Why a facial is good for you

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In a somewhat self-indulgent experiment I started the year with the intention to have a facial every month.

Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger. I have a strong degree of vanity. And thanks to touring my book, Unlock Your Style, I ended up having my photo taken A LOT.

Granted, there’s a lot that a professional makeup job can help in that department but I’m a big believer that if you start with the best skin possible then then you can rely less on the makeup.

There are a number of reasons why a facial is good for you.

1. A good beauty therapist or skin technician is able to prescribe just the right kind of facial for your skin’s needs. This means that you can get targeted help for your skin.

2. No matter how well you cleanse your skin at home, nothing comes close to a salon deep cleanse. I never have the patience to spend minutes cleansing at home. A quick cleanse and rinse and I’m usually done. A salon cleanse is the best way to prep the skin for what’s to follow.

3. A physical or chemical exfoliation as part of a facial further sets the skin up for receiving the goodness of serums and moisturisers. The reason you come out of a facial glowing is that dead skin cells have been giving the old heave ho. Yay for exfoliating.

4. The massage. Oh. The. Massage. A good facial will be as relaxing, if not more, than a full-body massage. My test here is based on my level of snoring and/or drooling.

5. You’ve taken time out for yourself. Forget the skin benefits for a minute. Just by prioritising yourself you are helping keep a lid on your stress levels. Come to think of it, that’s also got to be good for your skin.

Which facial treatment is for you?

A good salon, spa or clinic will offer a range of facials and first consult with you before examining your skin and suggesting a treatment and products to improve your skin. The six facials below scratch the tip of the iceberg as to what’s out there. They are all treatments I’ve experienced this year. All have worked to boost my skin and address its needs at that time.

This list might help in pointing you in the right direction should you wish to treat yourself to a one-off; or do as I’ve done and commit to regular treatments.

Budget is always a factor – and yes I’ve devoted a considerable amount to facials this year – but that’s because I chose to make it a priority. It may not be for you – and that’s ok.

HydroPeptide facial (1 hour; $160-176): I started the year with a series of these treatments at Endota Day Spa, Rosalie.  The emphasis with this treatment and products is very much in boosting hydration levels in the skin. That’s something my skin very much needs year round these days – age will do that. The peptides work to relax lines and smooth and tone the skin. I also found the at-home products for this range beneficial to my skin.

HydroPeptide skin care range

Dermalogica Ultracalm facial (1.5 hours; $145-160): About half way through the year and just before Unlock Your Style launched, my skin decided to throw a stress-induced tanty. The patches of dry, red, irritated skin were not pretty and certainly not conducive to looking as fresh as I’d hoped. My therapist at Endota suggested the Dermalogica Ultracalm as an alternative facial. It was just what my skin needed – that plus the at-home products calmed my skin down pronto.

Dermalogica Ultracalm range can help with skin sensitivty flare ups

USPA Concept Facial (1.5 hours; $195):  I was behind on my monthly facial promise to myself when I booked in for this facial on a stay at the QT Gold Coast at the end of August. The QT Spa uses Uspa products and the facial is designed to be tailored exactly to your skin’s needs. The Uspa range uses powerful natural plant extracts to get results. Loved the eye contour wrap for revitalising and hydrating the eye area.

Spa QT Gold Coast

Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Facial (1.75 hours; $285): In May my face was one very lucky face to be be able to experience this facial in one of the world’s best spas – Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort. Smooth rose quartz crystals are used in the face massage to improve skin tone and a thermal clay mask allows plant extracts to penetrate and go to work. The hero product used is Sodashi Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Elixir.

Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort Spa

Dr Spiller Silk Complex Advanced Facial* (1.25 hours; $180): I was recently invited to experience a Dr Spiller facial at Blossom Beauty Studios. The salon owner, Nicky Priede, first started working this this German skincare range six years ago. She had been looking for a treatment range that wouldn’t leave her clients’ skin dehydrated or irritated. The premise with the range is that if you treat hydration of the skin the rest will follow. Let’s just say my skin loved it. I left with beautifully plump skin which stayed that way for days to come.

Blossom Beauty Studio

Rationale Photogenic Facial* (2 hours – including skin consultation): I first tried Rationale products thanks to a girlfriend who owned a medical practice. It’s been quite a few years since then but I do remember their effectiveness. So, when I was asked to come and visit the new Rationale Clinic in Brisbane, I didn’t hesitate. The skin consultation is thorough and uses UV imaging to really find out what’s going on with your skin and therefore how best to treat it. The prescribed facial included the use of LED light to optimise the penetration of the products. Combined with the amazing massage technique and high potency products, I walked out with super fresh skin that’s still glowing a week later.

Rationale Clinic Brisbane UV imaging

So tell me … when did you last have a facial? What type do you have? Do you have a go-to salon or clinic for facials? Share the details below.

* I was a guest at these two clinics/salons.

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  1. I have just realized I am 38 years old and have NEVER had a facial! Not once. Ever. I must rectify this ASAP. I’m going through a marriage separation after almost 17 years of marriage and I’ve always put myself last, gone the cheap option, used budget hair salons etc. Not anymore!

  2. I have had several hydropeptide facials at my local endota (Red Hill Vic) but I have now changed to endota’s ceuticals range. The results are amazing and the ceuticals nourishing oil that I use at night is now my must have product! Love, love, love going to endota spas!!

  3. I really enjoyed this post (and the fabulous pic of your good self), hmmm last facial, crikey…I can’t remember. But I know I want one soon, thanks for the reminder to book. Hydration for me too I’d say.

  4. I think a couple of months ago was my last facial. There isn’t much choice in Hervey Bay but Helen from Beautiful Bliss always does a fantastic job! And the best part… she always goes overtime. Definitely found a gem there!! 🙂

  5. I think a couple of months ago was my last facial. There isn’t much choice in Hervey Bay but Helen from Beautiful Bliss always does a fantastic job! And the best part… she always goes overtime. Definitely found a gem there!! 🙂

  6. I can highly recommend Vicky at Beautystorm (Manly, Brisbane). I was having facials sporadically for a few years and not really seeing the benefits. I then started having them with Vicky regularly and the difference is amazing. I know it can seem expensive but I save money on skin care as I only need a simple routine and make up trying to cover up bad skin as well as making me feel better, which is priceless.

  7. I hardly ever get facials – there’s always something else more pressing $-wise and my skin is generally ok. I’d love to, though! Must suggest it as a Christmas present idea! x

  8. I used to have monthly facials for the past 5 years or so and my skin and soul thanked me for it. I recommend the Ella Bache Detox Aromatic Facial, but in saying that, all of their facials leave your skin feeling amazing you feeling like you’ve had the best nap ever

  9. I recently had a facial at the Skincare Medi Spa on Chevron Island (for free, as I am a blogger also and did an article on them) and my skin was left glowing and beautiful. It was a Hydrating Facial including a Salicylic Acid Peel to target my acne troubles and LED Light Therapy to help the products penetrate the skin. It is a beautiful spa on the Gold Coast that I highly recommend for those with acne troubled skin.

  10. I love the back massage & facial at endota- so heavenly… I am beyond excited Nicky waiting for the arrival of the Bandolettes I saw advertised on your site- I will be popping them into my case for my summer holiday which will be hot & sticky (the weather) along with my summer dresses from Mist & blue bungalow -hope they work!!!

  11. It has been a while but this year has been so crap I just haven’t made the time for one,though I do have all the products that my salon uses ,but like you said Nikki the massage it’s heavenly,I nearly fell asleep last time and always schedule one at the end of the day so I don’t have to put makeup on top.I have the Dermalogica ultralcalming one,I think my sister got me a facial voucher for my birthday I just haven’t got it yet

  12. If you are a Sydneysider I highly recommend Canvas Essential Therapies Salon in Rozelle. It’s a tucked away oasis in the inner west and as I’ve tried loads of salons over the years this is by far the best. They always know exactly what my skin needs, always professional but it’s alsoa very relaxing environment.

  13. I was having a facial every 6 weeks for a couple of years until I moved house 12 months ago. I knew that facing the traffic to drive across town to my beauty therapist would undo all that de-stressing goodness I so enjoy.
    I have tried a couple of other places but haven’t yet found the skin improvements as well as the great de-stress benefits in the same place. Guess I just have to keep trying out more facials with different therapists till I can get it right.

  14. I go to Beauty at Jessica’s in Caloundra (formerly Robyn’s Beauty Salon) for my brow waxing, it’s a little salon tucked into a lane. I’ve had two microhydrabrasion facials over the last few months, my skin feels amazing afterwards. I get my décolletage done as well. Maybe not so relaxing, but so worth it. Can definitely see the difference in my skin 🙂

  15. I used to manage the Virgin Atlantic Spas and was lucky enough to have them every month for years. Since kids and moving to Australia – not so much :((( You’re so right on the exfoliation – it makes a HUGE difference xx

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