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Are you ready for another lazy-girl makeup routine? I hope so as this one has come hot off the catwalk.

Now, before you run and hide and think I’ve completely lost it this time, hear me out.

It’s SO possible to take inspiration from what is seen on models on the catwalk and make it into a makeup look that can work for you every day – a catwalk 2 minute makeup if you like.

This particular look was one created by Maybelline NY’s Australian makeup director Nigel Stanislaus for last week’s General Pants show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney. Remember how I got to take some SY readers for a little look behind the scenes and to watch the opening show?

Well, after we’d had fun drinking those espresso martinis and talking about the important things in life, like how to find the perfect pink lippy, I returned upstairs to attend the General Pants show. Got to sit next to the beautiful Ruby Rose (Maybelline NY’s Australian ambassador) and got papped … as you do when the photographer was one with whom you worked many moons ago (thanks Lisa!).

Ruby Rose and Nikki Parkinson. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney 2013. Photo: Lisa Williams, Getty Images

Photo: Lisa Williams, Getty Images

General Pants well and truly put on a show, starting with the “hand clappers” on everyone’s chair (why, oh why did I bring mine home for Master SY?) through to the half-time “kiss cam”.  The sports theme carried through to the clothes. Think varsity-style jerseys worked back with boyfriend jeans, heels and leather caps, visors or beanies. Sequins were not off limits with this style combo either. It was sport-luxe-meets-street-meets-club. Fun to watch but I think I’ll leave it for the kids to play with.

General Pants at MBFFS 2013

What I did take away from the show  – and have implemented into my 2 minute makeup repertoire – is the sun-kissed, sporty look which Nigel Stanislaus just nailed.

Maybelline NY for General Pants MBFFS 2013

Maybelline NY for General Pants MBFFS 2013

These are the products that were used. Six affordable products you can use to create an everyday look that will help you get quickly out the door.

Maybelline NY for General Pants MBFFS 2013

I’ve posted a short tutorial video (just mute the sound – I’m not talking so you can still get the idea even if you’re at work or watching on the train!) but before you get into that, can I talk about a few of these products?

The Maybelline NY Dream Fresh BB cream? The shade used here was medium. Now I’m usually a light in this shade so I was a bit hesitant. As soon as I applied, though, I realised that was the key to getting that sun-kissed look when you’re anything but.

I can’t rave enough about the Eye Studio HyperDiamonds in Bronze Diamonds palette. This is one of those go-to eye palettes that will serve you well. I blended the lighter sand colour with the middle right rose gold as my base eye colour and then contoured with the bronze at the bottom.

Still scared about eyeliner? This Line Express Khol Pencil is super easy to apply. Position the pencil in a downward direction towards the lash line, then make small, feather-like strokes to build the whole line. For a day look I tend to only do the top lash line. You may choose to do both.

And voila! Now for the video tutorial

Tell me, is this a look you think you can take on board? 

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  1. The Maybelline BB Cream is my go-to product right now (the one for oily skin). Best “western” budget priced BB Cream in my opinion. And my Miss 11 loves their Baby Lips range – she’s starting a collection apparently.

  2. Thanks Nikki, that was great. I spend about 2mins daily too but have been thinking lately I need to add under-eye concealer to my BB routine. I need to invest in one of those brushes too – I’ve always just used the little applicators that come with eyeshadows – so hard to blend! xx

    1. Brushes are definitely a good investment and they are something that will last and last. Good for blending but also you tend to use less product so it lasts longer. And yes, I add a concealer most days as well. With this one I think I got away with it because it was a darker BB.

  3. Hi Nikki, love the look, thanks for the tips! I’ll have to update my BB cream this spring/summer as I usually go a bit darker even using sunscreen daily (I usually use the lightest shade on my pale winter skin!). I haven’t tried Maybelline’s BB cream, but I think I’ll give it a go! Ps. Re: the pic of you and Ruby Rose, what a great photo – your hair looks amazing!

    1. Thanks RosyPink. Do give it a go. And re my hair, that was the work of my hair stylist here on the Sunshine Coast – Maria at Suite Three – she knows how to wrangle my hair into something presentable that stays in place!

  4. Great vid, what a fresh look in such a quick time. I really need to cut down how long I spend on makeup for every day looks 😀

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