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Keep calm and embrace the new Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo

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(I’m excited to be a part of the #DermTribe for 2018. I’ll be bringing you skincare tips and new product information. In this post I’m introducing you to two new products that work as an insurance policy against sensitive skin flare ups. Read on to find out more about the Dermalogica UltraCalm Duo)

Whenever I have a facial and I’m asked whether I’m happy with my skin. The answer is a resounding YES.

I AM happy with it. I’m 50 and I feel very grateful that I’ve made it this far with skin that has good texture and generally behaves itself.

Sure, there are some days when it takes a bit of work to get my glow happening but, mostly, I’m happy.

If you pushed me on the question of skin happiness, I would say my only gripe is that there is rarely any traceable rhyme or reason as to why one day my skin might be all about the glow; the next it’s red and very unhappy.

I keep hoping that with every advancing year that this Jekyll and Hyde situation will settle down but, alas, random sensitivity appears just as consistently as do the pimples. 

As an aside, why does no-one tell you when you’re a teenager or in your early 20s that you’ll still be battling breakouts in your 40s and 50s? What is it with that?

As for the random bouts of sensitivity? That makes more sense. There are so many more variables at play here, from the genetics we bring to the skin game, to the levels of pollution where we live, to product allergies, to stress and our diet.

It’s almost impossible for any of us to NOT wear the brunt of some of those variables on our skin. It might be something that you tackle daily or, like me, it’s something that arrives out of the blue and has you mentally trying to work out exactly what might have caused the irritation and redness.

That’s why I was very excited to try the new Dermalogica UltraCalming duo, two new products that are designed to soothe sensitive skin in two easy steps.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo | Styling You | Nikki Parkinson | Photo: The Photo Pitch

I’ve been a long-time fan of Dermalogica and last year I introduced you to its Overnight Retinol Repair 1%. That product, as well as a range of products from the range, has been a part of my nightly skincare ever since and my skin has thanked me for it. 

My daily skincare routine

What I love about using Dermalogica is that your skincare routine can be simply and easily targeted to your specific skin needs. AND the products work. I’ve also found that each product lasts a long time. In those eight months, I’ve only had to re-stock the big players once. Here’s what my daily skincare routine has looked like since May last year:

MORNING: skin resurfacing cleanser, anti-oxidant hydramist (toner), dynamic skin recovery SPF50

EVENING: precleanse balmskin resurfacing cleanseranti-oxidant hydramist (toner), overnight retinol repair 1%, age reversal eye complex

Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo | Styling You | Nikki Parkinson | Photo: The Photo Pitch

What was missing from my daily and weekly routine?

Last month, I was invited into Pure Indulgence Wintergarden (Brisbane CBD) so that a Dermalogica-trained skin therapist could take a look at my skin during a bespoke Dermalogica Proskin 60 treatment. Apart from being ridiculously relaxing, it was super effective in addressing the specific needs of my skin at that time.

What was found lacking was hydration, so it was recommended that I continue what I’ve been using/doing but also:

  1. Gently nourish and exfoliate once a week using using a combination of the multivitamin recovery mask mixed with the multivitamin thermafoliant. Apply to the skin, gently rubbing, rinse off after 20 minutes.
  2. Apply super rich repair after the overnight retinol repair for maximum hydration at night.
  3. Use multivitamin power firm as my morning eye treatment.
  4. Support my skin through extra hydration and protection during the day using the new Dermalogica UltraCalming duo.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo | Styling You | Nikki Parkinson | Photo: The Photo Pitch

About Dermalogica UltraCalming duo

Dermalogica has always offered very good options for people with sensitive skin. I’ve reached for a number of these products over the years when my skin has become irritated.

At the first sign of sensitivity, I’ll switch cleansers to the ultracalming cleanser and apply the barrier repair for instant relief. And I’ll use redness relief primer SPF15 to balance out my skin tone, while also providing comfort.

Now, instead of reacting to irritations or flare ups, I’m being more proactive by adding the Dermalogica UltraCalming duo to my morning routine.

After cleansing and toning, I’ll work a few drops of barrier defense booster into my face and neck. Then I’ll apply calm water gel before applying dynamic skin recovery SPF50.

Both products in the duo utilise botanical extracts.

The barrier defense booster is a concentrated oil booster that is incredibly soothing on contact. Its aim is to nourish and restore the balance in our skin. It’s when our skin gets unbalanced, thanks to dehydration from internal and external factors, that we’re more prone to sensitivities. It doesn’t make your face feel oily, just hydrated and supple.

The calm water gel is a magical, weightless, water-gel moisturiser with a unique formula that has an immediate effect on the skin. It feels like being enveloped in a silky fabric. Through dual hyaluronic acid technology (developed at the International Dermal Institute), it works two ways – to form a shield against any environmental problems, so great for the everyday but particularly useful for in-flight travel and any extremes in climate. And it also works to hydrate the skin on application, locking in moisture in different layers in the skin.

Used together, I’ve noticed a massive difference in my skin after adding this “insurance policy” against redness, dehydration and irritation to my routine. My skin has had fewer random reactions and this combination has worked so well to keep my dry and easily reactive skin hydrated, supple and dewy. 

It makes sense, really, if I don’t treat the hydration issues of my skin, I’ll never escape from random reactions and sensitivities. If my skin is not hydrated on all layers, it’s out of balance and can’t retain any water or oil for normal function, let alone providing me with a glow factor. 

Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo | Styling You | Nikki Parkinson | Photo: The Photo Pitch

Special offer

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Dermalogica has 3 UltraCalming Duo gift packs to giveaway to three Styling You readers. Each prize is valued at $168.To enter, leave an answer to the following question in the comments’s section below:

What would your skin say to you if you started using the Dermalogica UltraCalm Duo as part of your daily routine?

Entries open on Friday, February 16, 2018 at 5am (AEST) and close on Friday, March 2, 2018 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winners of the “answer the question” competition will be judged on originality and creativity. The winners will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Dermalogica UltraCalming Duo | Styling You | Nikki Parkinson | Photo: The Photo Pitch


This photoshoot was shot on location at a private home in New Farm, BrisbanePhotography: The Photo Pitch; Hair and Makeup: Dale Dorning/Arc Creative

Comments 74

  1. My skin would thank me for showing it the love it deserves. I’ve been a little neglectful lately so we’ve not been on speaking terms and as a result there’s that big bright redness staring back at me in the mirror!

  2. As Dermalogica skincare brand is one of Australia’s favourite brands,Dermalogica Ultra Calm Duo would make my skin ultimate hydration, radiant confidence. All my winkles would disappear in few weeks. I would look younger and happier. It’s truly a tremendous skincare prize giveaway for maximising healthy skincare experience. I would love my skin more and my skin would love me back.

  3. My skin would heave a big sigh of relief: Aaaaaah! Usually I have pretty robust skin but since the beginning of this year it has been getting cranky fairly regularly. Maybe it’s my age? I turned 50 on 3 January!

  4. My skin would say “thank goodness for that! and about time too. For goodness sake, we are just on 70 and I have had a very hard time looking after you!”

  5. Well thank goodness you are finally putting yourself first and looking after me!
    You know your turning 40 this year so time to grab the ole bull by the horns and take charge!

  6. I can feel clearly now the moisture’s come. I can see old habits disappear. Gonna be a bright, bright,bright, hydration day.

  7. What would my skin say? Oh FFS, not another skin care…….ooohhh, hang on. Now we’re talking. Finally! Can we please stick with this one?

  8. My skin would say –

    “Where have you been all my life”

    I have always wanted the ever desirable ‘dewy’ skin and this looks like the answer!!!

  9. Guuuurrrrrlllll ….. So fresh and so calm calm!

    My skin has had a melt down since being pregnant with my gorgeous little boy last year, so red and irritated all the time! I have really struggled to find skincare that calms my skin as everything else I’ve tried seems to inflame it more!

  10. My skin would say:

    Guuuurrrrrlllll ….. So fresh and so calm calm!

    My skin has had a melt down since being pregnant with my gorgeous little boy last year, so red and irritated all the time! I have really struggled to find skincare that calms my skin as everything else I’ve tried seems to inflame it more!

  11. At least one of us is calm now… you blotchy-faced, overthinking yet occasionally hilarious woman.
    PS Thank you and I love you.

  12. What would your skin say to you if you started using the Dermalogica UltraCalm Duo as part of your daily routine?
    My skin: “About bloody time!!!! I need some attention”.
    Me: “Ease up, priorities”
    My skin: “Exactly!! I should be a priority!!”

  13. “Oh look, she’s trying something new again! Prepare to break out in an unsightly rash in 3….2….hang on…..what is this blessed relief? Aaaaaah”

  14. Well, Hello!!! Now, let’s get down to the business of soothing and nourishing our cells! We’ve waited so long for this epic moment. Hopefully you won’t blush as easily now when a cute man comes near you, hehe!

  15. I’ve been waiting all your life for this range! You’ve tried sooooo many brands – how come it took so long to find Dermalogica? Thanks to SY

  16. The Dermalogica UltraCalm Duo
    Is what I’ve been asking for, you know?
    All the messages I’ve been leaving
    With my fingers on mirrors steaming
    In hopes that you will buy me some
    So that me, your skin, won’t succumb
    To dehydration and inflammation
    So let Dermalogica be my salvation!

    ([email protected])

  17. At least she’s no longer mindlessly smothering her face with trash even if she still insists on sitting in front of the TV watching it!

  18. Yassss! She does love me. I thought she was being coy, you know, not paying any attention to me for so long but alas, I am finally receiving some attention. I’m glad I hung in there. This luxurious and loving experience will create a calming effect on our relationship. Things are looking lush for the future. 😉

  19. I know you’re not Elle or Cindy,
    You don’t look like Kate.
    But use me religiously
    And your skin is sure to look great.

  20. Aaaaaahhhhh now that I’m calm she’ll start feeling better about herself .. happier, confidence back and her inner glow will shine through.

  21. My skin is getting dryer and dryer as I age- what a change from super oily teenage skin! After trying this product I think I will just hear a huge sigh of relief from my skin!

  22. I knew we’d eventually find the right product for me, I’m so glad you follow these amazing people who test products all the time.

  23. I will be hitting the big70 this year and will be spending the day as a volunteer teacher on an outback cattle property in Queensland. I am sure my skin will be crying out for some TLC at that stage. The bore water we are using creates havoc with my skin out there and it takes weeks to recover when I get home.

  24. ‘Finally! It’s only taken you 35 years, various climates and multiple pregnancies to realise I need some special care from targetted products. So thank you, for finally finding the best thing for us’

  25. You will see the results if you consistently nurture me… I can’t make you look younger but using Dermalogica UltraCalm Duo in a routined manner I will look healthier, happy, and nourished which may make you look fresh and feel younger.

  26. My skin after radiotherapy and the hormone changes has really been a challenge to find products that suit my skin. So at 45 and 18 mths in remission bring on the love!!

  27. I was given a sample tube of calm water gel by my beautician for the exact same reason my skin was looking red and irritated and I put it on and I was like yes and I’m pretty sure I heard my skin said “thanks”

  28. My skin would say Thankyou for caring enough to take care and preparing me for turning fifty. What a gift to have that beautiful glow.

  29. I think my skin would say ‘More please’. I didn’t know about mixing the mask and thermofoliant, that is a great tip. At 57, I still get a pimple on my chin sometimes, so weird! Have a great weekend x

  30. If I started using the new Dermalogica Ultracalm Duo as part of my skincare regime I tm sure my skin would say Hallelujah.

  31. This aging thing isn’t looking bad now you have started to use Dermalogica UltraCalm Duo.
    I understand I limit what you use due to me being sensitive but you are 40 now and need to try help out with the wrinkles before the crows feet take over. I also need heduration a bit like you after a long week at work gussaling your glass of wine. Come on girl… a sister out.

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