What to wear for a girls weekend in Melbourne #everydaystyle

What to pack for a weekend in Melbourne

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I know a lot of people have been lucky enough to be travelling in recent weeks – either near to home or half way around the world.

Not here at SY HQ – work has beckoned.

Today’s #everydaystyle post has come about thanks to an SY reader who is looking forward to a weekend away in Melbourne in a few weeks.

Here is Racheal’s plea:

I’m a stay at home mummy of two little people who are four and two. I’m off on a big adventure in a few weeks. I’m leaving my little ones in the capable hands of their father while I escape for my first ever weekend away to Melbourne to meet my best friend who lives In Adelaide. I live in NZ. I’m already stressing about what I’m going to wear for the three days away! I want to feel like me again while I’m away, not boring old Mummy. Can you please give me some tips on a few options that will make me feel stylish and fabulous for a girls weekend away?

I’m so excited for Racheal. I remember that first time I had away from my kids when they were little – no-one to be responsible for but myself. Blissful, a full night’s sleep, breakfast in bed, toilet to myself …

It might only be three days but it will be a total re-charge for this young mum. I also understand that knowing what to pack for a weekend in Melbourne might be a daunting prospect but I’ll aim today to simplify that and we’ll also look to the real women of #everydaystyle for some inspiration as well.

This outfit from my #everydaystyle selection this week might also help as a starting point. Nothing beats a black pants and top base with a classic camel trench and scarf on top. It’s the kind of outfit that will take you anywhere.

Madeleine Charles trench | Mela Purdie pants and top | Seed scarf | Frankie4 Footwear boots | Samantha Wills ring | Nicole Fendel necklace

Madeleine Charles trench* | Mela Purdie pants and top | Seed scarf | Frankie4 Footwear boots | Samantha Wills ring | Nicole Fendel necklace

What to pack

If you’ve been following along here for some time, you’ll know that packing for ANY trip is not one of my strengths. I’m very guilty of wanting my “options” with me.

I’m getting better though. I think I only took three pairs of shoes with me on my last trip.

I look at ideas for a capsule wardrobe on Pinterest, sigh, and think, yes, one day I’ll manage that. So, with what I’m going to say, please understand that I rarely follow my own advice in the what-to-pack department.

1. Have the basics covered. It’s like I copy and paste this tip every week, isn’t it? And I’ll keep repeating it until we get it right. Myself included. For me, I think the basics in this case are a pair of jeans that will see you through every outing while away, a good coat as it’s going to be super cold, a knit, a white or chambray shirt and knee-high or ankle boots.  Prefer a dress? Pack a knit tunic dress and ponte leggings as well as jeans.

2. Change up each day’s outfit with interesting layering pieces. Remember last week’s post about making an outfit look better? Include scarfs, vests, hats, statement necklaces … pieces that add interest to a basic outfit. It’s these pieces that will help Racheal feel more like Rachael the person, not just Racheal the mum.

3.  Just because you’re heading to Melbourne doesn’t mean it has to all be about black. By all means, make your basics a neutral zone (especially when travelling to cut down on what you need to pack) but don’t be afraid to introduce colour through your coat, scarf and accessories. My blogger friend Vanessa at Style and Shenanigans is a Melbourne girl and she very much defies the myth that Melbourne women wear only black.

4. It’s understandable that you’re not feeling confident. The easiest thing to do is to get up and get dressed for our usual daily activities. And to dress in the same things we do, day-in, day-out. I challenge you in the weeks until you leave to experiment with clothes that are already in your wardrobe. Try different combinations with the view to them being outfits for your trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re not necessarily going anywhere to show off the clothes. It matters that you get to know which clothes make you feel fabulous and which don’t.

5. Shop when you get there. A girls’ weekend in Melbourne? You can bet that you’ll be hitting the shops on any girls’ trip to Melbourne. Get some tips on where to shop here. When shopping be your friend’s personal stylist and ask her to be yours. This means you agree to help the other try on things they normally wouldn’t and you also agree to be honest with each other in the change room. My number one and only rule: only buy clothes that make you feel wonderful.

#everydaystyle for weekend away outfit inspiration

I scanned the #everydaystyle Instagram feed for some great outfit inspiration for Racheal. These real women might not be on weekends away but their outfits, or elements of their outfits, are worth studying before packing for a winter weekend away.

What to wear for a girls weekend in Melbourne #everydaystyle

Left column (from top): @soniastyling | @lucietrinco 

Middle column: @howcaniwearthat | @slimdale_@chasingcait

Right column: @kimbalikes | @cillajean79

Shop the look

If you start your outfit planning with an outfit similar to what I’ve styled below then you are set for just about everything you might encounter on a weekend in Melbourne.

Perhaps you have things in your wardrobe similar? Maybe you’re looking to pick one great, new winter piece for your trip?

what to pack for a weekend away in Melbourne 1. Atmos&Here shirt $59.95 @ The Iconic | 2. JAG jeans $99.95 @ Birdsnest | 3. Blue Bungalow scarf $39 | 4. Sportscraft coat $279.96 (on sale) | 5. I Love Billy boots $119.95 | 6. Seed Heritage knit $149.95 | 7. Sussan bag $69.95

What else do you suggest Racheal packs for her weekend in Melbourne?

Join in

Want to join in? Simply upload a photo of yourself showing your everyday style to Instagram or Facebook, use the #everydaystyle and tag @stylingyou so I can find you. Don’t feel you have to post every day. Post when you can. For consideration in my outfit of the week round up, I look first for clear, in-focus photos without text or borders on them. These work in best with the montage layout.

More inspiration

Check out Wardrobe Wednesday with Kim-Marie on Kimba Likes. Over 30? Rach from Redcliffe Style links up with other style bloggers each Thursday for 30+ Style.

* This garment was sent to me for editorial consideration

PS. Don’t forget to enter the #iDiscovered competition to win Dr.Lewinn’s products and if you tag @stylingyou with your photo entry you have a chance to win a $100 Westfield voucher. Details here.

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  1. Yep, great outfit for Melbourne Nikki. After being here for 1 week, I am noticing a trend as to what women of all ages seem to be wearing – black! Leggings, boots (lots of boots), jumpers (fitted and tunic-style) and a coat – mostly black! I’m actually looking forward to “fitting in” as there are so many fabulous boutiques here that I didn’t find in Qld!

  2. Number 4 is SUCH great advice! Also – put out all the clothes you want to take and all your spending money, then pack half as many clothes and twice as much money! A baby free holiday – bliss! Enjoy. xx

  3. Fabulous advice Nikki and I’m excited for Racheal too! Less really is more, as Nikki says – you’ll be going shopping right?! As you’re a Kiwi too, you’ll probably own some merino – that with jeans is your base layer, with a coat, scarf and boots as Nikki suggests. This look will take you anywhere (and you won’t have any sticky little hands to ruin your outfit, so one pair of jeans may suffice!). I’m a Kiwi mum too who loves a girls weekend away (usually in chilly Wellington) so I can relate to this post – after many trips with just a carry-on (and shopping to get home!) I’m finally just taking the absolute basics and it’s so good to have less to cart through the airport. Earrings are my favourite souvenir now. Pinterest is great for capsule wardrobe packing tips. Have a fabulous time, Racheal! xx

    1. Hi Julie
      Hope you get this post as the thread is over a month old.
      I’m heading to NZ for the first half of November on a cruise around the east coast. Can you tell me what the weather is like then and your recommended wardrobe suggestions?
      Thanks in advance.

  4. thanks for the feature in EDS Nikki! Love your trench coat outfit xx

    Rachael, I live in Auckland and I just found these amazing thermalite jeans from Jeanswest (http://www.jeanswest.co.nz/womens/jeans/thermolite-jeans/monnie-thermolite-waisted-rise-super-skinny-jean.html)

    They insulate you by trapping air between you and the jeans – I’ve been wearing them all day and they are AWESOME!!!
    Plus the dark, skinny and high-waisted cut if perfect for Melbourne – enjoy your trip!!

    1. Thanks for the tip Caitlin – I have seen these jeans and wondered if they’re any warmer than the others – will be checking them out now!

  5. I adore that outfit on you, Nikki – very Melbourne (and Adelaide!).
    Thank you so much for featuring me amongst the other fabulous women in this week’s roundup.
    I totally agree that layers are key. Take 1 pair of jeans, a few long sleeve scoop neck tops, a blazer, a coat, a pair of ballet flats/comfy walking shoes, a couple of statement necklaces and scarves and a dress that you can wear with tights and ankle boots.
    Also make sure you take a full size suitcase and only half fill it…so you can bring all your fantastic Melbourne purchases home with you!

  6. A weekend in Melbourne is always a good thing! Layers are definitely the way to go as it is warm inside but very cold outside, particularly the mornings. The forecast is saying 13 maximum day in, day out. Thanks for the shout out Nikki too – I need lots of bright pops of colour to get me through a Melbourne winter.

    P.S. Rachael, make sure you head to the Emporium for great shopping and the new MYER MYKIDS area on level 6 too. The Melbourne Museum and Scienceworks, Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary are all fab for kids too.

  7. Lovely outfits Nikki and I do love your everydaystyle outfit you have featured!I say to Rachael pack your favourite jeans or pants and a beautiful coat and scarf and have fun.
    I love this weeks everyday style pics I will try and get back into it soon,have a lovely weekend Nikki Xx

  8. Love that outfit Nikki, so classic and stylish.
    My daughters and I are heading to Melbourne in a few weeks for my nieces 18th.We will be staying 4 days and i will be doing a little what to pack next week. V x

  9. I travel regularly to Melbourne for work and pleasure and I think you’ve nailed it.
    The only thing that I would add are: take a bag extra space in it for shopping! And plan your accommodation – if the weekend is about e.g. shopping with friends stay somewhere like Chapel st

    1. Oh, I’m looking forward to checking Chapel Street out now that I call Melbourne home – have heard a lot about it 🙂

  10. firstly you look fantastic in that outfit nikki!
    your outfit selection and tips are great … especially packing lightly! helloo … haven’t learnt that one yet either! … but there will be shopping and Melbourne is the place for that! rachael you may have excess baggage when you go back to nz … extra case!;0 x … enjoy! … m:)X

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