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I’m sitting writing this post at the hairdressers. The morning after I met beauty guru and all-round fabulous woman Zoe Foster Blake.

Of all the possible bad timings that could occur in my hair-colouring maintenance cycle, this was the worst.

On Tuesday night my roots were boasting 5 weeks and 6 days of re-growth. Oh, the horror.

And instead of keeping quiet about the said state of affairs of my roots (like any self-respecting woman would), I confessed all in a nervous vomit of words when I arrived at Zoe’s Brisbane hotel. About five seconds after shaking her hand.

I may have even bent over and parted my hair to show her. Oh, my giddy aunt.

Having succeeded in royally embarrassing myself, I figured the only way was up.

Zoe was in my ‘hood to launch her fourth and latest novel, The Wrong Girl (Penguin) and I was hosting an “in-conversation” with her at that event.

Before we headed to Ecco where about 50 Zoe fans were waiting to meet her and be considerably less embarrassing than I was, I sat down with Zoe in her hotel room to talk about her three babies.

Author Zoe Foster with Styling You's Nikki Parkinson

No, don’t go running off to Woman’s Day in the hope of sharing a big scoop. She’s not expecting triplets when she gives birth in May.

She is giving birth to one real baby (to husband Hamish Blake) but she’s also released the aforementioned book and has her own skincare range, Go-To Skincare, coming out April 1.

That’s a pretty intense start to 2014 in anyone’s book. Check out the video and see what Zoe has to say.

Very important details

You can find Zoe’s book at all bookstores, plus available for download on your iPad and Kindle.  Or buy the physical book here online.

The Wrong Girl by Zoe Foster

Zoe’s skincare range will be available from April 1 – online only (If you read this before 10am Thursday March 6 then hop on over to Zoe’s blog for details on how you could get some on your face earlier than April 1 … there’s a limited number of pre-sale).

Go-to skincare  | Zoe Foster

 So, tell me … have you read any or all of Zoe’s books? Favourite? Keen to try the skincare? 

Comments 37

  1. So keen to try Zoe’s skincare range. Our Queen of Lip Balm has made a lip balm – yes I am excited. Too excited.

  2. I have a style request for you Nikki. I need to get a professional photo of myself for a new board position and for looming conference presentations. Would love to hear your thoughts on how best to style for a professional pic – hair, make up and clothes and any photographers you recommend!

  3. I have a bit of a Zoe girl crush. Loved Amazing Face – so many useful tips and she seems as genuinely lovely in real life as online. Looking forward to checking out her skincare.

  4. Isn’t she just a legend! Well the day I met her at the Amazing Face launch I was fresh from Bikram, red faced and feral & realized I had trodden in doggy poo earlier. i must have smelled divine as they made me lean in for photo opp – the SHAME.

  5. How are her products as far as chemicals?? Fairly natural/organic without parabens? I can’t seem to find any info about that!

  6. Isn’t she gorgeous! I had no idea Hamish married such a clever lady! Thanks for introducing Zoe to us all Nikki. I shall hunt down her books and skincare products.

  7. I am lucky enough to have met Zoe a few times, and she is fabulous! Love her and wish her all the best in all of her ventures. She deserves all the success that comes her way xx

  8. I must admit I didn’t know who Zoe was. When I saw your picture on IG I thought she has really nice hair and didn’t really think any more of it. Then after seeing your interview this morning I googled her … and thought wow, have I been living under a rock? Thanks for the introduction.

  9. I am glad Nikki I am not the only one who would point out my roots to someone ,I am just like that when nervous or excited!
    Zoe is a beautiful girl and I wish her the best of luck with all her babies,thank you for interviewing her Nikki she is lovely!

  10. I love Zoe and have followed her from Mamamia to Fruity Beauty and Zoe She Says. Funny gal. Wishing her all the best for all her three babies! Thanks for the great interview Nikki!

  11. I too can be stuck down with a case of verbal diarrhoea when I’m excited or nervous…I have embarrassed myself so many times by talking complete rubbish at the most inopportune moments. I’m sure your roots were a fabulous ice-breaker though! xx

  12. Oh bless, she’s got the Kim Kardashian puffiness. She must be ready to pop any day! Looking forward to trying her skin range, trust it’s affordable and not premium priced.

  13. Have always loved Zoe. I have to sat though I have not read her books but they will be next on my list. The skin care will also be tried and tested in this home. Thank you for sharing. Both fabulous ladies. xx

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