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So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 23)

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Offspring was less of a roller coaster this week. Fewer laughs and more punches, don’t you think?

Billie making us want to alternatively scream at her and cry for her. Philip finding a spine and giving Geraldine what for at the Afro Funk class. Nina being a true sister.

And Patrick making us love him even more for is over-protectiveness towards Nina … and how he fills his underwear (oops, that just slipped out). This line to Nina, “your family takes some handling, I am here to share the load”, just stabbed me in the heart. As did his taking on of all of Nina’s family problems when she fell asleep completely exhausted from a day at work delivering eight babies and then trying to sort out Billie.

As for the trailer for the next three episodes, I just cannot go there. Think we’ll be holding on to the edge our sofas every Wednesday night till August 14.

Nina style

Nina wore two outfits in this episode.

At first glance, the first outfit was textbook Nina Proudman. Especially the white blouse/tunic. Have you noticed how many of these she’s now got in her wardrobe?

I think Neens’ white shirt collection is rivalling mine.

Tracked the actual one down last night but you might need some fashion detective work to find one in stock. It’s by Lee Mathews – the Raggedy shirt. David Jones online is only allowing selection of a black one in the same style. You might need to contact the designer direct or ask in your local store. (UPDATE: the owner of Kate Devine boutique in Newcastle left a comment on Facebook to say she still has a couple of these shirts).

Lee Matthews Raggedy shirt as worn by Nina Proudman on Offspring Season 4

I’ve included a similar style below – one I actually own and love from Mr Rose. Take your pick.

What she wore with the shirt was a bit out of left field. A stretch graphic jean? Leggings perhaps?  The pattern is quite a deviation from her usual dark denim.

This look was all worked back with silver jewellery. Just one long silver pendant, which is a little different from most weeks on the show.

Nina Proudman maternity shopping inspiration


1. Queen Mum maternity jeans $75 | 2. Mr Rose shirt $149 (on sale) | 3. Anthropologie camisole $24 | 4. Uberkate necklace $530 | 5. George Jensen earrings $260 | 6. Jive Design ring $169 | 7. Tom Gunn boots @ The Iconic $221.97 (on sale)

She reverted to her Season 4 trademark of layering of three gold necklaces in the second outfit.

Speaking of the second outfit, the green cropped summer jacket worked back with a striped tee or tank and jeans was a great alternative. Those kind of loose jackets that Nina loves? They are great trans-seasonal wardrobe additions and perfect for adding an extra layer to add outfit interest and for those of us who like to keep our upper arms covered. Look for them in store August, September and stock up.

Over to you. Share your thoughts on last night’s episode, what’s coming up and what Nina wore …

PS. THIS from the Offspring on Ten Facebook page. Hilarious!

[iframe src=”″ width=”512″ height=”288″]

PPS. In case you missed it, I’m giving away a Nina Proudman-inspired Johnny Was tunic as part of this competition to celebrate my book deal.


Offspring photos: Channel TEN

Comments 47

  1. Did anyone else LOVE Zara’s outfit last week? I’d love to know where the dress and shoes are from that she wore on her ‘hall pass’… 🙂

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I’ve only just found your website – you are very thorough, love it! I’m glad I’m not the only one searching online for Nina’s style. In particular, I’m interested in the pyjamas she was wearing when she woke up (flustered!!) from her dream about Lawrence last week? I’m loving this season even more than the last, didn’t think it was possible!

  3. Hi Nikki 🙂 Love your site and have been reading every week for a while now. I’m a huge fan of Nina’s style…love it 🙂 although not keen on the printed leggings/pants last night to be honest lol

    I know you focus mainly on Nina but I was just wondering if you have any idea where the sequinned jacket with the waterfall collar Billie wore last night is from? Just loved it! So versatile. I’ve searched the internet but can’t find it.

  4. Anthropologie ships to NZ for $25!?! Thanks Nikki – since I won’t let myself read any details of the show, or comments below, until it airs further downunder, I’ll take this newsflash and file it! xx

  5. HI Nikki, loving your posts, look forward to them each week and the break down of Nina’s fashion. Have bought the odd piece to add to my wardrobe. Just wondering if you know what & where the boots were that Nina was wearing in the second outfit of last nights episode? Just wanted to have a closer look at them.

  6. LOVED last nights ep and Nina’s fashion. Very excited to see that I have the same silver necklace Nina wore – it’s from Sportsgirl.

  7. So many emotions in last nights ep. Nina looked fab with the navy stripes and turquoise jacket; I’ll be keeping that look in mind for spring.
    As for the trailer about someone dying, surely it’ll be Darcy as he’s already left. The promo people are just torturing us with the thought of it being Patrick or Billy.
    As always Nikki, a fab Nina post. We have a Literature Dress Up Day at my school where we go as a favourite book, film or tv character. I may use the opportunity to pull out my best Nina outfit. Boots are ready!

    1. I was squinting to work out whether it was black or navy striped … either way is a great combo! And I’m very impressed that you’ll work a Nina look for Literature Dress Up Day. Make sure you share a photo!

  8. I had tears already in the promo for the upcoming weeks (I am pregnant, I blame the hormones!). Love Phillip, he is a classic – also love knowing Gary Mac crochet/knits in his spare time so kinda also can imagine Phillip carrying his knitting in the man bag! Please don’t let it be Patrick is all I can say….I couldn’t deal with it, either way, will have the tissues at the ready.

    Loving Seed Heritage for some of my preg wardrobe at the moment. Most of the tops are long enough to cover under my belly and will be long/loose enough to hide the post-preg tummy (which I’m so proud of Duchess Kate for not trying to hide under that cute polka dot dress). In fact just loving Seed’s new season stuff pregnant, or not!

  9. I loved this episode – my favourite this season. I did love seeing her in the leggings just because it was such a surprise and the print was great. Each time I see Nina this season, I think I really should have made more effort to be more stylish when I was pregnant but then I think Asher actually isn’t pregnant so she can get away with knee high boots etc which I think with a real waddle would be almost impossible to carry off at 7 months plus she doesn’t have all the swelling and puffiness.

  10. As soon as it finished last night I thought- ” holy shit! ” then I thought ” I’ve got to talk to Nikki!” – is that weird ? Lol!
    Seriously I will not cope with a death, none of those characters can leave! And how does a show that has so many laughs & such a close family unit come back from that ?!
    For the record I’m thinking it’ll be Billie. Not only because she’s being so self destructive but Kat Stewart is such an in demand actress I bet she’s got another role lined up.
    Lets get ready for tears….

    1. Oh I do love that you thought of me … we need to de-brief together. I hate to say it but I think you might be on to something with that theory. I’ll be bawling, that’s for sure … but Kat must be a busy lady 🙁

  11. have you seen the gangsta clip? Made me laugh and got me over the sads about someone dying. Having trouble focusing on the clothes with so much going on. Thanks for your updates
    PS bit horrified by the leggings as pants

  12. I love those Tom Gunn boots. I was looking at them on sale a few days ago and thinking, I still can’t afford them. Very nice.

  13. Yes I was shocked about Nina’s leggings/pants last night but she is pregnant and wants to be comfy so I liked them on her,I do think she has tons of white shirts though and all beautiful.I loved watching Phillip in his African Funk class ,looks like a cool fun way of staying fit,and I am so glad that he put Geraldine in her place,he is too kind for her.I am not looking forward to having only 3 episodes left and no I don’t want to go there either,no one must die!
    I must say I enjoyed that moment of Patrick in his underwear too,very nice!

  14. I have tried-on that Lee Mathews shirt (in black) at DJs and it was really oversized, so I’d keep that in mind if you are buying on-line. Love those poots in your outfit inspiration above, but I was distracted by Nina’s bracelet with the first outfit. It looked like a combination of blue string and a silver bar, and was quite delicate. I have a similar one in rose gold and black, that I’ve had for ages. On me it’s too delicate to be worn alone but contributes to a fun arm party.

    Something about it doesn’t sit quite right with me- she’s “losing” someone, but maybe they’re just leaving her life and the funeral was a dream? Am I too much of an optimist?

    1. Good tip re the shirt, Johanne … I can see that with how it still floats over Nina’s bump. I missed the bracelet you’re talking about but often ones like this are part of a group of bracelets at Samantha Wills. I’m with you on the delicate business … need a stack for it to work.

      And I’ll go with your theory re the plot because I’m an optimist too!

  15. I am loving Patrick at the moment!
    Wanted to slap Nina upside the head for being stubborn… But loved her with Billie….
    Dunno that the open relationship business will work out. J and Z love each other!
    I swear to god if they kill Patrick I will stop watching…..
    Cilla xx

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