5 things I discovered about myself #iDiscovered

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Hello hindsight. I see you lurking there in the back of my mind.

You are indeed wonderful as we all know but you would have been more wonderful if you’d actually been around when I needed you.

Like the time when that boy broke my heart when I should have cut my losses long before he cut his. Or that time that I thought that I was 18 again but Sunday morning proved that I was very much my age and that the bounce-back factor was considerably diminished. Or that time I was just too damn scared to leave the safety of a secure job to travel the world but should have.

If only you’d been around to warn and advise, oh how easier my life could have been.

I’ve decided to no longer lament your inability to guide me in life’s choices but instead get a bit reflective about my life to date. I’m doing ok, thanks very much and these five things I’ve discovered about myself actually affirm that.

Things I discovered about myself

5 things I discovered about myself #iDiscovered

I have champagne tastes on a beer budget

I’ve also discovered with age that it’s not always about having lots of stuff. It’s about having less but what you have should be the good stuff. Quality over quantity and all that.  Let’s also praise the worldwide wine glut and resultant cheaper prices. It does turn out I can have my champagne and drink it too.

5 things I discovered about myself #iDiscovered

I am vain

This is no state secret. I like to invest time and money into being a “natural” blonde. I only wear clothes that make me feel nothing short of fabulous. I don’t leave the house without some kind of “face” in place. And I persist with a consistent skincare routine that I hope will defy nature and keep me looking my age or younger.

5 things I discovered about myself #iDiscovered

I actually do like exercise

It just took me a long time to find out which kind. It turns out that yoga is my kind and it this discovery has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you start and end the class lying on your back with your eyes closed. Nothing at all.

5 things I discovered about myself #iDiscovered

I am a good mother

Well, they’re still alive, aren’t they? Seriously you start out as a mum without zero confidence in your ability to protect and raise another human being, then you turn around and suddenly they are 19 years old and you realise that you must have done something ok as they still like to visit – and not just at meal times or to bring home washing.

5 things I discovered about myself #iDiscovered

I love being my own boss

Most of the time. Six years ago I made what was a gigantic step for me. I left the relative safety net of being an employee and set up an “office” with my laptop and phone on the lounge of my home and started Styling You. I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. All I knew was that I thought I could help women sort through their wardrobes and take them shopping so that they would feel more confident in their day-to-day life because their clothes worked for them – not against them. Now I do all that through this blog and through my forthcoming book. The days off are few and far between but the rewards are priceless.

5 things I discovered about myself #iDiscovered

#iDiscovered competition

Dr. LeWinn’s is opening up the Discover Diaries and would like you to share your own self discovery or discoveries for a chance to win.

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The competition opens July 8 at 5am (AEST) and closes July 14 at 5pm. For full terms and conditions visit here.

It’s a chance to be loud and proud of our collective life experiences. To inspire others and to reflect on our achievements. Let’s do that.

Discovering Dr. LeWinn’s

Over the next couple of week’s I’m also going to be discovering and trialling Dr. LeWinn’s Line Smoothing Complex S8 Hydrating Day Cream ($69.95) and will be reporting back how it’s worked for my skin.

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Stay tuned.

PS. Can’t wait to be inspired by your entries.

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Comments 62

  1. Hi Nikki 🙂 I’m afraid I am on the verge of tears after reading how you followed your dream of working for yourself. I have recently lost my job and would dearly love to work for myself and also help ladies with their wardrobes as you have done. As a 51 year old empty nester, it is hard to summon up the confidence. I have your book, which I have just started on and I love it so far. Nikki, I have a query for you. Nikki, did you have any background or experience in styling before you started your business? I am currently trialing a $200 online course, that I can’t really justify at the moment. The course is run by a respected stylist, and she is lovely, and presents very well, but in your opinion, do you think it is necessary to have a course behind you, or can I just rely on your book? 🙂 I still have a couple of days to go if I wish to cancel the course and request a refund. Thanks very much for your time and I look forward to enjoying more of your blog posts and inspiration. 🙂

    1. Oh I really do hope you can make your dream happen! My experience was a little different – I’d been a fashion journalist – styling shoots and parades without training before I started out on my own. I think without experience, you do need to do a course.

  2. You are such an amazing woman, Nikki. I find you so inspirational. I love that you quit your job to follow your heart…taking a huge leap of faith. But you had the belief in yourself. I am amazed at how far you have come in just 6 years…even how far you’ve come since I’ve been following your blog….I see and hear more of you in the media…you are having more photo shoots, being glammed up and pampered….people are listening to you and you have a loyal fan base. What I love most is that you have shown women in the older age bracket (I’m 44) that this isn’t life slowly coming to an end…that it can actually be the beginning of a new life if you’re willing to invest in yourself, believe in yourself and follow your heart. Anything is possible.
    And damn…..I do not have Instagram as I cannot afford data on my phone as I’m paying for my daughters iPhone 5….maybe when she moves out???

  3. Loved this post because it was just honest and simple and fun. Joining in this morning with iDiscovered – I’ve come to the conclusion that life as we get older should include belly laughs every day 🙂 oh and yoga – must take a leaf from your garden and get back into yoga 😉

  4. Love this Nikki! I have recently fallen in love with Yoga and am getting closer to (finally) taking that scary leap of setting up my own office fulltime! Fingers crossed my kiddos want to come and visit me because they want to not because they feel they have to when they are older!!

  5. I loved reading this post too. I so don’t think you look your age either. The beauty regime and eating seems to be doing its thing!

  6. Well Nikki, I think that yoga pic is your loveliest yet – you look glowing with good health! What a lovely post, with so much I can relate to. Love your work xx

  7. I am really looking forward to your feedback on the cream Nikki. I have often seen Dr LeWinns products and wondered if they were effective.

  8. Thanks for sharing your discoveries. I love that as we get older, we can be more honest with ourselves about our strengths and not just focus on our weaknesses. I’m off to take a photo of my discovery. See you over on IG! x

  9. I love this post. I don’t reflect on what I’ve been blessed with enough. And Lord, am I vain. 😛
    Time to do some reflecting!

  10. Lovely post! I wouldn’t say I’m vain per se but I do like to look respectable. I also have champagne taste on a beer budget! And if my budget happens to stretch occasionally to easily afford champagne, my tastes change to diamonds. Aim high. x

  11. Great post. Lovely reflections. Thanks for sharing. I can identify with them all. Nice to know I’m not alone in these thoughts. Except maybe the yoga thing. I keep trying it, but when the instructor tells me how this or that pose will “flush my digestive system” or “release pent up emotions from my loins”, a little voice in my head goes “Really!?” I just go for the breathe, relax and reboot factor and get my cardio on a run. Who knew I could run? If only my year 9 Sport’s teacher could see me now! Have a nice day! p.s. love your new trench coat : )

  12. I love the wisdom that comes from living life! There has to be some compensation for the (not so) joys of the aging body (thank goodness for wise yogis). So important too to take some time every now and then to acknowledge new insights, but also to say goodbye to the things that are no longer right for you. I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s discoveries!

  13. great post nikki! always been on the self development/discovery journey
    it is an interesting path on the learning curve of life … my artwork revolves around it!
    it’s essential in the evolving process in my eyes! hindsight is on my side now!
    enjoy your discoveries everyday! <3 m:)X

  14. Fabulous. I just want to take part in this self discovery and reflection of my life. I agree with all on your list and hope to be half as successful as you Nikki. V x

  15. I agree with you on most things Nikki on what you have discovered about yourself especially the vain one and the good mother one and definitely the champagne tastes on a beer budget ,I also have discovered a few extra things lately,I love this post and can’t wait to see what things other women have discovered Xx

  16. Nikki, I see your five things and I ditto them (except I’m a bit slack in the makeup department)! I’ve been doing yoga for nearly 20 years but have only just started going back to classes (where we hold the poses for a lot longer than I do at home – hmmm, go figure . . .) and I’ve realised yoga is the kindest, yet most effective, form of exercise for me. It really changes my body shape and tone, without being too harsh on the old joints!
    My big discovery lately has been the realisation, and acceptance, that I am, at heart, an introvert and that’s okay. However, while I get my energy from solitude and prefer to be at home pottering and reading a book than at a networking event, I have learned that I do have an inner extrovert who occasionally likes to poke her head out and be all laughy and flirty and shiny, and that’s okay too 🙂 xx

    1. I did yoga 12 years ago Michelle and got back into it about a year ago but just once a week. Since we moved (and not a commuting household), I’ve made it twice a week. Over six months it’s made a huge difference to my shape .. and the introvert/extrovert thing? I think it’s invaluable to understand how we each work instead of fighting against it. Means we can be easier on ourselves!

  17. I have discovered that I need not feel guilty as a mum, for not getting absolutely everything right. I have discovered the juggling act is hard! I also discovered that I don’t know much about beauty and skincare anymore, but when I need to know something I come to Styling You. X

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