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Does your hair need the new ghd eclipse styler?

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There are many, many things that define me as, well, mature.

My fondness of a night on the couch with a glass of red. My avoidance of all stores which pump out loud music. And my requirement that any travel I undertake comes with a soft bed, on which to rest my creaky bones.

But what I suspect will really define me as the years tick by is that I, like many of you, come from an era (GASP!) before hair straighteners.

When I cast my mind back to this time – and really 11 years ago is not that far for even my ageing brain – it’s enough to make me come over in a nervous sweat.

I know it’s a first world problem of the highest degree but, geez, it’s a whole lot easier to fashion out a good hair day these days, isn’t it?

In the esteemed wisdom of Monty Python, (insert heavy northern England accent here) tell that to young folk today and they won’t believe you.

My first hair straighteners were wide, thick, heavy stainless steel plate things. Dreadful for my maintaining my hair’s condition but brilliant for whipping my thick, long, bouffy locks into a sleek submission.

Then, in 2004, three little letters changed the attitude to my hair forever … ghd.

There’s a fair chance those three letters changed your hair attitude too.

So much so, as Today Show’s Lisa Wilkinson reminded us at last month’s launch of ghd’s new baby, ghds are so much a part of our hair lives that we use the word as a verb. We don’t straighten or style our hair, we ghd it.

But hold on to your hair, Stylers. Just when you thought your hair styling drawer was full to capacity, along comes another styler that deserves your attention, particularly if your hair requires a significant amount of wrangling.

Say hello to the new ghd eclipse styler.

ghd eclipse styler

Let’s cut to the chase with the three questions I’ve been most asked since attending the launch:

1. How much is it? $300

2. When can I get one? April, from ghd salons (ph 1300 443 424) and online at ghd Australia

3. Do I need it? Well, that depends.

Let’s address question three more closely, shall we?

To do that I need to tell you a bit more about the ghd eclipse. Why it’s different and offers something previous ghd stylers haven’t has to do with what ghd calls it’s tri-zone technology, which is unique to ghd.

The technology calls to action six sensors in the plates to maintain a constant heat of 185 degrees celsius while moving through the hair from root to tip. ghd says this is the optimum styling temperature for the ultimate styling results.

It’s this consistency of temperature that will lesson the time it takes to style your hair when using the eclipse – particularly if you have coarse hair that normally would take up to four run throughs of each section to achieve a smooth result.

What we’ve found is that different hair types absorb different amounts of heat. Challenging hair types absorb much more heat, causing the plates to lose their temperature more rapidly. ghd chief technology officer, Tim Moore

For my hair it has been delivering smooth styling in one stroke. And I’ve found I can take bigger and thicker sections and the eclipse makes easy work of them.

I wouldn’t say my hair is super challenging. It has its challenging parts – a strong wave section running down the back of it and there is a lot of it – but even I’ve noticed how much more quickly I can style my hair with the eclipse.

At the launch we were able to see the eclipse in action on more challenged hair. And that one-stroke styling was very much in evidence.

ghd eclipse styler

So, getting back to my question of do you need it?

If your hair fits into the “challenge” basket then you’ve probably not bothered to finish reading the rest of this post and have already contacted your local salon to put your name down for one of these babies. Put simply, they will change your hair styling life.

If your hair is like mine and works well with the existing ghd styling range (my preference up until now has been for the ghd Gold Max styler $239), I would hold off replacing your stylers until you need to but do make the upgrade at that point.

If you give your hair a daily straightening fix, then I’d consider upgrading as soon as your budget allows. Your hair will get more so much more TLC.

What about the L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod, I hear you ask?

Yes, it’s true, I do feel like I’ve been cheating on my steam pod with the eclipse.

The steam pod has definitely been amazing for my hair during the humid months of summer. My hair condition has never been better, which I put partly down to the steam pod plus partly to progressively going shorter on my hair styles since July last year.

For the past month I’ve used nothing but the eclipse on my hair. And it’s been one of the wettest and most humid where I live. The eclipse has held its own against the humidity. All I can put it down to is that with the consistent 185 degrees temperature, the hair cuticle is successfully and easily sealed to retain moisture. This, in turn, ensures any outside moisture has a hard time of getting in.

I won’t be ditching the steam pod any time soon as I love the “treatment” aspect of its styling method but where the eclipse wins out for me is its portability.

I wouldn’t think twice about adding it to my suitcase for a trip away (it also comes with a heat-proof rubber casing that sits over the plates and a heat-proof mat that also ties around the styler for storage). In contrast, the steam pod has never left my bathroom.

Click on the video below for a quick look at the ghd eclipse in action.

Style tip

This was a bit unusual but also what I saw in action on the night … instead of using a comb to smooth out hair as you straighten out each section, use a natural bristle brush (ghd oval dressing brush $34).

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the launch of the ghd eclipse in Sydney and was gifted a set of the stylers at the end of the event.

Comments 41

      1. Thank you but If you had to choose between those two, which one would you choose ? The worth is not important for me.
        I saw a lot of people like the Cloud 9 because of the temperature control but the Micro iron don’t come with it…
        (English is not my native language, I hope I’m understable )

        1. Yes, you are. And no the micro doesn’t have temperature control. I have one and use it for my fringe (so shorter bits of hair). The ghd might be easier for you to use each day because of its size – would definitely go for the ghd mini over normal size.

  1. I’m a long time GHD fan, I bought my first one in 2003 and it only recently stopped working. I got one of the newer ones back in 2010 and it only lasted 1.5years before dying so I’m sceptical of the quality of the newer GHDs. However with the Eclipse now out, I am wondering whether to stick with GHD and get the Eclipse, or to go for a Cloud Nine which have good reviews. I have very thick, very long wavy hair.

    Can anyone recommend one over the other?

    Or recommend a salon in Perth open on weekends that has both to try out?


      1. Thanks for your recommendation. Today I found a salon that sells both GHD and Cloud Nine so I compared the GHD Eclipse, GHD Gold Classic and Cloud Nine. I found the the Eclipse worked best with my hair and provided the sleekest finish, particularly at the ends.

  2. Would you recommend this for long, thick, course hair over the old 2 inch GHD? Just concerned about it being the thinner version. Thanks!

  3. i love the eclipse ! it looks GREAT & works GREAT ! .. the only thing i have a problem with is curls , i cant get curls with this ? i could easily curl my hair with my old blue/greeny pastel ghd ! so why cant i do it with eclipse ? ive tried looking for a tutorial but no luck .

  4. Mmmm I have been researching the Steam Pod but now I’m confused. I have ghd IV and rarely use them as I have to go over and over my hair. I was never impressed with them and preferred the old Muster’s!! My main concern is the frizz over the top of my freshly styled hair. To combat frizz – which would you grab for?

    1. Ah Karyn – they both work on my hair equally to combat the frizz but my hair sounds less challenging than yours. To make the best decision for your hair, I can only suggest trying both in a salon – and then weighing up whether you need stylers that are more portable (ghds are the more portable). Sorry, it would be wrong for me to give you a clear answer based on my hair alone!

  5. Hi Nikki, I have a GHD which I love, but I also have very thick hair so even with the GHD it takes a long time to straighten. Do you think the new Eclipse would make it quicker?!

  6. Always love your posts, thanks Nikki!!

    I have really fine hair and not that much of it, it is wavy, boofy, straight, curly and frizzzy in parts 🙁 I have a really old GHD which I love but I try to limit it’s use as my hair is coloured and a little dry and damaged. Also like lots of us I am a time poor working mum so love a lazy girl beauty regime, he he.

    I was thinking of buying a new Cloud 9 straightner as I have been told they damage your hair less as you can set the temp so you don’t have it hotter than you need (not sure how you work out what temp you need) and therefore don’t damage it more than you need. From your post though it looks like 185 degrees is the optimal temp?

    Does the steam pod ‘treat’ your hair? Maybe I should consisder that given my hairs condition.

    What are your thoughts re the Keratin hair treatments which are supposed to be good for the condition of your hair and also straighten your hair (until it grows out)? I know they are very expensive.

    Sorry about all my questions. Any advice is greatfully received 🙂

    1. Well, you’ve come to the right place Ronnie, because I’ve tried all of the above. Yes, Cloud 9 work on the principal of matching the temperature to your hair type. Ghd is now saying 185 is the optimal temperature. I think the consistent temperature is a good thing and definitely helps cut down the styling time. Yes, the steam pod is a treatment – salon and at home. My hair loves it – at least consider some salon treatments with this and see how your hair goes with it. Keratin, it’s been some years since I had this but loved – the steam pod gives a similar finish but of course only lasts till next wash.

      So … I’m not much help, really. I think if you can try both the new ghd and the steam pod in a salon before you make your purchase, that would be a good thing. Everyone’s hair is so different!

      1. Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it!! I will def try them both in a salon – good idea to try before I buy and see how my hair reacts 🙂

  7. I’m a long time ghd lover however now that I’m in humid NQ, I was considering the L’Oreal Steam Pod. After reading this post, I’m even more confused! Which would you recommend Nikki? I have thick, long hair which really needs to be tamed against this humidity xx

    1. Melinda, all I can suggest you try and do is have a salon appointment to trial both and see how your hair behaves afterwards. Also, keep in mind if you’re wanting to take it with you travelling then the ghd is more portable.

  8. Thanks for the info regarding the new GHD and its benefits – it certainly looks like it does the job. I had GHDs and have just gone to another brand (Cloud 9) which are brilliant. I did the salon test and was really impressed with the results. I don’t have super difficult hair to straighten but a like a good one that makes the straightness last. Maybe road testing against the new GHDs might have been a different story though.

  9. I currently own a very old and tatty ‘no name’ straightener – having fine hair (but lots of it, as my hairdresser loves to remind me) I never really had to do much with it to get it straight – the straightener was more for those clean lines I love. I had my hair permed last year, and now it’s just frizzy wavy, which has proven difficult for my current straightener to handle (well, without me sweating up a storm going over and over my hair). I’m booking myself in with my hairdresser for April anyway, to get a trim, so will ask her about the styler – I’m currently just wishing I hadn’t gone for a perm at all now!

      1. The perm has pretty much vanished – I just get frizz and a slight wave when I wash it, but that tends to die out during the day. I basically need to straighten it daily to make it look like I actually made any effort with my looks, especially for a professional office environment. I’m hoping that the weight that is coming in now that my hair is getting longer will return my hair to normal, but I am left with this frumpy-looking in-between style, if that makes any sense?

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  10. I have been flirting with the idea of GHD for a long time now. This one sounds perfect for me, as I do have challenging hair. Strong curl in it, and more often then not I straighten it, and five mins later its wavy. Will wait until April, and check it out.

    1. Yes, find a salon that has them in and book in to see how your hair goes with them Vicky … that’s the best way. Yes, a salon will always do a better job but it will give you an indication as to how they could work at home for you.

  11. I will be sticking with the one I own at the moment I have the GHD mark 4 I think,It is a cuople of years old but does the job,as my hair is fine it is quite easy,and I have the Babybliss pro mini for travel or touchups and that is quite good too.
    Yes I remember the first straighteners too,great big chunky things they were,I had an italian brand one and before that I used velcro rollers ,huge ones to tame my hair,My GHD is probably my favourite styling tool I own.

      1. I have tried ghd gold, cloud 9 and corioliss ….i definately prefer theoriginal ghd korean manufacturers (the actual brains behind ghd’s) GLAMPALM stylers … What a “treat” for hair….. You will never look at a ghd again

          1. Nikki, I have been searching for a new flat iron and investing $200+ you want to get it right. I have been looking at the GlamPalm vs Cloud Nine vs GHD and I can’t decide. I don’t have a problem buying online but which one will be the best bang for my buck? It seems GlamPalm is so new that I can’t find much about it other than rave reviews (which makes me skeptical…go figure). Thanks for your help.

            1. I have also read the outstanding over the top reviews about the glampalm, but I am skeptical because its a brand I haven’t heard of, I am going to go for a GHD just to be safe

  12. I love my GHD but how, how does one style the back of one’s hair without a “pop out of the drawer” stylist?

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