Patrick wearing a bear skin Offspring

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 21)

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Let’s just get this out of the way, shall we? The best outfit on last night’s Offspring episode …

Patrick wearing a bear skin Offspring

Not sure, I’ll ever recover from that one. You?

Mind you it was about the only redeeming thing concerning Patrick in this episode. Geez, could the guy be any more like his dad? He softened a bit at the end but not before sending our Neens over the edge and into the arms of a chocolate bar.

The style

Nina Proudman’s main outfit of the night featured a stunning blue and white kimono jacket with her bump once again front and centre.

Styling You reader Alison Bennett-Roberts is the envy of all Nina fans right now. She owns this Mika & Gala kimono and tells me it was from last summer. Lock your wardrobe door, Alison ;).

Never fear, Stylers, my eyes will be peeled for something similar come spring. We have to be patient as that’s when an influx of Nina’s style of tops will return to our stores.

Shopping inspiration

I trawled the internet and found similar styles available now should you find it impossible to wait. No more long blue boots to be found but personally, I think the ankle boot does a fine job with a skinny jean.

If you are pregnant, I think Nina’s look is a great template from which you can work your own style. Note how she’s keeping everything streamlined and staying true to her pre-pregnancy style. She even wore a belt under her bump in this outfit. Something that helps define her shape even more.

Nina Proudman maternity

1. Dylan & Rose kimono top $49.06 (on sale) @ ASOS | 2. Mavi maternity jeans $139.99 |  3. Country Road tank $29.95 | 4. Najo earrings $159.01 | 5.  I Love Billy boots $79.95 @ The Iconic | 6. Sancerre bracelet $35 | 7. Najo necklace $329 | 8. Noppies belt $39.95 @ Queen Bee 

Did you like the second outfit Nina wore? The top – like last week’s – was a bit different from what we’re used to seeing. I’m ok with it because I tell you, each of the three times I were pregnant, it was hit and miss with my style.

I like the colour of the top – and you’ll be pleased to know, it’s actually available. As are the boots she’s wearing in this look. Run, don’t walk.

Nina Proudman maternity style

Rich and Royal top $80 (approx) |  Django and Juliette boots $289.95 @ Style Tread

Oh and if you loved Billie’s red patterned dress as much as her line to Mick, “you’re the Justin Bieber of inner Melbourne”, it’s a Karen Millen.

I’m more than a little concerned as to what next week’s episode might bring. Are you?

What did you love most about last night’s episode? Which outfit did you like best?


Offspring photos: Channel TEN

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  1. I bought the Rich and Royal top the minute I read your blog post! It arrived last week and I love it. Thing is I would never have picked it for me in a million years. You are my new personal stylist. I love this idea so keep the details coming and I will keep the online shopping happening! Thanks so much. Best of luck with the book deal….

  2. Love the blue kimono. But *ahem, THOSE ARE MY BOOTS!!!! lol They are the Djangos that I bought a couple of weeks ago! Though I bought them in the natural colour. You should have seen it: 3 kids in bed. Sitting in a dimly lit lounge room watching the show. Everything is still and quiet, until……I SEE NINA WEARING MY BOOTS AND I SHRIEKED AT MY HUBBY “LOOK!!!! NINA HAS MY BOOTS!!!!!” lol
    Oh Patrick. Bear-hunting Patrick. You are so lovely. And that tattoo on his torso…..

  3. Like everyone else, I adored that dreamy blue/white kimono. I had a quick look at Wooden Owl and whilst it’s still pictured, it’s listed as sold out. But isn’t it funny how pictures never do the garment justice? If I had have been browsing online, I would easily have bypassed it, and yet it looked so great on! Clearly I need to develop a bit of style visualisation skill! So much to learn . . .
    Meanwhile, am verrrry nervous about next week’s episodes. I’m not good with drama or issues around babies 🙁 I hope little Neens Jnr is going to be okay x

  4. Hi love this site, any idea about the blue and white flowing top/jacket thing she was wearing with the tassel’s in the first scenes? I loved it with the blue boots and jeans.
    Thank you

      1. Not sure if ive missed a post but i cant seem to find where you have mentioned the label or where i can buy it. Sorry to be a pain, ill blame tiredness lol

  5. Hi Nikki, I have never followed a blog until I came across this one and now I’m waiting for Thursday morning to see where I can get my favourite outfits from Wednesday’s episode. I love the way you write too – very entertaining and have found lots of online websites that are awesome to shop thanks to you and other ladies out there that have replied to your blog. I have 2 daughters: 2 years and 13 weeks so shopping online is about my only choice as they are too young to take them to the shops with me. So thank you all for the tips! I thought I would also share a shop I love from the US that has a lot of items ‘Nina like Style’ I love it! And they have $25 flat shipping to Australia. Clothes aren’t cheap but they have some good sales evey now and then and you can always try to google a coupon. Hope this also help someone else out there looking for new websites to shop. x

    1. Thanks so much Lorena for finding us here and coming back! I agree, Anthropologie is a great source of Nina-inspired clothes! When I was in the US last year, boy oh boy did I spend up in that store. Homewares too!

  6. I loved the comedy in this episode, esp the part where she was the Mum who skipped counselling,..ROFL!!
    And the way they dress her preggers is very much like how I dressed with all 3 of my pregnancies, stretchy comfy tight pants (Pumpkin Patch Maternity do amazing jeans) and looser flowing tops, But my weight/size gain was always concentrated in the boobs & tummy/womb area so that shape combop suited me well, If you gain a lot in the hips, maybe not-so-much 🙂
    LOVED Billie’s Red patterned dress it was Gorgeous!! And Patrick’s Bearskin was nice too 😉

  7. Hmm I agree with you about the favourite outfit (you know what I mean ) but I did love the blue and white Kimono jacket and I agree Alison Lock up your wardrobe!I am not a fan of tops with pictures on them but I did like the colour of the yellow top but not the pattern.My favourite part of the show was when the nurses were talking about lesbian partners,not that I know much about it ,it was a bit funny though.
    Yes Patrick is a moody bugger isn’t he ,I am not sure I could put up with his moods and yes next week will be interesting won’t it .

  8. I’m not pregnant but have always been a bit self conscious about my pot belly (especially since kids!) so these outfits are gold for me! Love the Offspring posts Nikki, I’ve been trying to incorporate a bit more Nina into my look but I really am more of a Billy at heart (sartorially speaking, anyway!). Any chance of some more Billy posts (without the Karen-Millen-sized price tags)? xxx

    1. Pagan, I love Billie’s style too but not as many of my readers seemed to with not as many visiting that week. Will see what inspires as the season closes. For chain-store Billie inspiration, Cue and Veronika Maine are good starting places.

  9. I’m six months pregnant & I’m finding the outfits un-relatable from the hips down. Tight pants, jeans even (urgh, so restrictive) & high boots with heels. No way would that be comfortable with the extra girth & sense of general Womble-ness. Plus she’s a Doctor who works shift work on her feet, I reckon a pair of flats would be waiting in her locker.
    The tight tanks, kimonos & batwing tops redeem things for me though!

    1. I did maternity jeans in my pregnancies. Couldn’t have lived without them. That band was strangely comforting! And yes, I wore heels to work too. Not on my feet all day and not doing mad dashes through parks and around the streets, though!!

  10. I was loving the outfits last night, but Nina was at her awky best. I agree re: Patrick.
    Interesting relationship dynamics in that show, which I will be writing about today over at my blog.
    LOVE LOVE LOVED the outfits. Also love Kate’s look.
    I am worried for next episode.
    Special shout out to Eloise, great that they have kept her around and let her character develop too. Though the style needs a bit of a tinker with…..perhaps you can email the show’s producers?
    Thanks as always for a great post.
    cilla xx

    1. I think Eloise’s style is great for her character and if her character is allowed to *blossom* then we’ll see a loosening up of it. Cilla, I’m very ok with you linking your Offspring post here in the comments if you want to come back and do that … and in the future. Keeps the conversation going!

  11. Ps Alison would you like someone to come and tidy your wardrobe, promise I won’t touch the Mika and Gala kimono. You can trust me, I’m a New SY reader.

    1. Ha! My wardrobe is such a mess you would be lucky to find it! I bought mine from Wooden Owl online and I would think there might still be some out in the internet somewhere.

  12. Morning Nikki. Well I don’t know about you but my favourite outfit helped me kick this cold once and for all! Lol. Great episode last night. I also liked Kate’ kimono when she met up with the nasty ex. Mind you moody Patrick dampened the lust fever early on! Geez Louise, lighten up buddy. He needs a good dose of Martin. Off topic for minute…thanks to you I have embraced an entire new look, so whilst our yesterday with the skinnys, bb makeup and kimono like top I got a pick up line from a mature man. This was with two children under 3 in tow too!!! No pick up attempts in years, so feeling super special today. thanks xo jo

      1. yes exactly how I felt, like a Christmas present. Sometimes as women we put our style last and that is what I was doing. So now with the help of your excellent blog and some much needed weight loss I’m going to get to celebrate everyday.

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