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Having up-to-date, high resolution images* that reflect your company – and your personality – are essential in business today.

It’s not about being vain.  It’s about being prepared. 

A newspaper or magazine may be interviewing you as part of a bigger story – they may ask if you can email an image of yourself.  If you can’t or you send a happy snap from your last holiday, you might not feature as prominently. Just saying.

You might be asked to be a guest speaker at a function and the coordinator asks you for an image they can use in pre-promotions. Will people be excited about hearing from you when they see your photo?

You might have an online presence – an image of the person behind the business can make all the difference when customers seek to connect with you. 

And you might buy advertising in a newspaper, on a bus, online, or in a magazine – using a photo in your advertising is a great idea, particularly if you are the front-of-house for your business.

How to get it right:

1.  Get advice from a personal stylist or good friend and have two or three options to show the photographer. Keep your clothing simple and think about earrings or necklace as a statement as this will be what’s seen in a headshot.

2.  Hire a photographer who you know and you like how they capture people.  This is not about a personal glamour shot.  It’s business.  We want the real you but polished! A great portrait photographer will have you standing in positions that seem contorted but in print look almost model like.

3.  Book in with your hairdresser. This is not the time to risk a bad hair day.  You’re paying for the photographer – make the most of it as the images will be around for up to 12 months.

4.  Book in with a makeup artist.  Makeup artists are not only skilled at bringing the best out in you, they know the makeup needed for photography.

5.  Update your photos every 12 months.  The reason:  if in that time you’ve used it in several ads, on your website and possibly an editorial, it runs the risk of over-exposure.  Keep it fresh – and keep it looking like you are.  Pet hate: being offered an official photo that was clearly taken 20 years prior!

*jpegs 300dpi, 15cm wide – your photographer will understand this.

Here’s my photo for 2010:

Nikki Parkinson - hair by Halo of Mooloolaba; makeup by Pru Edwards; photography by Anastasia K

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