Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Meet the new product that promotes sleep for healthier-looking skin

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One the big changes I’ve made to my health in the past year has been a concerted effort to get more sleep. 

It’s not that I have problems falling asleep. Far from it. My Hashimtos condition usually means that it just takes a dimming of the lights and/or slight reclining position and I’m out for the count.

The problem lies with me. I was (and still can be) my own worst enemy, staying up late working or watching “just one more episode” on Netflix.

What I’ve set out to do in the past 12 months is set a consistent pattern of getting to bed by 9.30 each night during the week. I’m up early every week day to exercise (who is this person?!! HAH), so this has become crucial.

I use the Bedtime function on the Clock app of my iPhone and this gives me a 30-minute reminder to make sure that happens. I’ll tend to read for about 4.5 seconds before dozing off for about seven hours of blissful slumber … until that alarm goes off about 5am. 

This change in behaviour has not made me a morning person. I repeat: I am not a morning person. My natural body clock, left to its own devices without regard for school runs and work schedules, would run from 8am through to midnight.

No, what this sleep pattern change has shown me is the difference that a good night’s sleep brings to all aspects of my health – including the health of my skin.

And, lately, that sleep and my skin has become even better, thanks to a new Dermalogica skincare product that launches today: Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

About Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon is a treatment gel-cream that works WITH and supports the skin’s natural overnight repair and recovery process. It works two ways – the ingredients help promote a better sleep which is a major skin benefit in itself. It also delivers active ingredients to boost our skin’s natural capacity to regenerate skin cells and replace hydration lost during the day.

It works on the premise that skin is best able to absorb active ingredients at night, while we rest. Sound Sleep Cocoon is formulated with motion-activated essential oils, which have an immediate effect of soothing and calming the mind, not just the skin. 

Ingredients included to optimise the skin’s natural overnight repair and recovery cycle include:

  • Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract (Persian Silk Tree) – reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality
  • Evodia Rutaecarpa Fruit Extract (Fruits of Wu-Zhu in traditional Chinese medicine) – promotes a more refined skin texture
  • Kakadu Plum Extract (rich in Vitamin C) – clinically shown to improve and brighten skin tone
  • Tamarindus Indicia (Tamarind Seed Extract) – a polysaccharide that cushions the skin, creating a nourishing “cocoon” of comfort for a softer, more hydrated skin
  • Encapsulated essential oils with motion-activated technology – French lavender, Sandalwood and Patchouli work to soothe the senses and help you sleep better for better skin

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

How this product fits into my night-time skincare routine

In this blog post, I shared with you my Dermalogica skincare routine. It’s now 10 months since I switched to Dermalogica products. I started trialling Sound Sleep Cocoon last month.

My night-time routine still begins with a double cleanse using precleanse balm, followed by skin resurfacing cleanser. Next is a spritz of anti-oxidant hydramist (toner), followed by overnight retinol repair 1%, and age reversal eye complex.

Sound Sleep Cocoon is now my final step – I’ve swapped out Super Rich Repair for this new product and couldn’t be happier with the result. 

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

What I’ve noticed since using it

The effect of this product is immediate in that it smells SO good from the moment you pump out the small amount required for my face and neck. That’s the aromatherapy oil mix working straight away to calm you down and get you in sleep mode.

I like the feel of this gel-cream on my skin. You do feel that “cocoon” sensation as you apply the product. It’s not sticky or thick on the skin, it’s just soft and comforting.

In just a few weeks, I’ve noticed a couple of things. My skin’s hydration levels appear to be so much more consistent. Keeping my 50-year-old skin hydrated is something I struggle with quite a bit. Some days the planets align; others it’s a slippery slope to flakiness. This consistent skin hydration is new to me and something I’m hoping will remain and improve even more, the longer I use this product.

The other big thing I’ve noticed is that I am waking up with more of a glow. I’m not talking, “oh my God she’s shaved 10-years off kind of glow”. No, I’m just talking a the kind of glow that needs less help in the makeup department, the kind of glow that visibly feels like you’re looking after yourself and your skin. 

I’m hooked! It’s definitely a product I’ll keep purchasing after this initial tub runs out.

Special offer

Want to try the Sound Sleep Cocoon for yourself? Dermalogica has a special offer for Styling You readers. Enter BESTSKIN10 at checkout to receive 10% off this new product. Shop HERE. Offer applies until April 21, 2018. Shop HERE. 


Dermalogica has 3 Sound Sleep Cocoon products to giveaway to three Styling You readers. Each prize is valued at $120. To enter, leave an answer to the following question in the comments’ section below:

What’s your worst sleep habit? How would Sound Sleep Cocoon help you overcome that?

Entries open on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 5am (AEST) and close on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon | Nikki Parkinson of Styling You. Photo by Sarah Keayes/The Photo Pitch

Comments 98

  1. My worst sleep habit is going to bed early to read and then falling asleep while reading, so I miss a hug (or two) when my husband comes to bed.

  2. I wake up every night and can’t get back to sleep so I watch a bit of tv on my ipad until I can fall back to sleep.

  3. My worst habit is not mine….. its my husbands! He is a shocking snorer and every night it is a race for me to get to sleep before he does!
    Seriously though, one of my New Years resolutions was to create a good night time skin care routine, so far that includes removing make up and using a serum, I’d love to add this to that routine

  4. Having a broken ankle makes me a really restless sleeper………….after 8 operations on my ankle I was addicted to codeine and woke up during the night to re-dose myself…….I’ve managed to cut down to what the doctor has prescribed, but I still have terrible nightmares of my accident and I never used to have frown lines but now I think they are forming.

  5. Hashimotos means I fall asleep quick – menopause means it never lasts long enough! My worst sleep habit is letting my 7 year old sleep-gymnast share the bed – a foot to the face is a sure wake up!
    Maybe sleep cocoon would help me get a restful night & the power to resist his adorable pleading for ‘mums bed’

  6. Worst sleep habit… more a day time habit of not drinking enough water, I get to bed and I’m so dehydrated. I then tend to drink loads of water and end up not sleeping well as my bladder is full. I feel the sleep cocoon could help with the dehydration and I think knowing I was putting something great on my skin would encourage me to start other valuable habits

  7. My worst habit is not being able to get to sleep
    I have tried everything and counting sheep
    A mask, essential oils but still can’t get a peep
    Sound sleep cocoon will bring calmness; help me fall asleep!

  8. Hi, I’m a 40 year old mum to 3 boys & a girl.
    My worst habit I have now I’m older is going to bed without cleansing my face. I’m just so tired most nights & to be honest I can’t afford flash night creams anymore.
    If I was to have something like sound sleep cocoon I’d make it a priority to treat myself with this product every night.
    I’m saving up to purchase all the other Dermalogica products as well as I’m loving the glow of your skin Nikki x
    Please pick me

  9. Hi my name is Julia and I’m a social media/iPhone addict and it’s wrecking havoc with my sleep ! I think the sleep cocoon would save me by relaxing and rejuvenating me ( and turning me away from “evil” )

  10. My worst sleep habit , taking my iPad to bed . Then if I wake up at 3 in th morning I read it again … no good for my eyes or skin ….after the gym at night I don’t always drink sufficient water and the next day I see dehydration

  11. I often go to bed without removing my make up properly. I would have to remove my make up thoroughly if I was using Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon to enable it to work effectively on my cleansed skin.

  12. My worst sleep habit is what I am doing right now, instead of going to bed I am browsing the Web and Social Media and then being to tired and lazy to put anything on my face before going to bed.

  13. Watching tv when it’s getting late and I’m half asleep and then falling asleep on the lounge when I could of gone to bed earlier.

  14. I suffer from a bad back and hips placing a lot of stress on my body. I am also exposed to radiation from modern technology and pollution from my city environment. All these factors are causing an interrupted sleep pattern resulting in my energy flow to be uneven and unbalanced, leading to tension, muscle spasm, and raised blood pressure!
    I’d love to win so my skin can achieve total restoration and my body can relax by sleeping deeply and uninterrupted, the whole night through thus transforming my bed into an oasis of rest and sweet dreams.

  15. I relate to so many posts on too much TV or social media after my boy has gone to bed…I make the excuse I really need some me time before I can go to bed and be ready for tomorrow! Even though I KNOW I would feel better AND look better AND emotionally be sooo much better the next day going to bed early but there’s some huge block for me! I’d LOVE to try this product as I have always loved Dermologica

  16. My worst sleep habit is exercising too late at night, which stimulates my mind and body too much, which means I am not relaxed enough by bed time

  17. I used to use Dermalogica products and they worked really well. Then I thought I should try products that were “organic”. I now have lots more blackheads, pimples and my skin is dehydrated. I feel stupid for stopping what was a good thing.
    My worse sleeping habit would be not letting go of the days worrys or conversations. The, I should’ve said this or done that. It’d be lovely to get back to Dermalogica and hopefully the healing effects of the essential oils will help me drift off to sleep.

  18. My worst sleep habit would be after having 3 small kids all day, once I finally get everyone to bed , I stay up to have some “me” time. I am then woken early with kids and my partner leaving early.

  19. My worse sleep habit is not sleeping enough = addicted to the computer, I sleep late and I wake up early! I look tired all the time so some Sleep Cocoon to make me glow with life would be amazing.

  20. My worse sleep habit is that I tell myself I will wake at 5am on-the-dot! Then I find I wake every hour on-the-dot! All night long! I am sold on Sound Sleep Cocoon formula with motion-activated essential oils, which have an immediate effect of soothing and calming the mind! Game to try it!

  21. My worse sleep habit would be the fact I have to lie next to a snoring husband! I think the sound sleep cocoon would help with the relaxing smells stopping me from wanting to smother him with a pillow!

  22. My worst sleep habit came about by adopting a weird cat who thinks she is an owl. Awake all night. Wanting 2 hourly feeds and attention. And cries loudly when I ignore her. It wasn’t too bad when I was up frequently with a medically compromised child but now I could sleep all night without disturbance except for the cat summoning her human slave.

  23. I tend to drool. I’m not sure how Sound Sleep Cocoon could help me overcome this. Perhaps protect my skin from gross moisture and lock in the good moisture.

  24. My worst habit would be enjoying kid-free time too much – WAY too late….and ultimately staying up way later then I should every.single.night of the week (12am, 1am…stupid – I know) – for the simple reason – THERE ARE NO KIDS TO INTERRUPT ME!!!!!! Yay!!!

  25. My worst sleep habit is a totally inconsistent bedtime, even though I *promise* myself it’s 930… but the lure of checking Instagram and email just one last time. Gets me every night! Oops!

  26. My worst sleep habit would be the amount of time it takes me to get to sleep. Included in the nightly repertoire are heat packs and counting backwards from 100 !!!! just can’t seem to relax enough (if I’m really tired sometimes I can go to sleep very quickly) any help would be very welcome. Sound Sleep Cocoon sounds like magic !!!!

  27. Hi Nikki, My worst habit would be eating too much chocolate late at night which not only results in a restless sleep but dehydrated skin when I wake up in the mornings. I’m sure that Sound Sleep Cocoon will help me have a more restful night’s sleep and improve my skin’s hydration. It might even help me kick my chocolate addiction!!! (here’s hoping)

  28. Staying up late (I suffer from insomnia), not cleansing before I go to bed, sleeping on my face and waking myself up with a hot shower

  29. Hi Nikki, I have a couple of great Dermalogica products in my skin care routine and would love to try this one. My worst sleep habit would be simply not getting enough sleep due to working late and waking early to get my daughter to morning swimming training. It does mean I then exercise, which is a bonus, but my skin looks how I feel by the end of each week! Thank you

  30. My worst habit it going to bed way too late & allowing too much stress into my life. I don’t sleep well & wake up worrying & then can’t get back to sleep. I am wishing for this wonderful dermalogica sleep cocoon so I can have my own safe cocoon & wake up refreshed & looking rested, ready to face the day. Pick me pretty please

  31. I’m a bit fan of Dermalogica, so exciting to hear about this product!

    My worst habit is watching the iPad in bed – when really I should go to bed without screen interaction!

  32. My bad habit at bed time was falling asleep watching tv. I’ve kicked that habit …now only need to stop checking my phone instead

  33. My worst sleep habit is not taking my make up off before bed. If I use the Sound Sleep Cocoon in the bathroom before bed, I can create a nurturing night-time routine to help me drift off soundly!

  34. My worst sleep habit is that I find it so hard to sleep. I toss and turn from side to side, and just can’t get to sleep for ages. All the tossing and turning scrunkles my skin and the lack of sleep makes it look dull and lifeless – makes me so sad some days.

  35. My worst sleep habit is to eat cereal if I wake up and can’t go back to sleep. It’s the worst thing to do but sometimes it just makes me tired. However it then makes for a worse morning – sugar hangover and crinkly face.

  36. My worst sleep habit is I go to bed at different times each night – sometimes to sleep with the kids and other nights midnight after watching favourite tv shows or movies on Netflix.

    I also sleep in my makeup if I’m too tired to remove it. Would love the opportunity to win this and start a proper night time skin regimen!

  37. My worst sleep habit is putting vaseline on my face to get that locked in, cocoon feeling. I think this would be an awesome upgrade and replacement.

  38. Definitely sleeping on my side and not using products on my skin to repair and moisturise overnight. I find that I wake up feeling and looking tired because my skin is dry and needs a good nourishing.

  39. that second (or third) espresso… One double shot is all I can handle, or I cannot “switch off”…

    Then there’s the makeup to bed trap… need to kick that habit and try this gorgeous stuff!

  40. My worst sleep habit is sleeping on my side, which causes wrinkles on my decolletage area and the side of my face. This wonder sleep cream sounds exactly what I need to help combat this problem.

  41. I have lots of bad sleep habits including going to bed too late, too much Netflix (not to mention in our room which is another big No No where sleep is of concern)
    But my biggest one is being too lazy,
    I need to take my makeup off and and stick to my skin routine.
    I’ve recently bought the whole Dermalogica skin care range and when I first received it in the mail, I used it day and night as I should for over a month and my skin has never looked so fresh and glowing but I’ve become lazy and have stopped using it and I can do tell the difference.
    With this blog on styling you as a reminder, I’m now going to make a conscious effort to stick to a good skin care routine and I would love to try this new Cocoon product with essential oils to add to my collection.

  42. I’ll confess on your blog that I sleep with my dog
    and wake tired and grumpy and yawning,
    Fifi licks my face and crowds my space
    or snores her head off till morning.

    Such is the stress my skin’s now a mess
    and all in all I look tragic,
    To regain my glow, Fifi must go
    while Sound Sleep Cocoon works its magic!

  43. I am the worst insomniac- I got to sleep easily but then wake up an hour later with every anxious thought buzzing through my brain. I’m also about to turn 42 and always find my skin goes super dry and dehydrated after the summer months, so I would adore the sleep cocoon- to address both issues!

  44. My worst sleep habit is Netflix…just one more episode!!! I need Dermalogica sound sleep cocoon to kick start a better routine for bed. xx

  45. My worst sleep habit is sleeping on my stomach which is causing my back grief. I’m not sure how Sound Sleep Cocoon will help with this, but my teenage daughter made the switch to Dermalogica products around 18 months ago and her problem skin has improved dramatically. So I want some of what she’s having. Ha!

  46. It feels like I use my go to bed time to catch up on thinking of everything to do tomorrow or the next day. I’m just starting to use a breathing technique to slow that down but definitely need a focus like a bath for my skin to help divert to relax time!

  47. Staying awake in bed overthinking everything. So having something that would help me relax and unwind would be wonderful. Glowing skin would be a bonus 🙂

  48. Snoring – not sure if the cream would help that but would help my partner to forget i do snore and say “Wow you look fantastic this morning darling” 😉

  49. My worst sleep habit is staying up too late and then being overtired and unable to sleep. I’d love to try this product to help me wind down and fall asleep more easily

  50. Being pregnant and a long term fan of the brand, I would love to try this new Dermalogica product in the hope that it would reduce the occurrence of waking up in the very early hours of the morning and being unable to get back to sleep for a while!

  51. My worst sleep habit is waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get back to sleep and looking like the waking dead the next day. I know this is taking its toll on my skin, I have bags and wrinkles around my eyes that I never had before! Sound Sleep Cocoon sounds like the gorgeous aromatherapy properties would help me get back to sleep and the extra super doper moisturising cream would sort out the bags and wrinkles!

  52. My worst sleep habit would have to be that I wait to late to go to bed, then I’m over tired the next day from getting up early. I have dark circles and puffiness under eye problems, this would help with everything I have suffered with for years.

  53. Our geriatric sausage dog wakes me up at least twice a night then I struggle to get back to sleep with a million and one things buzzing around my brain. I’ve used Dermalogica products for some time and the sleep cocoon sounds just what I need.

  54. Whats Sleep??????…I just can”t get to sleep. Perhaps its and age/ hormonal/ life thing, but it is slowly driving me nutty. I would love to go to bed, switch the light off and snuggle into my pillow and SLEEP…..The essential oils in this product just might be a solution

  55. My worst sleep habit is making mental lists for all of the things I plan to do the next day. It typically begins with one thing rolling on into the next thing until there is an avalanche of items threatening to snow me under as my head hits the pillow. Sound Sleep Cocoon would become my new wind down ritual – taking the time to slow down and take care of me before softly slipping into a restful slumber.

  56. My worst sleep habit is making sure I stick to my bedtime ritual each and every evening. That means; cold room, magnesium oil on feet, aromatherapy oils flowing but nothing yet for my face! The Dermalogica Sleep Cocoon would be the cherry on top for my night time routine.

  57. My worse sleep habit trying to clear my mind before sleep. I do yoga breathing to try to clear my head but to no avail. A beautiful calming face cream might just be the answer.

  58. I have many bad sleeping habits unfortunately but the main one is I wear earplugs to bed every night! Now I can’t get to sleep without them, its become a bit of an addiction for me that I need to break!

  59. My worst habit is that I sleep on my stomach. If I had a nice night cream I might be more concious to not rub it all over the pillow

  60. my worst sleep habit is just not getting enough sleep .I have had sleep issues all my life .I am open willing and able to give the product a red hot go …

  61. My worst habit is for sure feeling tired, going to bed early and then spending a good hour or so flicking through social media. It is such a bad habit!

  62. My worst sleep habit is…not removing makeup or even cleansing the day off my face before I climb into bed with a cup of (normal, albeit low caffeine) tea. There. I’ve admitted it! I don’t take my skin for granted though – I suffered with dreadful acne and heavy greasy skin that makeup slid off for over twenty years – but I am yet to find a cream that is right for night. I am a complete sucker for scent however and this gorgeously named Sleep Cocoon sounds like The Business and just the kind of temptation I need to make night time skincare a thing for me. I might even swap out the ten-o’clock-tea… *Will be buying it regardless *

  63. My worst sleep habit is my husband, the bed hogging, sweaty, flatulent, snoring man that sleeps next to me. Maybe we need bunk beds or we can share the cream for sound sleep all round..

  64. I’m just a ‘plain jane’ with less than average skin. I’ve tried every skincare product I could afford but nothing helps. My worst sleep habit would be dreaming of one day waking up and being as beautiful as a butterfly! Maybe the Sound Sleep Cocoon is my answer to my dream coming true!

  65. My worst sleep habit is checking my work email – before I go to sleep, when I stir in the middle of the night, and when I wake too early. It’s a habit that doesn’t make me a better employee or mother and it needs to go. The sleep cocoon sounds like the perfect nightly ritual that could prepare me for rest and the aromatherapy element would be my reminder to look after myself… and get some much needed sleep!

  66. I’m a shiftworker, so my sleep habits are all over the shop as a baseline. Add to that my ridiculous inability to put my phone down when I go to bed, and my sleep is a disaster. I need help!!

  67. My worst habit is one more! One more glass of wine…. one more episode of my fave show…. one more chapter of my book…one more look at my iPad. I fact I’m off to do my skincare routine and then I might just have one more look at Facebook and Instagram!

  68. My worst habit is one more! One more episode of my fave show….. one more chapter of my book….. one more look at my IPad….one more glass of wine! In fact I think I’ll do my skin care routine and then indulge in just one more look at Facebook and Instagram!

  69. Worst habit is using middle of the night breastfeeds to trawl social media – which is great – but makes it so hard to get back to sleep.

  70. My worst sleep habit is letting my gorgeous little 3 year old daughter sleep with me! In my king bed she snuggles up so much, giving me only around 50cm of bed. This makes me have a broken sleep and I usually wake up looking and feeling very dishevelled!

  71. Ahh sleep… a “good” night’s sleep continues to evade me. I have a bed time routine ✔️ I cleanse, tone, moisturise ✔️ But the ‘s are difficult to come by The essential oils in Sound Sleep Cocoon will surely calm my active mind enabling me to drift into a much needed sleep, whilst my skin benefits from the nourishment of active ingredients in regenerating cells and boosting hydration. A good sleep + nourished skin = One happy gal!!

  72. My worst sleep habit would be scheduling a sleep time (trying) then just throwing caution to wind and wowing over everything I google/Insta/Pinterest until the wee small hours – need to switch off

  73. My worst sleep habits are taking my makeup off in the shower but forgetting to moisturize before I go to bed and I often fall asleep whilst reading a book and wake up with it covering my face and the light still on

  74. My worst sleep habit is allowing our little Llaso Apso to sleep on tbe bed. It was alright at first when he would take up his position at the end if the bed, but lately has graduated to sharing my pillow. Would the cocoon by any chance be a dog repellant?

  75. My worst sleep habit is .. reading the entire internet before turning off the light.

    The essential oils in the sleep cocoon are bound to help relax me and help trigger the sleep signals. Here’s hoping!

  76. My worst sleep habit would have to be… not washing off my makeup. Yeah, I know. I am terrible. But I am just lazy… but the thought of something luscious and sleep inducing that smells divine on my skin might just be the kick in the butt I need!

  77. My worst sleep habit is my inability to quiet my restless mind at night – anything from running back over the events of my day, stressing about an unresolved issue, and even compiling my next day’s to do list. I am 51 and I think menopause has a lot to answer for here. I love the sound of the calming essential oils in the Sound Sleep Cocoon.

  78. My worst sleep habit is drinking a cup of tea in bed. I know I should drink herbal tea instead but it just doesn’t taste the same, so I have a normal cup then have a herbal sleep tea then have to get up in the night for a wee!!

  79. My worst sleeping habit has got to be just staying up too late as I think I deserve some ‘me time’ after putting the kids to bed! As a result I am sometimes guilty of skipping my night time skin routine 🙁 to combat this I try to do my night time routine earlier in the evening!!

  80. My worst habit is definitely staying up to0 late to enjoy some ‘me’ time once all the little peeps are in bed. This usually leads to me being overtired and then not being able to get to sleep…uugghhhh!

  81. I over think what I have to do the next day and lay awake sometimes for hours, I try reading and lavender but with little success. This product may just be the boost I need!

  82. My worst sleeping habit is watching cooking shows before bed. After watching the show I decide I want to make a late night dessert and be the new nigella. After cleaning up my mess I finally go to bed….

  83. My worst habit is falling asleep while watching tv. By the time I wake up it’s midnight and I am so tired in the morning with 3 kids to get ready for school. If I can get a glow on my skin rather than the constant tired looked I would be in heaven.

  84. My worst habit is not being able to get off my phone. I think the distinctive smell and night time only use of this product would help me wind down and get off my phone and be in the moment with the beautiful scent and the motion activated nature of the product would make my tossing and turning less distressing.

  85. As a 40 something midwife my worst sleep habit is working night shifts every week!
    I would use this product to help me get into a great routine for the nights I’m not working.

  86. Hi Nikki, the ingredients sound divine, and I especially love the inclusion of Kakadu Plum extract – it’s great to see an Australian native plant used in skincare. I have trouble with sleep, either I can’t go to sleep or I do drop off then wake up through the night and think too much. Would love to try the product x

  87. My worst sleep habit is worrying and not relaxing completely. The essential oils in Sound Sleep Cocoon sound like a beautiful way to tell your brain it’s time to let go and rest.

  88. My worst habit is being on my phone in bed. I would make a new rule. Once the Sound Sleep Cocoon is on, the phone is away!

  89. My worst sleep habit would be lying in bed thinking of the ‘things’ I need to do the next day Not relaxing and switching off…

  90. My worst sleep habit would have to be staying up too late!
    So anything I put on my skin that prepares me for sleep would help immensely.

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