Summer sandals that not only look good but are good for the health of our feet

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My foot health has never been better, thanks very much for asking. Well, it’s as good as it could be considering the punishment that I’ve put my feet through over my 50-plus years. For goodness sake, as a kid I used to go to school WITHOUT shoes on.

That I wanted to do that still baffles me; but the damage I probably did to my feet as a kid is scary. And let’s not talk about my love of a high heel, not let’s not (we’ll talk about that next month when I talk all things FRANKiE4 high heels).

In this post, which celebrates the launch of the FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2018 season, I’m all about flat shoes.

But, as FRANKiE4 Footwear designer (podiatrist and physiotherapist) Caroline McCulloch has taught me, not all flat spring-summer sandals are good for the health of our feet.

There are plenty of shoes out there that are very flat, unsupportive and offer little cushioning. This can put all sorts of strains through the feet. In particular, the development of plantar fasciitis has been linked to poor footwear. The constant pressure going through your arch can trigger the ligament running from your big toe to your heel (your plantar fascia) to become damaged and lead to plantar fasciitis. – Caroline McCulloch, FRANKiE4 Footwear

Now, if you’re someone who suffers from plantar fascia, I don’t need to tell you the world of pain you can be in on any given day. I don’t have planta fascia, but I do have neuroma bursitis and planter plate damage between my second and third toes on my left foot.

The not-so-funny thing is that I didn’t know that I even had a foot health problem. I thought the pins and needles and numbing was “normal”. HAH. I can still hear Caroline telling me that it was far from normal and that I needed to see a podiatrist, STAT. I’d been wearing and testing FRANKiE4 shoes for three years up until this point. I should have known better!

And so, began management of my not-normal foot health problem. Having a podiatrist (hello Matt at All Podiatry) as part of my health professional team is the best move I’ve ever made – apart from wearing FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes, of course.

I see Matt semi-regularly. I have orthotics to help manage the condition and I need to balance out my wearing of sandals and slides with wearing of sneakers with those orthotics inside. If I get the balance wrong, or wear shoes I shouldn’t, then the neuroma bursitis flares up and I can wake up in pain – even before I’ve put my feet on the ground. Lesson learned last summer.

I’m so grateful that I did get my feet checked. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have been able to learn to run. I often see a lot of talk in the Styling You Facebook group about shoe fit and comfort. What I’ve learned is that it’s such an individual thing. Our feet come in all different shapes, sizes – with a whole range of issues. What works for me or you or your sister or mum, may not work for someone else.

These are the two things I’d like you to do to help your foot health this season:

  1. Contact the customer service team at FRANKiE4 Footwear to get personalised help on choosing the right shoe for your feet.
  2. If you feel you have any niggling foot issues that just don’t seem right, please see a podiatrist.

Many of the FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2018 sandals come with a triple-density functional footbed offering built-in arch and heel support and forefoot cushioning. This is so crucial to a flat sandal actually being good for your feet. What Caroline has cleverly done is disguise the appearance of the cushioning and support, to give the illusion of a flat, fashionable style but with all the essential benefits.

FRANKiE4 Footwear sandals are the comfort and style combination you need for the everyday, but they really come into their own when travelling and potentially walking long distances. The styles – some new; some new colours – that I’ve featured below have all passed that test for me. They represent just a small part of what’s to come this season at FRANKiE4 and I can’t wait to share more designs with you. 


I love the look of the ZOE for wearing with both pants and skirts/frocks. She gives the look of a slide but with the added benefit of an adjustable ankle strap to keep the foot secure. She comes with a triple density built-in functional footbed, so it feels like you’re walking on clouds. I’ve featured her below in tan and gold leather, but ZOE also comes in black. Deciding on a colour will be the hardest choice here. If you’re looking for a minimalist colour in a sandal, something that will work back with everything and basically be an extension of your legs, then go for gold! 

FRANKiE4 Footwear ZOE in gold

FRANKiE4 Footwear ZOE in gold LD

FRANKiE4 footwear ZOE in tan

FRANKiE4 footwear ZOE in tan LD


If you’ve been looking for slide that’s adjustable, then say hello to SHELLY. I’ve got a pretty average foot in terms of width, so all the FRANKiE4 shoes and slides fit me so well. I’m also a fit model, so I get to try on lots of the styles when they’re in development (BEST JOB EVER!). But I’ve got girlfriends – and some ladies here in the Styling You community – who have a narrow or wider foot. This style – because it’s adjustable – may just be the slide you’re looking for. I seriously love how this slide looks on the foot. It’s available in gold and black as pictured. The supportive functional footbed is built-in and made from cork and thermoplastic rubber, with a soft latex layer on top.

FRANKiE4 Footwear SHELLY in gold

FRANKiE4 Footwear SHELLY in gold LD

RANKiE4 Footwear SHELLY in black

RANKiE4 Footwear SHELLY in black


Now MARiA was a huge hit last year. I took her to Europe before her release and walked so many kilometres in her. You loved her so much that she’s back in some new colourways. Say hello to MARiA in rose gold. I gave you a sneak preview of her on my trip to Bali last month and I can report that she is indeed as as beautiful in real life as she is in the photos. It’s a soft and subtle rose gold that works with every skin tone. The in-built functional footbed is the same as the SHELLY. She is super comfortable. MARiA is a regular width fitting style. In most cases she holds well on a slightly narrow foot, but isn’t suitable for a very wide or very narrow foot.

FRANKiE4 Footwear MARiA in rose gold

FRANKiE4 Footwear MARiA in rose gold


HiLARY is another style that we embraced wholeheartedly last year and she’s back in SO many new colourways. It’s impossible to pick a new fave but I will. HAH. Rose gold crinkle! Have you ever? (This colour is coming very soon!) The in-built functional footbed is the same and offers the same arch and heel support and forefoot cushioning as the MARiA and SHELLY above. With the arrival of HiLARY into my life, I no longer wear rubber thongs – even for the beach. I have no need and they were seriously not good for my feet.

FRANKiE4 Footwear HiLARY slides in rose gold crinkle


Another fave of 2017 was the LiLLi slide. She looks SO good on the foot. I seriously love how the triple density functional footbed is a combination of the white and tan layer. The effect is a streamlining of the slide’s look on the foot. And you are going to LOVE the new colourways. I gave you this sneak peek in Bali in July but you’ll have to hang tight until September to add these leopard babies to your wish list. They will be worth the wait – you might also fall hard for the three other new colours coming too. Don’t say I haven’t warned you.

FRANKiE4 Footwear LiLLi in leopard

FRANKiE4 Footwear LiLLi in leopard

So there you have it, a little taste of so much more to come for FRANKiE4 Footwear this spring-summer 2018. This is the brand’s biggest season yet and you will be blown away by the styles on offer. If you haven’t experienced the FRANKiE4 Footwear difference, do your feet a favour. 

The FRANKiE4 customer service experience

FRANKiE4 Footwear has two beautiful concept stores in Brisbane – at Indooroopilly and Windsor. If you live in south-east Queensland, a visit to either of these stores is a must. They are gorgeous spaces and home to the full range of FRANKiE4 shoes but you also get access to the most experienced fitters in the business.

Don’t live nearby? Do not panic. You can buy online with confidence. The customer service team is beyond amazing. They are there to help you make a decision that works for your feet and your lifestyle. Call them first if you’re unsure about what styles might work for you. Phone 1300 721 898 or email [email protected]. When buying, Australian standard shipping is free, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to exchange or return shoes provided they are in as-new condition and FRANKiE4 Footwear also covers return shipping. This applies to non-sale items only.

Making a difference

FRANKiE4 Footwear believes in giving back to its community. The net proceeds from the sale of three packs of “hidden” sockettes (these really do stay in place on your feet while wearing sneakers) go to support Brainchild Foundation, which aims to help children who are affected by brain and spinal cord tumours, and their families. Shop the sockettes HERE.

SHOP the full FRANKiE4 Footwear range HERE.


FRANKiE4 Footwear has one pair of new-season FRANKiE4 Footwear flats or sandals to give away to TWO Styling You readers. Win a pair of FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes of your choice by checking out the full range of new-arrivals HERE and then leave an answer to the following question in the comments below:

Why do your soles need saving this spring-summer? And which style is up for the job?

Entries open on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 5am (AEST) and close on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

This photoshoot was shot on location at Fella Villas, Canggu, Bali; clothing featured is by frockk; my toenail colour is FRANKiE4 7-free nail colour in THRiVE

Comments 173


    Well I’ve reached a stage in life where I’m MARCHING to my own beat.

    I’m now an ‘Emptynester’ and mindfully embracing the thrills and spills that new phase of life presents.

    However; the words ‘march’ & ‘spills’ are the realty check that my hips and feet have not weathered quite as well as my new zest for life.

    So last Christmas I treated myself to not one, but two new pair of dancing shoes. Whoohoo…I’d discovered FRANKiE4 and suddendly my feet are celebrating.

    I’m converted. No second guessing that one – but oh my, how I’d love to show off a pair of Polly Silver to my fellow marching band of silverhaired emptynesters.

    Come on Polly, Jackie and Nat are dying to meet you…


  2. I would love a pair of Zoe’s in gold. Having worked out that flat shoes were giving me heel pain I have had to get rid of all my favourite shoes and have nothing to wear for summer! A pair of Zoe’s would be a great start to see how these shoes can help me!

  3. I am so desperate to try a pair of the Polly in Pink or white. I have been dreaming about them recently. I work in child care and I am on my feet all day. By the end of the day my feet and legs ache and I feel like this then effects my time with my own kids as I can’t run around after them due to sore feet and aching legs. FRANKIE 4 would be the answer to all my problems. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a pair of these amazing shoes!!!

  4. NN (new Nonni) needs Zoe gold so she can keep up with this grandparent business 60 years of stilettos and then flat shoes have not been kind but I plan to dance and run and play with my grandson so please help @frankie4

  5. I’d love a pair of Zoe tan shoes, perfect for extra support and style whilst playing with the kids in the park or doing the weekly grocery shop

  6. Zoe’s in black would be my choice. Great addition to the wardrobe with the fantastic support of a Frankie shoe

  7. I love the Shelly as I have narrow feet and bunyons!
    I travel to Bali quite frequently as I host groups of women and I need a gold sandal as it’s a great colour to wear with most clothing I wear I’m Bali both during the day and at night.
    One of the women in my recent group wore a gorgeous Frankie4 low wedge for a dinner we had and told me she wouldn’t wear anything else ! Hopefully I will get to own a pair soon!

  8. Shelley Is the girl for me! My wide feet swell in the Summer heat, so having adjustable shoes would be dreamy! Birkenstocks are my summer casual sandals – comfy but basic styles. Frankie4 footwear range is so much more stylish, yet foot friendly. At 51, I value comfort over style – No more uncomfortable high heels for me.

  9. I like Zoe gold they look so pretty. I have arthritis in my left foot, my Doctor told me I need to wear granny shoes but can’t bear the thought of it!

  10. Snap!
    I’m waiting delivery of my firs ever pair of Frankie4s- (Nat) recommended after a broken bone has left my foot and leg in some pain.

    Would love to try the Zoe in tan- I think the strap for security would be ideal for my currently unstable foot.
    Style, comfort, support and security – what more could a foot ask for?

  11. I’ve been wearing Frankie’s for awhile now and my feet are loving it. I’ve got an old faithful pair of leopard print slides that are at the end of their days, they aren’t Frankie’s and my feet know that when I wear them. My eagle eye spotted the new leopard lilli’s on your feet in Bali and I new they would become my new old faithfuls.

  12. The Frankie4 ZOE Gold will save my soles this spring-summer, dream come true
    Assisting with everyday foot health – I look forward to saying a big thank you
    Cool, comfortable and character that would surely impress
    Style friendly; suiting outfits from leisure wear to a little black dress
    Because ZOE is the ideal ‘go with anything’ gal
    In my wardrobe, be enlightened as the shimmering royale!

  13. After a year of sickness last year (4 surgeries in 9 months plus chemo and radiation) I have just started back at full time work to pay for all the expenses my five kids incur (I love them, but they are expensive little critters!) and my feet are aching! I would love to see if a golden Zoe could help me out? One of the surgeries was major spinal surgery (Scoliosis correction) so I’m rather hoping that a shoe that helps take the pressure off my soles will also give my sore back a little relief also. Thanks so much for sharing about Frankie 4s. I’m intrigued!

  14. Being a busy mum of 4 teens, standing and running around all week at sport, work , shopping etc …my feet need some spoiling and deserve a bit of luxury …Zoe or Shelly look to be my little bit of decadence

  15. Gorgeous shoes that are good for my feet! Yes!!! On my feet all day teaching 6 year olds and with the Hilary I could look down often and easily pretend I’m on a tropical holiday instead of constantly telling kids to get a tissue to wipe their nose!

  16. Oh boy what a beautiful selection of new arrivals. I get so excited when I see a new arrival in my emails. Just love the Zoe. Love that it has a wedge, and looks super comfy. Would definitely love to add to my rapidly growing collection of Frankie 4’s! Don’t wear any other shoes now, my feet were always so sore but not anymore. Wish I had found them years ago.

  17. I wear sports shoes nearly every day of the year, with feet that turn in slightly and a back injury to boot, I need great support so Shelly would save my soles in spring/summer time and the gold would look stunning daytime or night 🙂

  18. Fun and fabulous
    Really comfortable
    Adaptable styles too.
    Never frumpy
    Kind to feet
    Ingenious designs and
    Ergonomic fit.
    Zoe is the
    One for

  19. I’m in dire need of a professional foot check up after days in gumboots recently killed my feet plus I need to get realistic and replace my non supportive summer sandals. I think a pair of Zoe’s would be perfect for me all occasions this summer, in gold of course because shiny and glorious!

  20. I would love to win Shelley in black for work as they look so stylish and comfortable. I am on my feet all day and I have a burser on my heel plus an Achilles problem so I need extremely comfortable shoes that do not agrivate the problem. Can’t wait for Lilli in leopard to arrive, will certainly be getting those for summer.

  21. As an overweight over 50 I need comfort and support for my poor nurse feet, my Ellies are great for work and I am thinking I need to ditch the rubber thongs and grab a pair of the beautiful rose gold Hilary’s

  22. SOS….Save our Soles! HiLARY in Rose Gold Crinkle would save my soles and my sanity this summer. I would be cool, comfortable and look pretty swish indeed. Thank you Nikki and FRANKiE4 for sharing the love and saving soles…one pair of shoes at a time!

  23. Styling you and Frankie 4. I would love to win the silver Ellie’s as I really struggle to find stylish comfortable shoes to fit my orthotics and I would love to treat my feet and not feel pain at the end of the day.

  24. My very energetic 20mth old keeps me on my toes – ain’t nobody got time to actually put thought into matching shoes to outfits, if I remember to switch out my slippers before leaving the house, I’m winning! Plus, not sure if it’s because my middle toes go numb when I wear closed shoes (this is normal right?), or because my feet swell in the heat, but I hate closed in shoes! So I live in (cover your ears foot health professionals) Havaianas year round. Therefore, the Hilary is just the thing to save my sole(s) – stylish, open & breezy, hidden support & cushioning, and flat so I can run around after my cheeky toddler.

  25. Hi, I would love the Shelly in black. I’m a busy SAHM of 2 very active young children. They keep me on my feet most of the day and it would be nice to have something effortlessly stylish to do that in. My feet are also large in width so at times it can be hard to find supportive and stylish shoes. Thank you for the opportunity

  26. I loved the Hilary slide from the beginning and now in such a fabulous range of colours, there is hue for every occasion. I do love a bit of sparkle to brighten up an outfit so any of the metallics would be a fantastic choice. I love the simplicity and ease of a slide as bending down to fasten buckles or laces is getting harder.

  27. Hilary blonde would be my choice for a relaxed summer sandal. Soft, comfortable and understated, there’s nothing like a good shoe to make you feel calm and confident as you sashay your way through an awesome day. Beyonce may want ‘a ring on it’ but I’d be happier with a pair of Frankie4s. (Thank you for options in fashionable, functional footwear and for the opportunity to enter this comp . So looking forward to getting down to Brisbane to the concept stores, getting excited about customising a shoe to my wide, sore feet and checking out the nail polish colours!

  28. Styling You and Frankie 4, I would love to win a pair of Zoe sandals for my Mum who is undergoing Cancer treatment. She undergoes treatment at the hospital every three weeks. A few weekends ago, she was hospitalised and was really unwell.
    She is a giving and hard working Mum to six children. She recently had a car accident and her car was written off. She so deserves to be spoiled and have a lovely surprise to brighten her week. The Zoe sandal would be perfect to save her soles due to the comfortable footbed and adjustable straps would help as her ankle and feet sometimes swell. Please save my Mum’s soles!

  29. Lilli ! Everyone needs style and comfort in one cute bundle ! Also love having a sandal that you don’t have to buckle up, yet is still dressy enough for an afternoon drink in summer !

  30. I live in sandals in summer and Zoe looks perfect for my lifestyle in a seaside town. Stylish, smooth, and flat for all the walking I do! Zoe will take me from a beach side walk to a cafe for coffee or even a bar for sunset drinks 🙂

  31. Those darling little Blue Suzes have my name written all over them. I am a university lecturer and leadership facilitator so am on my feet all day long and those cool little shoes look like real sole savers to me!

  32. Working 7 days a week in our Hardware store, and living on a small farm, I live in Farm boots and steel caps. I would love a pair of sandals (like Lilli style) because they look lady like and also look as comfy as my Good old farm boots

  33. Would absolutely love to win a pair of Zoe’s in any colour. Suffering from serve planter fasciitis for the past 8 months and undergoing shock wave therapy at the moment. Hoping to kick the trainers by summer and wear a lovely pair of supportive sandals. Thanks Nikki for the opportunity x

  34. Being 33 weeks pregnant and a two year old in tow, I really need a pair of Maria’s to rival the other new mums down at the local park! Heck, I may even give my newborn the middle name Maria because I love these summer shoes so much!!

  35. I live on a farm. My shoes really consist of boots and sneakers.
    But when I go into ‘town’ I would love to dress different to just working clothes.
    Zoe caught my eye straight away. Beautiful.

  36. Lino covered concrete does not work with size 11 flat feet! My workplace is a killer. Polly in white look perfect for some cushioning and support and covering up size 11 toes!

  37. Years of wearing heels in the Corporate World then switching to nursing later in life my feet have been hammered. Hair appointments have been exchanged for podiatry appointments lol. Frankie4 shoes are a welcomed luxury into my “Sole searching adventure”. I know Shelley and Maria would benefit not only my feet but also the time I get to spend with my kids. No limit on adventure due to support and freedom of these gorgeous casuals ❤️

  38. With psoriatic arthritis & fibromyalgia affecting my feet & ankles I am looking for quality ‘thong/flip flop’ replacements for summer. Am loving the look of Shelley & Zoe … well all of them really

  39. I’d love to win a pair of the Maria slides for my Mum. She has an auto-immune disease that causes chronic pain in the soles of her feet and ankle joints. She has one pair of Frankie 4 runners that my sister’s and I gifted her and she raves about them! Would be great to give her some equally comfortable summer shoes

  40. My soles need some saving from my hectic life. As a busy mum of 8m twins and a chiropractor I’m always on my feet. So often the things that are good for us are pretty lackluster, so the prospect of Suze in rose gold that will take me through all the parts of my day with style and shine while actually being good for my feet and lower limb biomechanics is pretty exciting! Thank you for sharing the love of these shoes and showing us that good for us does not need to be boring.

  41. Hi Nikki
    I would love to win a pair of the Shelly’s in black. I have had knee surgery and my Physio says I need supportive shoes. Thanks for the chance

  42. I would love a pair of the Lilli slides! With three busy kids and a part time teaching job, I’d know my feet were being cared for whilst I cared for others. Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. My soles need saving because of thirty years of teaching and fifty years of life! My feet hurt!! Love your designs and how you care for real people with real problems. Zoe in gold is my summer wish. Thanks for the chance…❤️

  44. I love the Hilary or Zoe just gorgeous I’ve just worked out that flat shoes are necessary to help with my acute tendinitis and hip bursitis I’ve tried everything from physio to PRP injections and the best treatment has been to get out of cheap unsupporting heals I’m yet to own a pair of Frankie4 though!

  45. The Maria would absolutely save my soles! With a 9 month old runner…yes! She’s on the move already, and having suffered planter fasciitis after my pregnancy I am in desperate need of some comfortable and stylish shoes for summer!

  46. My feet would adore a pair of Shelly’s! Ive always had flat feet, but have persevered with cheap flats. One foot has an untreated bunion (thanks to a netball bingle), while the other foot treads softly due to an Achilles rupture and repair. I’m about to pop with bub number two, and will be on my feet carrying bub and chasing after miss 3-years-old over summer. A win would be so lovely and will help me get through the long summer days!

  47. How do you pick just one pair! I mean a girl needs choices after all! ☺️ But as I am currently on my second IVF round I am hoping with all the I have that I will be pregnant over summer and my already over worked, under appreciated feet are going to need all the help they can get. Hilary looks like the pair for me. Room for swelling feet, supportive and versatile they look like the kind of shoes that will save my feet this summer!

  48. My feet would love a pair of Zoe in Gold. Since the 80’s I have been trying to cram my size 11’s into 10’s at first because that’s the largest you could get back then. Over the years whilst brands have extended their sizing they are not always fashionable. This is where Zoe comes in built for comfort and fashion forward. And a pair my feet and I would cherish❤️

  49. My soles need saving as I am wearing rubber thongs at the moment and don’t have support for my feet and can really feel it at times. It would be great to have a pair of supportive and comfortable sandals that are also stylish to wear. My pick is SHELLY in gold!
    S upportive
    H ooray!
    E xquisit
    L ovely
    L ike this for my feet!
    Y es please!!

  50. My poor feet and ankles get so sore in summer because my orthotics can’t go in anything other than sneakers (I need to get myself some Frankie4’s for work!). I’m currently getting physio for a strained ankle from…WALKING too much without my orthotics! Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t! Trying to keep my 10,000 steps up. ARGH.
    For summer the ZOE in Dark Tan and the Shelly in Black will be ALL i will need (other than some Heels for work) all summer long. Nights out, weekends away down the coast, beach, afternoon shopping trips, and casual with lovely dresses to work.

  51. My Nats have been “soul sister” throughout winter, saving me from expensive orthotics and letting me get on with life. I’m sure Zoe will be my new summer “BFF”. We’ll go on walks together, coffee with the girls, shopping trips….shhh, sneaky glass of bubbles with lunch, date night with hubby. Is she up for the job…..YES!!

  52. Having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a year ago, my feet are the ones that are suffering. I hobble in the morning like an old lady (which I’m not as I fight the aging process) and my poor toes are pulled apart with the muscle stiffness. I was a lover of heels and have had to change my shoes to either lower heels or flats. However finding flats that provide comfort, support and that actually look great is impossible. Until I saw the Zoe in tan and the Shelley in gold! They look amazing and if I’m not lucky enough to win, I’m definitely going to have to save up and give my feet some relief!

  53. Having problems with your feet has an affect on the rest of your body! Without the correct shoes you don’t just get foot pain but calf pain, shin splints, knee pain, and lower back pain which can lead to upper back pain as your body compensates. The correct shoes with arch support are crucial! I’m choosing Zoe in tan as she is so versatile and will go with everything ☺

  54. I’m a mum of 3 living in the bush. I am a sweaty betty when it comes to my feet. Wearing plastic shoes is a major no no so I do need to source good quality leather shoes. This is actually harder than you think especially on a budget. I also need good support as I have noticed at the end of a long day my feet will be swollen and my ankles ache. I love my fashion and love looking and feeling good and shoes are a major factor in that. I am saving now to hopely buy a pair of Zoe sandals. Fingers crossed I get to try them out. I also like the new sneaker range. They are great in the summer especially if you are out and about all day. I purchase about 3 to 4 pairs of new leather sandals each year and I get them from the likes of Wittners and Windsor Smith and because of my feet they are usually wrecked by the end of the season and that is not from wearing the same pair every day. I alternate my shoes as much as I can. So I would be very interested to see how a pair of frankie4’s would hold up.

  55. I need the Shelly’s to transform my feet for summer. Usually I just wear Haviana thongs (so unsupportive) or cheap sandals given my wide foot. They get no love or support so having a pair of Frankie4’s would be amazing for summer and I can’t wait to think of how good my feet will feel! Maybe my bunions will finally not feel as sore

  56. I am SAHM so in things or sandals all summer probably all with the wrong support. I get numb spots as you described. I need to start looking after my feet! I was immediately drawn to the Zoe in dark tan. I would wear these to death in summer 🙂

  57. My poor high- arched decent sandal deprived feet. As many mums do I neglect me in order to provide for my kids. My toes are curling at the thought of a comfy pair of Shelly shoes.

  58. Not to have sore feet… What treat
    Driving today the toe pain was so insane
    I may be only forty but to my feet I’ve been very naughty
    My podiatrist told me when I was only twenty my feet were more like someone who is seventy
    Zoe in tan are Devine and would make my feet feel like cloud nine
    Thank you xx

  59. As an over 50 Nanny, who’s busier than ever, I still want to look good as I continue to kick goals. My FRANKiE4s allow me to do this even as my feet are conspiring to slow me down. A pair of delicious gold ZOEs would be the perfect addition to my shoerobe. They’re just right for lazy summer get togethers or balmy cocktail evenings.

  60. I’ve been blessed with many of my fathers good points like his easy going nature and brilliant blue eyes. Unfortunately he also handed down stumpy hands and wide troublesome feet.
    I struggle during warmer months to find sandles that will accomodate my feet so end up in and old Kmart pair of sandles or thongs. Hardly supportive.
    I think a pair of the Shelly slides could be just what I need to save my soles from years of abuse lacking support in cheap shoes.

  61. gone are the days of kitten heels,
    dodgey flats and bargain steals,
    healthy feet, the new ideals,
    Frankie4 give me all the feels!

    I’d love a pair of Hilary sliders – so timeless and elegant!

  62. I have just had to get orthotics following a running injury and found my legs are uneven!! I think the Frankie 4 sandals may be the answer to my summer prayers!!

  63. Nikki, I really appreciate your encouragement to go see a podiatrist if there’s a niggle! That’s me! So I’m off to do something about it, even though wearing Frankie4’s where I can. My Nats are about to die… once you wear Frankie4’s you honestly can’t wear anything else…so would love to update to a new pair of POLLY’s. Love the sneak previews of the next season from you! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  64. I already have 1 pair of Frankie 4 sandals that I took with me to France last year. I have been eyeing off the Maria and would really love to take her with me to Spain and Portugal next April. So comfy and you feel like you are walking on air.

  65. I need them all
    So stylish
    Im a previous plantar fascia sufferer and always looking for good looking comfy shoes
    These really fit the bill

  66. With so many gorgeous styles…choosing just 1 is hard.
    I have had my eye in Zoe in ran as my first Frankie 4 shoe, but I’m also needing a new street sneaker, and Elli in tan would be beautiful!
    Since having kids and a few foot/feet issues I’ve needed to adjust my shoe selection and am going through the process of changing my wardrobe to totally flats. But I like in hope that Frankie 4’s May give me the opportunity to wear a heel again one day!

  67. Shelly gold is the pal for my soles! I have slight bumions after too many high heels. I’m a reformed heel bearer now and am always lookong for beautiful flats that hide my feets imperfections and are fresh and fun. Shelly hides those imperfections and looks fabulous for all my wardrobe changes through a busy summers day.

  68. Before Frankie4 wearing heels was a chore
    With toes so stiff and heels feeling sore
    Plantar Fasciitis was cramping my style
    But now I’ve got a new reason to smile
    I’ve seen the light…I’m embracing new heights
    With Tan and Black Nikki’s now in my possession
    I’d love a Tan Alyce to continue the obsession
    But I could go flat and fall in love with Nat
    Or make them all jelly when I rock up in Shelly
    …So many choices it’s driving me silly
    But wait, I just remembered the gorgeous new Lilli.

  69. Maria I need you to get me to and from my many spring and summer engagements in style. All I need is a pedicure and to slip you on and I’m ready for the best Melbourne can offer. Also a consolation that the Naomi’s will be in waiting for the weather to change.

  70. My soles need saved this summer
    As sore feet are such a bummer
    Some foot love you say
    Zoe will save the day
    And I’ll be a very happy mumma

  71. Haaa! Upon waking up at crazy o’clock due to foot pain & deciding to check my emails considering I’m now wide awake, I find this particular blog post!

    Oh, my soles so desperately need saving as this isn’t the first & I could probably bet that it isn’t the last that my sore feet wake me at crazy o’clock!

    I too suffer plantar fasciitis, bursitis & have neuromas in my right foot. Not to mention bursitis in the hip too! After years of neglect due to lack of knowledge in regards to healthy supportive foot wear & a working life spent standing, my legs & feet seem to be wanting to give up the ghost!

    Decent supportive shoes are my only hope to try & reverse the damage that I have done & I think that the Nats in Cream to replace the ones that I have completely worn out would be awesome & a step in the right direction!

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Ooops :/ I guess I wasn’t as wide awake as I thought I was… as upon re-reading our choice must be from the new arrivals! In that case out of the beaut new arrivals my pick would be the stunning SHELLY in gold! Dreamy as! 😉

  72. Today I received my first frankie4 delivery. I’m struggling to recover from a planter fascia injury and have realised my work boots are adding to the issue. I’m hoping the gunmetal Mia’s will help my recovery. I’m keen to add the Hilary in rose gold to my summer shoe wardrobe amongst many others, my Wishlist is long!

  73. Shakespeare please help me get Maria on my feet… a rose by any other name would it smell sweet? It would if it was Maria in rose gold! My feet would be looking, and feeling, sweet all summer long in this fabulous stylish and comfortable slide. 🙂

  74. My feet need MARiA! I have flat feet and need orthotics which makes summer/spring a painful time! I have struggled to find something fashionable, supportive and fabulous without the pain! But I think MARiA is the perfect footwear for me this season

  75. Zoe Gold will help to carry me through my 37th year of standing in front of a class teaching. It would mean no more taking off my shoes by lunch time every day to change into something more comfortable. Oh the bliss of being able to wear only one pair of shoes for a whole day.

  76. I’ve just been podiatrically (is that a word?) advised I can no longer be a barefoot girl. At all. Even in my shoe free house. So,,,,,I would love a pair of Lilli in Tan. I’ve never owned a pair of tan sandals – can you believe it?! I think they’d be pretty and match my interior decor. How’s that for stylish!

  77. I am finding that as I am getting I really need to look after my feet, if I don’t my whole body suffers. Gone are the days of slopping around in things. If I have to wear good supportive shors then I want them to be stylish & Frankie4s have that covered.

  78. 1, 2 buckle my shoe,
    3, 4 please give me some FRAKiE4,
    5, 6 to save my sore feet,
    7,8 oh how this would be great,
    9, 10 I can then be zen when walking around in my ZOE’s in Dark Tan!

    As I age I find it harder to find shoes to fit properly and I know FRANKiE4 can save my soles and I would love to win a pair of these beautiful shoes. xx

  79. My soles need saving this Spring/Summer as my family & I are about to embark on an adventure of a life time. We have sold our house and all our possessions to travel Australia full time looking for a new place to call home. Hilary would be fantastic for those summer strolls. I need a summer shoe that supports my high foot arch. I have recently purchased a pair of Nats which are awesome. Now I need to sort out my summer shoes. Then I’m ready to do my lap of the map

  80. With the warmer weather on the horizon I just know I am going to need a versatile go with anythimg neutral sandal, and I think Zoe fits that bill, the ankle strap is an added element of support. Some days I’m not sure which foot to place on the floor first, with plantar fasciitis in my left and osteoarthritis in my right, here I am stuck in the middle looking for a shoe to support all my wonky needs.

  81. With spring & summer comes flimsy sandals and my poor feet scream with pain from plantar fasciitis!
    Zoe in gold would save my soles in the warmer weather! Stylish and more importantly, comfortable for my feet.

  82. The Alana. I love a heel but feel I can no longer wear them as I don’t think I’ll ever find a heel these days that is comfortable. I’d love to give these a go.

  83. I think the Zoe would be good for me as the ankle strap would give stability. I suffer from plantar fasciitis in one foot and Achilles tendonitis in the other. I also had left & right meniscus tears in the left knee repaired, and since then have had a bit of instability in that knee & I am unable to wear heels that are too high.
    I have a few pairs of ELLiEs that I love but would love to have a summer pair of FRANKiEs to wear so that my feet can breathe during the summer months.

  84. Hi Nikki
    This whole year I’ve been struck with plantar fasciitis which stops you wearing your favourite shoes. It is still with me coming into Spring so to have a choice of one of these great new styles is amazing – I think the beautiful Zoe (tan) would give me the support and style I am looking towards for Spring.

  85. My sore aching feet would love a pair of Maria’s just in time for Spring. So supportive and comfortable yet stylish and on trend. Love Frankie4!

  86. All the beautiful sounds of the world in a single word Maria… Maria. ..Maria….
    Rose gold would be the colour for me. Suddenly I found how comfortable shoes can be. Maria ..Maria …Maria …….

  87. Oh I love these, my souls need saving as I live in North Queensland and my day has me in Army Boots so I spend the rest of the time in things HiLARY would be the ultimate for me. They look fantastic and I would adore them.

  88. My soles need saving this spring-summer because I work on my feet all day (Massage Therapist) and although I wear Frankie4s (Nat) when I work, the running around picking up kids and going to social events in the hotter months requires a cooler shoe. I think Hilary is up for that job.

  89. OMG I so need help! Lived in thongs & never knew how bad it was until getting plantar fasciitis several weeks ago & been in excruciating pain. My FAB physio is explaining how I need better support but some of those shoes are so ‘nanna’ until I come across these – I so NEED pair of lili’s for summer as I’m so over this condition! …. PLEASE

  90. My soles need saving by a pair of Shelley sandals in gold as they would adjust to the width of my foot and look gorgeous.

  91. After suffering plantar fasciitis last summer from wearing thongs all the time my soles definitely need saving with some Frankie4 Shelly’s!

  92. My feet are wide and fat,
    And I’ve always thought ‘that’s that’.
    In summer I have sandle blues,
    I’m doomed to live in ugly shoes.
    So please save this Mumma’s feet,
    With a comfy fashionable foot treat,
    As I run around after the kids,
    It may be the most stylish summer I ever did!
    I’d truly love Shelly in Gold,
    I’d be ever so sold!
    To win would be so fab,
    I’d be so grateful for the Frankies up for grabs!

  93. Dear long suffering soles,

    Please accept my apologies
    for all I have put you through.
    The daily grind, the hot shoe shuffle,
    the inflicting burdensome of
    some heavy load bearing conditions,
    now the pounding of pavement
    to rid this ponderous position.
    For years you endured
    long standing hours
    on cheap SINthetic flat beds,
    no comfort or support did they offer.
    Such abuse and neglect
    could go on no longer,
    arches collapsing was
    your way of responding.
    You’ll be happy to know
    I’ve entered a competition
    To win a pair Frankie4 Maria’s or Lili’s
    I’m torn, can’t decide.
    But I am dam sure,
    some serious and stylish relief is to come!

    Liane x

  94. All women need the comfort and style of a Frankie4. Long days on my feet at work and home are no problem when wearing my Frankie’s. Maria in Navy fits the brief, thankyou.

  95. Zoe is the one for me.
    Simple yet stylish with comfort to boot!
    I need a bit of this with a dodgy hip and knee, not as young as I was…
    Or as light
    Pick me!

  96. Turned fifty last year
    My feet did not cheer.
    But with Shelley in gold
    Perhaps they’ll be feeling not so old.

  97. I suffer from plantar fasciitis if I’m not careful with my shoes, but to add to my difficulties I get eczema across the tops of my toes in summer, making most sandals very uncomfortable to wear. I’m hoping that Hilary can save my sole this year as it does not cover the itchy bits. Can’t wait for that black and white animal print to come out that I’ve spotted (get it?) on Instagram. Or maybe Gold. Or maybe both…

  98. Zoe in gold please come and save my poor soles this spring. I believe you are perfect for the role as you offer style, comfort and support. My soles need all the support and comfort this spring whilst travelling for six weeks in Chile. I have been admiring Frankie4 shoes and hope to be able to enjoy some heaven for my feet.

  99. I am a Frankie4 convert for work and play after serious injuries to both of my ankles 9 years ago. I’m heading to Fiji for my 10th wedding anniversary in September and cannot decide between the tan Zoe or adding another pair of Hilary’s to my collection! I would love to win a pair to help me decide!

  100. Zoe Gold I have a foot injury and Frankie 4 shoes are one of the only shoes that provide not only the support to keep me out of pain but also I don’t have to look a 60year old Nanna! Love Frankie 4

  101. Oh beautiful, comfortable Maria!!
    Rose Gold is my colour,
    And my tired, sore feet would really love to see ya!

    I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a Frankie4 before,
    I’m sure once I try a pair,
    My feet will be begging for more!

    I’d be so excited to win,
    I’ve got my toes crossed,
    So I can toss my other shoes in the bin!

    1. I purchased a pair of the ‘Beth’ shoes last year which made me feel like a very stylish, yet comfortable teacher…. they looked professional yet chic. This year I’m a new mum with a baby and my needs have changed…. I’ve got my eye on a pair of either the ‘Maria’ or ‘Lilli’ in black to help me feel just as stylish as before, while rocking this new ‘Mum’ job challenges.

  102. Maria in Black would be my dream sandal this Spring/Summer – my Frankie4 shoes are so kind to my feet – as well as being super stylish & comfy, my feet no longer ache at the end of the day. Thank you for such a great competition!

  103. I have small feet and it’s great that FRANKiE4 have shoes that fit my feet and make me feel like I’m walking on pillows. I love a slip on shoe but also love one that will support my feet and I think Shelly will fit the bill an adjustable slide that looks like a sandal.

  104. Every Frankie4 I’ve ever tried on or bought has been so supportive and stylish. For some reason I just feel more confident when I’m wearing them. Shelly is the girl for me this summer!

  105. My soles definitely need saving! I am a prep teacher so I am on my feet all day, making sure that my little people have the best school experience possible! MARiA would be the perfect shoe to keep me active and comfortable all day!

  106. As I can now no longer walk in bare feet I’m on the lookout for the perfect summer sandal. I have a feeling Zoe is the girl for the job

  107. It’s got to be Maria in rose gold we need to forget an Aussie summer in thongs/pluggas (that kill our feet and will to live) and embrace a sandal with some support. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!

  108. I’m a basketball player, runner and school teacher, so my feet always need saving. I suffer plantar fasciitis so the Zoe sandal would absolutely 100% be the shoe for me! I describe the NATs I own as pillows for my feet. I need another pair of pillows!!

  109. Zoe would be perfect for my wide feet. Comfort and style, what more could l ask for in a shoe. Thank you Nicki l really enjoy your blog.

  110. I am a special ed teacher and I have an obsession with shoes… unfortunately my choice is often judged by my class of BOYS!!! But with a pair of Frankie4 Zoe sandals they can judge away as I know that they will be amazing for my days in the classroom and have the style to wow not only my class but all the other teachers as well!

  111. My feet definitely need Frankie help. Being on my feet all day at work some nights I can barely stand. I absolutely love the new Zoe shoes and could definitely make them woe for my work wardrobe.

  112. Shelly looks perfect for my high instep with its adjustable strap and keep my feet supported all summer long! I love it!

  113. Currently traveling in very hot European summer sharing the wear between white Nats and Silver snake Hilary.

    They are seeing lots of famous sights

    Feet surviving long days of walking an average of 10k each day ‍♀️

    Looking forward to purchasing Leopard Lilly and Gold Zoe for my next adventure

  114. I have know idea what my feet would be like by now if I hadn’t been saved by joining Nikki at Styling You and being introduced to Frankie 4 shoes. What a blessing it has been to be able to walk everywhere in comfort. Zoe in gold would fit so well with my upcoming summer wardrobe capsule. Thank you for saving my feet!

  115. I am known as Shelly so I would love to add a pair of my name sakes to my happy feet this summer.
    E…Extra special
    L….Lovely legs
    L …Legendery
    Y….yoga feet

  116. Ahh Maria! Maria in Rose Gold can live with my tan Lily’s! I would love her equally as much as I love my Lily’s and during the summer they can take turns in looking after my problematic feet! I’m sure she would love being besties with Lily. Best shoes I have ever worn! I am constantly recommending this brand to anyone who will listen and can’t believe the difference when I wear my Lily’s compared to other summer shoes. Please give Maria a great home!! Thank you!!

  117. Shelly and I would be such a great match
    She would support me and my feet that are flat
    In gold we could set the world on fire
    Or Brisbane at least that would be my desire.

  118. I’m so keen for a pair of black Shelly slides – my narrow feet would love them this summer! I’ve been wearing Beth in black to work this winter and am now a firm Frankie 4 convert for life

  119. ZOE in tan is the hands down winner for my daughter in law who has just produced our first grandchild also called ZOE! Her poor feet suffered during pregnancy and she is now half a size larger…. so new comfortable shoes are tequir d.

  120. 365 days a year in Nikes, I think my feet would love some “shelly” style sandals – black or gold, both are awesome.

  121. Love the Shelly in black! Stylish and edgy at the same time, they will look great with my summer wardrobe. I seriously need to start ditching the heels and swap them for the super chic Frankie range to save my soles.

  122. I have been a shoe lover from a very young age. I have been told that as a child I would look at peoples feet/shoes before their face. I’ve bought so many shoes because they look good and feel fine while trying in the store to find that they can only be worn for very short periods of time due to discomfort.
    I have about 7 pairs of Frankie 4’s and absolutely love them. Some casual, some for work and some for more fancy occasions. I know I can wear them all day and again the following day. No blisters and no aches.
    I’d love to add Zoe in Gold to my collection. I love how she could be dressed up or dressed down.

    Zoe in Gold has stolen my heart.

  123. As a mum & nanna to a large mob I spend many hours in my happy place the kitchen as I love to cook for them so I can be on my feet early morning till late at night , my floor tiles are not kind to me and I get very sore legs & feet I always end up barefoot before people arrive there fore I think I need to be saved by Frankie I’ve heard a lot about them they do look very comfortable

  124. My heel pain started after the birth of my second child. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, Hel spurs and very overweight. I have lost 50kg and kept it off for for seven years however my plantar fasciitis remains. Thankfully I found Frankie4 shoes and now they are the only shoes I wear and my heel pain is very minimal.

  125. Oh Shelly, I need Shelly in my life, as I’m quite sure she would save the soles of this earth bound heathen! I need the comfiest and most sparkling of sandals in gold to lovingly support me through spring champagne interludes and balmy
    summer soirees. THEN, she needs to take me shopping and to the beach. ❤

  126. My soles need saving this summer, I need a pair of Frankie4s so I can ditch the Havianas finally!!! Zoe is definitely on my “to buy” list for this summer, for blistering hot race days and bbqs by the bogan river! Help a sister out pretty please Frankie4!

  127. I live with constant foot pain (another plantar fasciatis sufferer). Wearing my Birkenstocks has caused me to roll my foot over sideways and pull the tendon off my ankle bone a few times. We have no car, and walk everywhere so comfortable, supportive and pretty sandals would be wonderful. I love the new Shelly’s in the rose gold.

  128. I’d love a pair of Maria’s to cruise around on the weekend. I tend to live in thongs and I also tend to struggle to stay on my feet sometimes (totally sober I swear) Needless to say, I am often carrying an injury of some sort on my foot or ankle. My husband keeps telling me that I should probably wear more supportive shoes…… I hate to admit it but this time he might just be right. 🙂

  129. Ooooh I would LOVE to win a pair of SHELLEY slides in gold please! I have a pair of rose gold MARiA’s being delivered soon, and absolutely wore my tan LiLLi’s to death last summer. I love slides, confession time, I hate doing up sandals! Looking forward to seeing the new releases too 🙂

  130. I would LOVE a pair of the new SHELLYs in black, as I lived in my HILARYs last summer, well I’ve also been wearing them through winter around the house instead of slippers, as my feet can’t bear to wear anything else but Frankie 4s. I have the chronic pain condition Fibromyalgia and can’t wear any shoes without support. Plus since wearing Frankie 4s I no longer have any issues with my plantar fasciitis in my left foot – yay!

    Plus I need a pair of SHELLYs as that’s my nickname 🙂

  131. As a flight attendant my feet are always sore. I have narrow feet so think I need the Shelly’s in Gold to treat my feet. I keep looking at Frankie shoes but won’t purchase due to unsure of fit. They also need to design flight shoes for us cabin crew!

  132. In the past 4 years I have suffered plantar fasciitis, bursitis, a fractured 3rd metatarsal (jumping over the sprinkler with my 8 yr old son ), ruptured ankle ligaments (falling down steps at a restaurant- and no I hadn’t been drinking!) and these are all my right foot! I would LOVE a pair of any of the beautiful Frankie4’s but my pick would be Zoe in the Gold

  133. I love the Shelly in Gold! I invested in the gorgeous Hilary last summer and boy I certainly realised wearing supportive and comfortable slides are WAY better for my feet and lower back than thongs. As well as being super stylish! Thank you Frankie 4 my feet really appreciate you! (I’ve lost count of how many styles I have now!)

  134. I also have a neuroma and have only been wearing Birkinstocks but I want to wear lovely fashion shoes again and I think the Frankie 4 range is just what I need for this summer I love the look of Lilli & Zoe

  135. M aria could save my soles.
    A s I am a nurse and have sore feet!
    R ecurrent sprained ankles need Maria.
    I would love to try Frankie’s ….
    A nd experience the comfort and support!

  136. Oh the Maria in Rose Gold – I need arch support and these are stylish and beautiful as well as providing much needed support.

  137. I struggle to find shoes to fit that are comfortable and look good. Having a bigger foot and on the wide side, I now come to realise that FRANKiE4 are the shoes for me. I wear the Sophie’s for work everyday and no longer come home with sore feet and numb toes! Love Love FRANKiE4 shoes. Would love to collect them all. Love the look of the Shelly or Maria in the gold!

  138. As a special needs mum I love Frankies for handling my plantar fasciitis while I run around hospitals and therapists! Love my LiLLi for looking stylish while keeping comfortable and ready for anything!!

  139. I was recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and have been wearing Sophie’s. They have made a huge difference! So now I am looking for a new summer shoe and I would love to try Zoe gold! They look perfect for me!

  140. Oh HiLARY, I love you. Oh, and HiLary Rose Gold, I love you even more. My soles need saving from too-much-rubber-thong-wearing when I was young and didn’t love my soles the way I should have. I took my soles on a 9 month trip to Europe in … rubber thongs. I took them through 4 years of University in … rubber thongs. I took them through weekend after weekend in … rubber thongs. HiLary, Rose Gold HiLary, please save my soles. I know I have wronged.

  141. My soles need saving! I have had horrible bunions since my early 20’s ( now in my 40’s) and never been able to find a functional, comfortable but stylish sandal. Please help me stop looking for the ultimate pair! Maria in rose gold is gorgeous and Shelley in gold is stunning! Would love to have comfortable sandals for summer and feet that don’t ache! My everything is crossed! ❤️

  142. I would love the Shelly in gold! So stylish but comfortable for my upcoming holiday to Vietnam. My plantar fasciitis and left knee pain love Frankie 4’s and this will be my go to brand for any shoe purchases in the future. Loving all the new styles – it was hard to choose just one

  143. Feeling good starts at my feet
    Oh Maria you are a comfy treat
    My soles will enjoy the spring in my step
    and my stylish code always met

  144. The Zoes for me! My soles need saving as I run around after two small boys and comfortable and stylish shoes make me feel a bit more human!

  145. I too love the Zoe in gold. Bought my very first pair of Frankie4s at the Melbourne pop up this year and have loved both the look and comfort level. FRANKiE4 have won me over.

  146. Very hard to choose but Nat in pink for me. I’ll be doing a lot of walking in Thailand this Summer and need the style, comfort and support. With a knee injury I was able to walk 7k in Melbourne yesterday in my Jackie’s so I know the Nat will be perfect.

  147. I’m loving Shelly in gold. My poor old feet have copped it over the years, I’m a runner and lets just say I haven’t always maintained my poor trotters. Planter warts, toe bleeds (and several missing toe nails) have meant that I’m not great with closed in shoes so these new styles are right up my alley!

  148. I think the Zoe in gold would be perfect for summer 18/19 cause they look so comfortable and look great. My feet are very wide and it’s hard to find good looking and comfortable shoes to fit. It’s important to look after your feet as I’ve seen my mum go through hell with her feet and don’t want that to happen to me.
    Vicky Schwerin

  149. I love the look of the Shelly but also Maria, must be the gold tones. I find I get really sore feet wearing regular flats and slides, so definitely need support. Working 10 hour shifts in steel caps, on my feet all day, it would be like a holiday for my feet. Thanks Nikki for reminding us all to be kind to our tootsies. Have never owned a pair of Frankie 4s but I think it may be time .

  150. I love the new Suze ! They would make my feet feel so comfy. As I have got older I have found I need more support in a shoe. Love all the new styles !!!

  151. Since having children my feet have spread & all the shoes in my wardrobe no longer fit! I also get pain under the balls of my feet if I don’t wear shoes with a thick & supportive sole.
    These sandals look amazingly supportive! The Shelley & Maria look gorgeous! Especially those rose gold Maria’s! Thanks for this informative blog Nikki

  152. I think Zoe in gold would be the best for me. I have osteo arthritis in both knees and am looking at knee replacements down the track. My knees are turning in and I can now only wear flats with arch and heel support. Frankie 4’s have been an absolute blessing! Loving the new styles!

  153. Maria would be wonderful I have plantar fascia in both feet also severe knee problems so I need low comfortable shoes that are stylish as I walk around in hard floors all day!

  154. I have never won a competition in my life and have pretty well ended any entries to them. Some of us are just not that lucky! I’m a middle aged nurse and would love to win either the Maria or Shelly. I can only imagine the comfort of having beautifully fitting slip on sandals for summer, my current slip ons are on their last legs, ha! And ongoing plantar fasciitis plagues me. Thank you so much for the opportunity Nikki.

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