11 party season beauty tips

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It seems October is the new November which previously had the crown as the new December.


Me too.

Lost in an iCal calendar already filled to the max with end-of-year social events.

I’m getting set to hold on tight for the final quarter of 2015.

Of course, said holding on tight will happen with a perfect blow dry and a pop of lippy in place ;).

Tomorrow on the blog I’m going to share some tips on how to put together the perfect party outfit.

Today, I’m sharing my party season beauty tips so that you’ll be more prepared than you’ve ever been before for a race day, wedding, birthday or end-of-year celebration.

11 party season beauty tips

11 party season beauty tips

1. Lock in all essential hair and beauty appointments in now. I’m serious. If you don’t want to miss your regular cut and colour appointment, then it pays to book them in now right up until Christmas. Those available time slots fill up quick smart as we all go into a panic about that December 25 deadline. October is looking particularly crazy for me so I’ve already booked spray tans, manis, pedis and blow dries to time in with event and work commitments. If you’ve got plans Melbourne Cup Day and want a professional ‘do, stop reading this now and pick up the phone. You may still be lucky to secure a morning appointment.

2. Do not let your skincare routine slip. You’ll be tired and maybe under the influence of cheeky Champers or two. This is not the time to skip the cleansing and moisturising routine. There is only so much that makeup can hide. At the very least leave packet of face wipe and your moisturiser on your bedside table before heading out. That should prompt you to do the bare minimum before collapsing in bed.

3. Balance out the Champagne and Canape diet with plenty of water, fruit and vegetables. And, no, hot chips do not count. Except at 5pm after a LONG lunch and served with an espresso martini if continuing on into the evening. Then they are particularly health giving ;).

4. Don’t drop the exercise routine. Your skin will thank you for all that blood circulating and detoxing. Dancing around your handbags to ’80s music after a LONG lunch is totally a viable form of activity and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

5. Master your event hair-styling routine. Or outsource it. This is my not-so-secret event weapon. If it’s a big deal kind of event, I’ll book a blow dry – it really does take the stress out of a getting ready for an occasion or event. If you’re heading to the races, take your headpiece or hat with you to the salon so that it’s factored in and secured with your hair style. If styling your hair at home, try (in advance) some ways to achieve a different look. For example, waves if you usually wear it straight. Mixing it up keeps your party look fresh. Smoothing and de-frizz products will be your friend if you live where the humidity factor is beyond high.

6. Master your event makeup routine. Or outsource it. Most makeup counters offer the opportunity to book in for a full makeup application with the cost redeemable on product. Where I get my blow dries, they offer an eye-makeup-only service. I’ll often book that and do the rest at home.

6. Add a long-wear foundation to your makeup kit. Whether it’s an afternoon or evening event, you don’t want to be worried that the foundation you applied two hours ago hardly looks like it’s there. There are fabulous options available now for all budgets. My current fave is Elizbeth Arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin Makeup 24HR – it also comes with some serious glow benefits.

7. Don’t wear foundation without a primer. Help your long-wear foundation along in the best way possible with a primer that will act like velcro in keeping your foundation firmly in place. This is even more of an essential for me in hot, humid weather. Try Face of Australia HD High Definition Primer. Take powder or blotting paper with you for makeup touch-ups during the day.

8. Decide whether it’s the eyes that will be your makeup focus – or the lips. Not both. The thinking behind this is all about deciding what’s going to be the focal point of your makeup. If it’s an afternoon at the races and you’re likely to have your sunnies on all afternoon, then I’d pop a lip colour and ease off on the eye makeup. I still add eye makeup but not as heavy and definitely not smokey. In the evening when lights are dim, I find a more defined eye works and I keep my lip colour to a nude gloss. Whatever lip colour you decide, don’t forget to stash it in your handbag for touch-ups during the day. I’m seriously crushing on Curtis Collection by Victoria Lip Velvet right now. They’re a liquid lipstick that feels like gloss but has the staying power of a lippy.

9. Illuminate. This is, of course, is my favourite makeup step. I was once asked why I needed three different illuminators in my travel makeup kit. Just because, was my immediate response but then I looked at it in a more scientific-makeup-y kind of way. See, I love a cheek glow product like NARS Illuminator in Orgasm. I also like an under-eye illuminator such as YSL Touche Eclat and I also like a powdery illuminator to finish the entire look, such as Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder. They all seem to work their reflective magic together – the closest I can get to walking around with an Instagram filter across my face.

10. Consider a spray tan. I know they are not everyone’s cup of tea but boy do they work for me when applied in a colour to suit my skin tone. You can check out more of my tips here. In between spray tans I use a gradual tanner. My favourite one at the moment is St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan body lotion but if looking for a supermarket goodie, try Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze or Dove Summer Glow. More fake tan tips here.

11. Don’t forget the sunscreen. If heading out during the day. This is such an important beauty step. There are many things that can spoil a day at the races and accidental sunburn rates highly up there. Shoulders, back and chest area are particularly vulnerable. Apply a light daily sunscreen like NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF30+ before you leave home.

So, it’s over to you. What’s your social calendar looking like? Got any party beauty tips to share with us?

PS. Want more beauty tips? Our beauty archive is stacked with posts that will help.

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  1. Hi Nikki, can you advise what colour you are using for the Elizabeth Arden foundation? I went to Myers today and basically the sales assistance wouldn’t help me because I had fake tan on, ha ha ha

  2. Hi Nikki, can you advise what colour you are using for the Elizabeth Arden foundation? I went to Myers today and basically the sales assistance wouldn’t help me because I had fake tan on, ha ha ha

  3. Hey Nikki, great tips and such a lovely photo of you. Can you please share the brand and shade of lipstick you are wearing in the shot? It’s so pretty x

  4. I have already booked in the glamifications needed for the festive season- although I am having surgery and will be out of action from November up until Christmas Eve so that puts a damper on the festive partying!

  5. Perfect timing I am going to a wedding this weekend! I have long thick hair and you would think I had the hair thing down pat. Nope! I suck at it. Think I need to outsource!

  6. I’ll have to start pre booking! I’m normally a last minute type of girl but at this time of year that does mean I will miss out! Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Great work Nikki. I can see myself revisiting this blog many times in the next couple of months. My social life goes from zero to hero at this time of year too.

    Can I ask a dumb question? Primer. I bought the one you mention above, but it goes a bit … oh god, hard to explain … flaky is as close as I can get to a description, as it dries. I usually do the primer bit and then leave putting on foundation until I’m dressed. Am I leaving it too long? Or doing something wrong?

    I love the tip about the face wipes next to the bed. Lazy girl beauty!

    1. Sorry to butt in, but i’m a tad makeup obsessed and like to help. With the primer, it’s best to find one that really fits your needs. If your skin is very dry, look for something very hydrating, if it’s very textured, one with pore refining technology can help (like silicone) or if it’s oily, a mattifying one will help. I’ve heard amazing things about the Loreal primers, I myself am a fan of the Smashbox photo finish primer

  8. Thank you for all the tips Nikki,we have a busy time coming up too!
    A soccer presentation this week and a 30th birthday and in the next month an engagement,a 21st and I’m booked in for a neck operation at the end of November/early December depending on when the nuerosugeon can fit me in and that’s without Christmas party’s.
    I have been wearing my Dermalogica skin hydrating masque to bed like a night cream and it’s helping my dry skin.Have a great day Nikki Xx

  9. sounds like you are in for a season of it nikki! … party girl! you not me!
    thanks for the hot tips, not hot chips! … maybe! … love chips!
    i’ll be pampering my skin to the max!
    I especially love the idea of dancing around the handbags to 80’s music!
    my type of party/activity!
    you are a trick! <3 … lol m:)XX

  10. Love all your tips Nikki. I have two weddings over the coming weeks. So excited to catch up with family members and embrace the joy and happiness when couples come together to unite as one. V x

  11. Hot chips, espresso martinis and dancing around handbags 80’s style are the 3 key messages that resonated for me here Nikki!! Love your work. In all seriousness some very good advice as always, thank you.

  12. Hasn’t this year just flown! I am seriously slack with pre-booking, must get on to it. Lovely photo Nikki, the colour really suits you. 🙂

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