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Sponsored by Maybelline New York

What kind of makeup do you wear when you’re making a fashion statement?

Makeup that shows off your face in the best light but lets your outfit do the talking, that’s what.

According to Maybelline New York Australian makeup director Nigel Stanislaus, it’s all about enhancing the structure of the face, using bronzer to contour and create (or enhance) cheekbones, the nose and jawline.

It’s a look he created for the models in the hour-long opening Trends Gala show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney (a show that featured all the designers who showed at Australian Fashion Week in April).  And it’s a look that not only worked on the catwalk for allowing the clothes of the 20-plus designers to speak for themselves, but it’s actually something we could easily adapt for ourselves this summer.

Romance Was Born MBFFS  Makeup by Maybelline NY

Maticevski at MBFFS  Makeup by Maybelline NY

Maybelline NY for MBFFS | Trends Gala show

This makeup look starts with a flawless base celebrating a healthy glow and is finished with bronzed contoured cheeks, soft, defined eyes and a nude lip.

This video explains how to master this contouring. Take note of Nigel’s tips on how to avoid a bronzer application looking like you’ve applied Milo to your face.

Key Maybelline NY products used include: FITme Foundation; FITme Bronzer; SuperStay 24Hr Powder; Eye Studio Quad in Copper Chic; Illegal Lengths Mascara; Line Express Kohl pencil in brownish black; SuperStay 14Hr Lip Color in Never Ending Nude; Baby Lips Loves Color in Rose Addict.


The SY-Maybelline NY event

Remember when I shared my latest 2-minute makeup trick and I ran this competition a couple of weeks ago? Excitingly, I got to spend the first half of last night at MBFFS with the winning SY readers and their guests. Four of the party even flew in from Queensland for the night.

We sipped on sparkling, visited backstage with Nigel Stanislaus and chatted with Maybelline NY ambassador Ruby Rose before sitting down to watch the Trends Gala show and then spending time together in The Hub (where they hand out more drinks … hello espresso martinis as well as Messina Bailys ice-creams while you line up for a Maybelline makeup refresh).

Ruby Rose for Maybelline NY

It was so lovely to meet people who until last night were names in the comments section here on the blog or on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Head over to Facebook for more photos from the night.


What I wore

Yesterday involved jumping on a flight from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney and hitting the ground running. I needed a plan to look halfway fashiony without the luxury of time.

I think good hair always helps in these situations, so I called up my hair stylist and booked in for a blow-dry. Maria knows just how to wield my hair into a style that’s fitting for the occasion and, importantly, will last the distance.

My foundation was still in place from that morning (go the Maybelline NY Instant Age Rewind The Lifter Foundation and SuperStay 24Hr Powder) … I just had to hand my eyes over to Tori at the Maybelline Hub for some colourful definition.  Key eye colour products she used included a bright blue and white eyeshadow from the Hyper Diamonds Sapphire Diamonds palette and Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal. On the lips, my new favourite pink, Color Whisper in Pink Possibilities.

Nikki Parkinson Styling You for Maybelline NY MBFFS

When it came to deciding what to wear, this task was made easier by the new sass & bide tee I sent Mr SY on a mission for a couple of weeks ago. I wore it on the plane with my trusty Country Road black blazer over the top; switching out of flat boots and denim jeans into white jeans and black pumps when I arrived at the hotel.

Nikki Parkinson Styling You for Maybelline NY MBFFS

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney continues until Saturday, August 24. For details and tickets, visit here.

For more information on the Maybelline NY products mentioned above, check out the Maybelline NY product explorer.

So tell me, are you a bronzing queen? Do you think Nigel’s look is one you could master for yourself this summer? 

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  1. Hello Nikki – wow I’ve been away a few days and your new-look blog looks great! So much to catch up on too … didn’t watch the bronzer video but I think your makeup in the spring hairstyles post looked gorgeous! As did you in your sparkly tank above. Congrats on the new design xx

  2. I’m sure I can speak for Anna here, we both had THE BEST time, thanks Nikki! Whilst the fashion was incredible (hello Camilla and Maticevski!!), the cocktails were plentiful, and the goodie bags heavy… the highlight of the night for us was meeting some beautiful friends. Thank you again.

  3. You looked gorgeous Nikki – so effortlessly groovy, elegant and polished all at the same time. Your hair was the envy of the night!

    I didn’t expect to enjoy the show as much as I did – the clothes were from labels that I know I can find easily and, more importantly, would actually wear. Not a see-through poncho or deconstructed tuxedo in sight! Big thanks to Maybelline for finally unlocking my perfect lipstick colour in the makeup hub, and for the fabulously generous showbag.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful night. It all felt so girly and glamourous and special. And those espresso martinis . . . heavenly!

    A big fashion-show mwah! x

  4. Yes I think I can master that look with a little practice,i never thought of using a little brush,my cheekbones are naturally high and I think the best part of my face,I can make them look even better thanks to Nigel’s tips.Nikki I love your outfit,that Sass and Bide tee is lovely and I am glad you had a great night.

  5. I adore your sass and bide top Nikki. Looking forward to watching the video at nap time today. I totally need tips for contouring. It was fun watching the # on Instagram last night at all the pics. 🙂

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