided it wanted to be a teenager & break out. My face feels like a marshmallow. Tight, wrinkly, but sensitive & soft underneath. I desperately need help from Dermalogica!

  32. I love Dermalogica! Four pregnancies have left my skin desert like-so dry, tight & pigmented. Intensive moisturising products are my happy place. Help!!

  33. Well I thought I was surviving the “Fab 50’s” fairly well until I was given a magnifying mirror for Xmas…. now I see everything. Flaky forehead and eyebrows, enlarged pores and mega pigmentation…..intensive help sounds like just what I need.

  34. I always have dry flakey skin around my nose area. The rest of my skin is oily. Most annoying. Worse in summer. Would love to try the Dermalogica fantastic moisture cream.

  35. My skin is so confused! I have super sensitive, oily skin that is dry. Help! I need the intensive magic that these amazing Dermalogica products will deliver

  36. My skin is so confused! I have super sensitive, oily skin that is dry. Help! I need the intensive magic that these amazing Dermalogica will deliver

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