The Model and Me: Embody Denim

The Model and Me: Embody Denim SS13-14

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Styling You’s The Model and Me posts are back for another fashion season. If you’re new here (and there have been lots of newcomers lately … hello to you!), I’ve been doing this spin on an outfit post for about two years.

It’s pretty simple really. I feature a model in a campaign image wearing a garment. And then I show me wearing the same dress, skirt or top.

The aim has always been to show an alternative height and shape in a garment because often is so darn hard for us to visualise what we see on a model and translate it to how it would look on us.

I truly wish I could show the same garment on five different people – just to give you the confidence to step outside your fashion comfort zone every now then and try something on your normally wouldn’t.

Kicking off The Model and Me season for spring-summer 2013-14 is size 14 and up label, Embody Denim.

The label has been on my radar for a while but it wasn’t until I saw this season launch video that I realised it was about time I shared the label with you too.

Embody Denim was created by Australia’s first plus-size fashion editorial model, Natalie Wakeling, who was frustrated at not being able to find fashionable denim to buy and wear.

I love her range so much I may just break my skinny jeans-only rule and try Natalie’s boyfriend jeans. Love the wider band for wearing lower on the hip. Reminder though, this style (with a wider leg at the bottom) is best suited to heels so if you’re not a heels person then opt for a more slim-leg boyfriend style and work the jeans with loafers, brogues or your trusty Converse sneakers.

Embody’s denim concept has grown to now include a seasonal range of frocks, skirts, tops and jackets – all on trend and flattering to wear.

It was one of the new-season dresses, the Tinseltown Digprint dress*, that I chose to wear to lunch with Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell last week.

And guess what, even Candace gave it her seal of approval. First comment when we were introduced? “I like your dress. I love this (pointing to the colour and pattern across my chest).” Felt more than a little special at that point.

Let’s see the model wearing it, shall we?

The Model …

Embody Denim Tinseltown digiprint dress

 Embody Denim Tinseltown Digi Print dress $179.95

… and me

Embody Denim Tinseltown digiprint dress

This dress is so easy to wear. I’m wearing the size 14 but it’s quite generous. As you can see, I’m not as tall as the model so it’s not as short on me. Either way, it’s definitely a dress to show off your pins!

A big plus about this frock – apart from it’s show-stopping colour and print – is its versatility.

Obviously we’re still in winter but it’s the type of new-season garment we can be tempted to buy now as it’s adaptable to be worn while it’s cooler and re-worked again in spring as a fun cocktail dress.

On this day I pulled out my opaque black tights, black heels and black jacket to turn it into a women’s business lunch outfit where I knew (because Candace was guest speaker) that others would not just be sticking to everyday business wear.

I kept my accessories to a minimum: a Samantha Wills ring and some small drop earrings. The reason? There’s a whole lot going on with the dress. Adding a necklace would have created too much competition in the outfit. In these situations it’s best not to compete.

Tell me, do you find it difficult to translate what you see on a model to something you would add to your wardrobe? Bought anything from new-season collections as yet?


Items marked with * were sent to me for editorial consideration

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  1. Honestly Nikki, you always look the picture of good health- luminous skin, sparkly eyes, shiny hair….and I love that dress xx

  2. What an amazing dress – beautiful colours and fab design. I keep seeing different images in the design….clever! I love Model and Me posts, because yes, sometimes it is difficult to visualise how something will look, in real life 😉 This dress looks fantastic on both of you.

  3. Love this outfit. I have never brought clothing online. I always need to try it on before buying. Am putting my most clickable vote in now x

  4. maybe you could recruit a few locals of various sizes and shapes who are available for inclusion in your model and me series?

    1. Easy in theory, not so in practice Sonya. Would need a brand very pro-active in this idea to supply the clothes and for people who had were able to get the photography consistent. Maybe a brand reading this post may be up for it!

  5. I love The Model and Me! Yay! You look great, Nikki. I like the bare leg with this dress (model), but it’s a bit tough to go bare when it’s Winter (I love your blazer)… I think I’d do a 3/4 leggging with this style of tunic, but I’m tall so 3/4 leggings are my friend. x

  6. Lovely to see the full-length of you in this dress Nikki – you looked fab and I love your accessorising. I really enjoy your Model & Me posts, thankyou, they have given me lots of ideas and confidence to give some of the looks a go! xx p.s. really great to see models with curves too – all totally gorgeous

  7. I second the thanks for telling us what size you are wearing Nikki. It really helps if you are considering buying on-line to know what is meant by “true to size” or “oversized really means when these terms mean different things to each retailer.

    I love those boyfriend jeans, too! Might break my only dark-denim-only rule, for the fact they have those tabs on the waistband so you can adjust them to really fit around your tummy….With these, it’s the risk of buying jeans on-line that has me hesitating- I’ve never risked that before!

  8. So glad these posts are back – I love seeing how items look on someone who’s not model statuesque (I suffer the same problem LOL). I really like how you’ve shown how to style a warm weather piece for winter, and how to make a ‘party’ dress work for day. I think this little number may have to go on my wishlist!

      1. I totally agree. This year I’ve learnt to get over my ‘bingo wings’ and have a couple of sleeveless full skirted shifts in my wardrobe that are great for layering during colder weather but look smart ‘as is’ when it’s warmer. And opaques and boots in winter can help stretch the use of pretty much any dress or skirt IMHO 🙂

  9. I love this range even though I am not a plus size I love the real women (even though they are models) curves in this campain and I love that dress on you and it would be the sort of dress you could go anywhere in,stunning print.I would like to see you try the BF jeans i won’t be because I don’t do heels well ,but you Nikki should at least try a pair on and see if you can wear them.One trend I do like the look of on others is clashing prints but cannot pull it off ,maybe I am too anal to do so ,i always feel stupid or too old or not just right so don’t do it.Thank you for another Fab Model and Me post I love these posts and How great Candace commented on your dress!

  10. Great read, I certainly find it hard translating model/ run way looks to everyday. Sadly, no new purchases here but about to head to the shops for swimwear! We are off to Bali in 5 weeks! I read your blogs on Bali and found one on swimwear. Just wondering if there is more then one on swimwear? I find the challenge with what to buy that suits a busty girl. Oh well, wish me luck ladies one pale girl heading into the change rooms with perhaps the brightest lights in earth!!!

  11. Looking fabulous Nikki. My type of dress – I adore versatility!
    I really enjoy The Model and Me posts, especially the fact that you always list the size of whatever you are wearing. One of the hazards with online shopping is not knowing what size the model is wearing. Although some labels are starting to add this now, which I love.

  12. Oh yes! Seeing clothes on models and then trying to translate that to my shape can be tricky… But, I am getting better at knowing what styles and shapes suit me.

    I LOVE this dress – I see leggings and flats, super high heels, even simple silver sandals could take it all kinds of places…

    How very spesh to meet such a fab author!! Very jealous!

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