March 2016 beauty favourites

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Hello Beauties. It’s time again to delve into my bathroom cabinet and see what I’ve been trialling on my skin, hair and face.

Each month, dozens of new beauty products land on my desk for possible trial, review and feature here.

I KNOW. Tough doesn’t come close to describing this aspect of my job.

For a product to make it on to this monthly beauty favourites post, it has to be pretty damn special – to me.

What I feature may not work for you but I hope I can point you in a new direction if you’re looking to change things up in the makeup, skincare and hair care department.

I try to feature a range of different price points, plus I try to include at least one product that’s natural and hasn’t been tested on animals.

I know each and every one of you have your own personal guidelines and budget restraints so, while I can’t be all things to all people with each product mentioned, I can offer a diverse mix in my top five each month.

In December, those 50 products – plus any others I’ve included in beauty advice posts here on Styling You – will be up for a spot in my Top 20 beauty products for 2016. Here’s a look at what made the cut in 2015.

And this month, I’m featuring these five products.

March 2016 Beauty Favourites | Styling You

1. Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water (for acne-prone skin) and Garnier Skin Actives Micellar Water for Combination to Oily Skin $13.95 each: This hugely popular brand of micellar cleansing water now comes in two other varieties – ideal if your skin is on the oily and breakout side of the equation. Normal to dry skin peeps like myself, stick to the original. Micelles are like magnets for dirt and grime and in these formulas they cleanse the skin efficiently without a need for rinsing or rubbing. The PureActive formula also has anti-bacterial ingredients. Simply squeeze on to a makeup pad and swipe away. Available at supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores.

2. Lush The Great Barrier SPF15 $17.95: Wash your skin and protect it from the sun at the same time with this solid blend of organic sesame oil and cocoa butter. One third of the block is enough to protect your whole body. Gorgeous scents of rose absolute, chamomile and eucalyptus seal the deal. This product also contains synthetics listed as safe in the ingredient list – click the link for details. (Vegan, hand made, not tested on animals)

3. ghd advanced split end therapy $35: Ever on the quest for sleek, smooth hair, I couldn’t wait to get this product out of the tube and on to my locks. When you wash your hair, you towel dry it (no conditioner) and then add about a 20-cent-piece-sized amount throughout your hair, massaging and combing it down to the ends. Next up is the blow dry, followed by straightening with styling irons. It’s the heat of the irons that works to seal and bind broken hair fibres together. The formulation also helps to strengthen undamaged hair because it effectively surrounds the hair with a protective coating. Available from ghd salons and online. (Not tested on animals)

4. Twenty8 Rosa Damascena Flower Water $19.95: I call this a fragrance with benefits. This 100% organic hydrosol is produced using organic Bulgarian roses. You can use it as a fragrance, as a face toner in your skincare routine or a hydrator throughout the day. I also love to spritz it around my work zone – it works to keep me focussed on the task at hand as well as making my general desk area smell pretty damn good. Twenty8 is a 100% natural range, free from all synthetic chemicals, preservatives and fragrances. (Not tested on animals)

5. MODE Cosmetics range $3 each: Yes, that is not a typo. This is a new budget cosmetics range available to buy with your weekly groceries in Coles supermarkets or in leading Australian and New Zealand pharmacies. The complete range includes nail colour, foundation, face powders, blush, bronzers, eye liners, eye colour, mascara, brow pencils, lip liners and lip colours. The colour offerings are trend-driven and the proof is in the application. These products hold their own on the quality front. (100% cruelty free and accredited on the Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) list)

So, it’s over to you … have you tried anything new that we need to hear about? Spill in the comments.

* These products were gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something via one of these links I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Great to see my fave micellar water now comes in a variety suitable for oily skinned gals like me! Will definitely be giving that a go. Lately, I’ve been loving MooGoo’s strawberry tinted lip balm. It’s heaven on my lips that seem to have dried right out now that I’m sick. x

  2. I was converted to Micellar Water by a friend and tried Garnier because it was the first one I could find at the time. I’ve just purchased the Sukin version and will open the bottle tonight, it also contains cucumber and chamomile, so I’m expecting a refreshing feeling on top of being clean; like Lisa McKenzie [comment below] I double cleanse at night too 🙂

  3. As always Nikki a great round up of beauty products, I am a big fan of Garniers Micellar water but I’ve also been trialing the Garnier Gentle Cleansing Milk ” goodbye dry ” as I double cleanse at night to get all my makeup off and I can say it’s a lovely product on my sensitive skin and no rinsing,I don’t do rinsing except in the shower as I’m one of those people who seems to get their arms wet!! I also bought some makeup brushes from Woolies on special as my blush brush had seen better days and a range called Eco tools caught my eye,they were $22 for 5 brushes and are really good,as good as my Mac ones,technically not a product but someone might be interested.
    The Twenty8 flower water sounds lovely and I’m going to have a look at those Mode cosmetics when I go to the shops today,I need new foundation,thank you Nikki Xx

  4. Hi Nikki – love the Garner micellar water for makeup removal. Will have to check out the Mode range at Coles. What’s not to love about CCF beauty products or makeup that you can throw in the trolley under the expense heading “groceries”. Win! xx

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