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Do not breathe a word of this to my extensive skinny jeans collection but I may or may not have purchased a pair of boyfriend jeans.


And I may have been very happy with said purchase. So happy in fact, I planned a whole outfit around said jeans on a recent work trip to Sydney.

I know, I don’t know who I am either.

One minute I’m banging on about skinny or slim leg jeans being the most universally flattering jean for all body shapes; the next I’m turning my back on my own advice and getting my boyfriends on.

I blame these jeans from Embody Denim for making me cheat on my skinnies. I had trust in designer Natalie Wakeling that she’d know how to create a boyfriend jean that would work for a size 16 hip, ok legs and a flat bottom.

Turns out she did. I think I’d like a more narrow leg but the fit around the hips and stomach just works – as does the wider waistband.

Why I think I won’t be ditching my preference for skinny leg styles any time soon is that to make this look really work for me, it requires heels and a bit of feminine contrasting with a softer shirt. So not really my everyday kind of wear.

I love skinnies as you can throw them on with a pair of ballet flats and you’re good to go. Ballets with these (even rolled up) looked a bit clown-like.

But if the occasion calls for heels, then yes, I’ll pull on these jeans again. And again. It’s always good stretch your fashion comfort zone, I say.

The boyfriend jeans outfit

Embody Denim jeans (sizes 12-22; I’m wearing 16) | Mr Rose silk shirt (from last year) layered over this muffin-minimising tank | Country Road jacket (from two years ago) | Michael Kors watch (freshly purchased for me in NYC … thanks Mr and Mrs Romance) | Aussie Girls Love Shoes Bordeaux heels*

The boyfriend jeans outfit | Aussie Girls Love Shoes heels

Can I talk about THOSE shoes? Too bad if you said no, because I’m going to talk. I’m a LOT in love with them. Mr SY even likes these.

They’re feminine, fun and offer just the right kind of statement a shoe should. What’s more they hail from a new, independent online shoe store that was created because of the designer’s own passion for beautifully designed, well-made shoes.

I’m an exclusive shoe designer for women who love to feel glamorous and be noticed without the designer price tag to freak out hubby or the bank manager – Dawn Harris, AGL Shoes

The hair

The lazy-girl in me kicked in. It was my second trip to Sydney in a week and instead of grappling with a hotel hairdryer and squeezing my styling irons into my cabin bag, I booked ahead online to have my hair washed and styled at the nearest Blow Dry Bar. It $40 well spent and I was in and out in 45 minutes. Much like this one time I was in New York

The location

I stayed overnight at the QT Sydney and couldn’t resist using the hotel’s lobby and lounge area as a backdrop. I love how this chain of hotels is turning upside down the concept of what a hotel and its rooms should look like (here’s a post from when I first stayed at the QT last year), turning them into interesting and fun places to stay.

I’m very much looking forward to next week checking in and checking out the QT Gold Coast for the Problogger conference. Stay tuned for that report. The spa has already been booked for our arrival!

Ok, so what say you re boyfriend jeans? What do you wear your boyfriends with? What brand has worked for you? And how much do you love a statement shoe?

* These shoes were sent to me for editorial consideration.


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  1. Love this post Nikki! I’ve just made a couple of, ahem, investments over at Embody. I’ve been wearing the variation of those country road pants (last years came in fab colours) for the past 18 months and i think I nearly now have one in every colour. Will be adding the Chambrays to the list. Nikki, you give good blog. I don’t often stop to comment as I scroll by but I should. Today’s a cracker.

  2. Hi Nikki, I have just begun my first foray into skinny jeans…so I have loved your post me being a S16 gal also. Am thinking of styling them also with a smart jacket and loose tank and wedges. Can’t do ballet flats…ever! Thanks for the great styling advice..

  3. love the boyfriend jeans look with the heels and feminine blouse. But I have a question about skinnies….being pear shaped, i have move away from my skinny jeans to a more straight leg/boot leg look…….do you really really think that all shapes can wer skinny jeans?

    1. Ultimately it comes down to what you’re comfortable with but everyone I’ve tried to get into skinny jeans has been happier and surprised. You have to wear heels with a bootcut for it to look balanced so for flat-shoe wearers it’s a definite on the skinny/slim. As a pear shape myself, I find they work for me as below my hips my legs are pretty good and I can balance out the top with a scarf or necklace. Hope that helps.

  4. Looks awesome Nikki! Love how you rock the Mr Rose blouse – thanks for being such a fab donner!!! We are making more blouses for our next made to order season of GDG…..stay tuned. LOOKING GOOD!

  5. You do realize that for the past 10 years I have been trying
    to convince my husband that wide leg pale washed jeans belong to 1993? Thank god for the shoes, as if you had tried to tell us that Jerry Seinfeld sneakers were the go to accessory to make said jeans sparkle I may never trust you again. I am in a world of internal conflict over this alarming new trend….but the shoes, I am definitely sold on.

  6. I love your style Nikki – you’re a woman who is confident in her own skin. And you have helped me feel comfortable in mine. Being in my 40s doesn’t mean I’m dead. It means I can embrace a whole new classy sometimes sassy and sexy me.

  7. You look lovely but I still can’t help thinking that it would all just be even better with a skinny jean. Love the rest of the outfit and do love a statement shoe although my budget doesn’t! Most of the time I stick with neutral shoes that go with everything. Love nude/tan shoes for that reason!

  8. Hi Nikki – just interested in your thoughts on the “muffin minimising tank” as I just checked out the website. Are you happy with the tanks?

  9. Nikki that looks just sweet….. I love the boyfriend jean with the blazer look. I think I might treat myself a pair this week….. you look lovely keep up that great styling of yours. Bec ;).

  10. Great styling Nikki – your shoes and that décor were made for each other! I need a weekend at QT Sydney more than I need boyfriend jeans! Love your fashion tips AND your travel tips xx

  11. Love QT! I have told my husband that I will go to the ski slopes with him next year, but o ly if we stay at QT Falls Creek. I will spend the equivalent of his ski hire & lift pass at the spa as I am not going to ski myself thanks to a skiing related knee injury. With the shoes, I am a little confused by the sizing. I buy a size 8, European 38, but the site says a size 8 is European 39. As I have fat feet (ie I can’t even get my foot into a pair of Louboutons let alone walk in them if I was minded to spend that sort of money) & the recommendation is to buy a size up, I really don’t know what size I would be. What are your thoughts?

  12. I love this look on you. Very cute 🙂 Not sure my bottom could cope with a boyfriend cut, but you never know I might just try them…I did spy a nice pair in CR the other day. Statement shoes win every-time for me though, they can take an outfit from zero to hero in seconds.

  13. I have had a pair of Jeanswest boyfriend jeans for years & wear them with both heels & flats. Love them, but unfortunately this year they don’t fit (pouty lip). Need to invest in a new bigger pair (or start to exercise!) Love your blog, it inspires me!

  14. I have been wearing boyfriend jeans a lot this season – mainly because my skinny jeans are all coloured… and I am moving back into a denim frame of mind…

    I love the way you have styled these! Those shoes are gorgeous, the blazer is classic and I just can’t rave enough about my love for spots.

    I love this look!

      1. love the chic..i am too scared to buy a gorgeous white blazer because that colour gets filthy so quickly….do you have any tips to prevent this? there is heaps of white this season..or maybe i have been watching way to much kardashians

        1. This jacket is unfortunately a dryclean only so I wear carefully. My tip would be to find one that can be handwashed so that you can easily deal with stains at home. I don’t shy away from wearing white pants or shirts knowing I can do just that. And yes, there are lots around!

  15. You look great Nikki! I don’t think the Boyfriend jeans would do me any favours. Actually I’m looking forward to doing my usual ditch of the jeans for about 6 months any tick of the clock – I put them away in spring and that is that til next oh March! The thing that makes me laugh about “boyfriend” jeans is back in the day the only type of jeans my boyfriends would’ve worn were black stovepipes, nothing baggy about them and there was no way I’d have fitted in them even as a whippersnapper!!

  16. I am a convert to boyfriend jeans, but only wear with heels and I prefer something reasonably tailored or fitted on top, to keep the proportions right.
    I agree if you are going there a “straightish” leg is best. I have a pair of True Religion boyfriend jeans that look like they a bit less fabric in the lower leg than your Embody ones. They are super comfy as they are a distressed denim and I think Jeans West do a cheaper version that would probably be worth a try, too.

  17. Am loving the boyfriend jeans. I’m tall and also find that I look a bit frumpy when I wear them with thongs or flats. Despite this, they’ll be a staple with wedges and heels this summer. You look gorgeous!

  18. I am currently on maternity leave at home with two little girls and I live in my boyfriend jeans! Skinny leggers are going out jeans! I cant crawl around the floor our under the kitchen table in my skinnies! Now the weather is hotting up I dont know what to wear! Im not really into shorts. I like being dressed so I can leave the house at any moment and feel OK with what I am wearing! Looking forward to future posts!

  19. Great outfit Nikki. I am not 100% sure I am on the boyfriend jean wagon however when I see them on other people (you included!) I think they are worth a look. I love a statement shoe however most statement shoes I have are now called dinner shoes, ie. I wear them to dinner where I walk from the car to the restaurant and back to the car. I got out of practice of wearing awesome heels after a calf injury and don’t seem to be able to rock them like I used to!

    1. I love that you call statement shoes dinner shoes! And I agree, it’s a practice thing. These aren’t too bad for longer as they’re not that high plus have a platform but for someone like me in flats at home all week, it’s a difference!

  20. You should never say never, especially when it comes to the world of fashion but I don’t think I am going to be purchasing boyfriend jeans anytime soon. I think I would have to team them with heels or run the risk of looking like the saggy baggy elephant. Wearing heels is generally not practical for me in this chapter of my life. I get very few occasions to wear heels especially that would also be suitable to wear jeans. I think I will be happily sticking to my skinny jeans for now. Those shoes are gorgeous Nikki.

  21. I’m not mad about the rolled up hems idea – they seem to cut off my legs and make them look stumpy (stumpier!).

    Also, spending $250 on jeans and $60 on a singlet is simply out of the question for me. Please Nikki, could you do a post on less expensive options?

    1. That’s why it’s pretty much essential to add heels, Deb. And re the items’ costs … I cover options for all budgets here on the blog. These types of jeans are in all stores at the moment, so it’s just a suggestion for you.

      And, I’m kind of damned if I do or damned if I don’t at the moment. Whenever I feature clothing from a discount department store, I get emails telling me they’re unsubscribing because of ethical reasons … and you’re not happy today and I’m sorry about that.

      I will also spend more personally on things like jeans that will be in my wardrobe a long time – and this label caters for my size range where others don’t. The singlet is not just a singlet, it’s shapewear, so by its very construction warrants the price tag and was one I was happy to pay.

      1. Sorry, Nikki. I didn’t mean to upset you. *hangs head*
        My comment about the pricing was not to say that you should feature discount store items – I’m sure there’s something in between.

        1. You didn’t upset me Deb, it’s just a tricky situation and the in between stuff too comes under question. All I can do is continue to feature things for all kinds of budgets and hope that across the whole mix most people can find something that suits their needs. And with these kinds of posts, it’s about the outfit inspiration because you could even have a pair of jeans like this sitting in your wardrobe. Me, I had the jacket and shirt in my wardrobe so just added the other bits.

  22. I thought I saw a pic of you on FB with *GASP boyfriend jeans on and I was right ,they look lovely on you Nikki:)
    I will have to stick with skinny jeans and graphic pants well because I can’t wear heels as you know as much as I would like to.I love your statement heels they are hot! The Michael Kors watch is too.Very nice keeping it real Post,Thank you for sharing.Looking forward to seeing what you are wearing for the Problogger Conference.

  23. I have been a little bit in love with the boyfriend look ever since I saw a ‘This or That?’ Post on the Bellabox Facebook page. They teamed a pair of rolled up BFs with Nike Airs, would you believe! I gasped and said to myself “Nikki would never approve!” LOL. Personally though – running around after a toilet training 3yo and a 13mo learning to walk, Nike Airs would be ridiculously practical for me 😉 Now I’m intrigued as to what they teamed it with on top…. *goes searching FB*

    On the other hand though, I absolutely ADORE this look on you Nikki, and have PLENTY of time for that blazer and those beautiful heels – sublime. xx

    1. The scary thing about looking at the practical aspects of a jeans and Nike look is that for us mere mortals, we’ll look practical (and daggy) in that combo. I kind of has to be worn as an ironic pairing for it to be fashiony!

  24. I like the look on you. Not sure on me, I might have to try some on , get out of my comfort zone. I love the shoes ! But realistically I get about in flats and sandals mostly. Do you think a wedge would work with boyfriends?

    1. See, that’s the thing and why I don’t think it’s a jeans look for everyone. I don’t think it can work with wedges. You could do a casual look with a more streamlined pair of jeans and maybe a pair of Converse but it’s all a bit limiting really. Skinny/slim jeans, however, can be worn both ways.

  25. love them. especially white ones by Glassons (of all brands!!?!?!??), and One Teaspoon. I am LIVING in my drop crotch jeans though,…look to Bassike, Scanlan and Theodore and One Teaspoon…. always with heels. XXX

      1. yesss! All about the heels! I am still rocking a pair of vintage prada black sky-high patent pointy numbers… the slicker the shoe, the more deconstructed the jeans can be. I love that contrast! and thank you! you are too lovely 🙂 XXX

    1. Karen I bought a pair of these last week and love them. I love the boyfriend style but knew I wouldn’t wear them with heels very often as I am very much a ballet flat girl! These are lovely with flats and very comfy too. Great post Nikki.

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