Keeping it real: the Mother’s Day outfit

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I got what I wished for Mother’s Day … a sleep-in till 9am; a minor fuss made over me with pressies and a light breakfast in bed; lunch at one of my fave restaurants; and an afternoon chilling at home, while giving another mum doing it solo yesterday a small break.

Mr SY is whipping up a roast chicken dinner for us all as I type (Mr Almost 18 is home for the weekend so having the five of us together seemed roast-worthy). Life doesn’t get much better.

Wardrobe wise, Mother’s Day around these parts usually represents a turning point in the weather. I was lucky to receive some winter PJs, bed socks and a new knit jumper to have me prepared for the weeks ahead.

From now on the nights will get cooler; and the days will start and end with a nip in the air. It’s exactly at this time of year that my love of tunic dresses comes to the fore.

I’ll wear them now with just boots or ballet flats, adding in leggings, underneath layers, coats and scarves as the weather continues to cool down.

In Queensland, it’s not unusual to work with all these layers in just one day so a flexible wardrobe arrangement is a must.

Yesterday’s flexibility factor required minimal layers for my Mother’s Day outfit.

The outfit

A few weeks ago I jumped on a seemingly too-good-to-be-true offer from Leona Edmiston – two Ruby frocks for $150 – this is one of them. The other I’ll trot out for my daughter’s formal next weekend. This is a super light viscose/rayon mix and so, so easy to wear. I popped a slip dress underneath in case of untimely wind gusts. As it cools down, I’ll wear a black, long-sleeve Metalicus dress underneath, tights and boots or ballet flats with leggings. A coat or cardi can easily be added over the top should it get even colder.

The boots? Loved bringing these Zoe Kraztmann beauties out again – this time with bare legs and a tunic instead of leather pants. Love a nude boot with a frock for a trans-seasonal shoe-robe alternative. Quote of the day goes to Mr SY re the boots: “You haven’t done your laces up”. Ummm … fashion really is lost on men, isn’t it?

Mother's Day outfit | Leona Edmiston tunic dress | Zoe Kratzmann boots | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings

Leona Edmiston Ruby dress $100 (on sale) | Zoe Kratzmann Curator boots | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings

Beauty note

Feeling not so fresh after a big week, I called on some new additions to my makeup drawer* to make me look anything but what I felt. Very, very happy with Dermalogica skinperfect primer SPF 30+. It combines a skin prep with a little illumination and an SPF is perfect for a daytime look. Boosting up the illumination factor, I turned to a mineral makeup combination from Nude by Nature – all in the Light shade. The coverage of Liquid Foundation is buildable – probably not enough for me on its own but perfect for those who like their liquid foundation on the more sheer side. For me, Liquid Mineral Concealer caught the under-eye area nicely and with a dusting of Natural Mineral Cover I had the type of coverage I prefer.

Nude by Nature mineral foundation | Dermalogica skinperfect primer

From left: Dermalogica AGE smart skinperfect primer spf 30 $65 | Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Concealer $19.95 | Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover $39.95 | Nude by Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation $39.95

Mother's Day beauty

The backdrop

Mooloolaba was showing off today. Mostly fine, a light breeze and beautiful lines of swell rolling into the bay. This place has long held my heart. And that of plenty others too … the parks on the foreshore were packed and carparks were at a premium.

Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

The restaurant

One of our fave places to go out and eat on the Sunshine Coast is Sakana Sushi Bar at the end of The Spit at Mooloolaba. The whole family tucked into edamame, wakame (the only greens they eat with gusto!) and gyoza to start before ordering their favourite sushi. I’ve never tasted any as fresh. The rice is light, fluffy with just the right amount of rice-wine-vinegar stickiness and the sashimi doesn’t get any better, sourced straight off the boats that pull into the wharves behind the restaurant. My drink of choice, Cloudy Bay Pelorus Brut sparkling. Cheers to me ;).

Sakana, Mooloolaba, Queensland | edamame, wakame, Cloudy Bay Pelorus Brut

Pork gyoza, prawn gyoza | Sakana Sushi Bar, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Sunshine Coast

Medium sushi/sashimi set, Sakana, Mooloolaba

How did your Mother’s Day pan out? Want to share any pressies you received or what you got up to?

* Review

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  1. I love Mr SY’s comment about your shoelaces. My husband made a similar observation one hot summer Sunshine Coast day. I was wearing a cotton halter maxi dress. He said – “why are you wearing winter clothes?”. Apparently if it’s long – it’s winter 🙂

  2. Your day sounds lovely. I had a beautiful Mother’s Day. Lots of tight, squishy hugs and fierce declarations of love. That’s the best. And some cracking gifts from the Mother’s Day stall at school. And caramel Lindor balls. I’ve been waiting my entire life for Lindor to make caramel choc. Happy to eat them first on MD 🙂

  3. Perfect day !!!, I would love to visit Sakana, looks like my kind of place.
    I had a great day, light breaky, visited my Mum and mother in law with my hubbie and Surfer17 son, whilst Uni20 daughter worked. Then we had a family roast, daughter surprised me with a bottle of Moet, never had it before, yummo and gold class tickets to The Gatsby !! My son didn’t disappoint he modified one of my birthday cards with black texta, and wrote his name BIG in the card and his sisters name very small, Aha !!

  4. I actually did manage to get a little sleep in, which is quite a feat with a three year old and two year old. May have had something to do with having friends over for dinner the night before and them staying up later than normal 🙂
    I am getting a full length mirror on a stand for my Mothers day gift as we don’t have a full length mirror in our house anywhere. I am little bit excited about being able to check the look of my whole outfit. Just have to wait for it to arrive as there weren’t any available locally that I really liked so we had to order one.
    I think I have a bit of a dislike for tights because of bad memories from my school days but also because they never seem to last more than a couple of wears. I think I might need to find some I like as they would probably look better with my boots than leggings do. Any suggestions for a good brand of tights that aren’t ready for the bin after a couple of wears?

    1. Ooh, I just got a new one from Freedom for my Lady Room! Hope yours arrives soon. I do leggings with my tunics too – just depends really on what the outfit is. Always leggings with ballet flats but if wearing long boots, I do tights. With ankle boots, I’ll do a mix. You have to pay more to get tights that last more than a couple of wears. I usually buy up at Myer when they have the discount across all hosiery and buy with opaques. Leona Edmiston is a great brand; I’ve also had success with Ambra too. Online option: love these

  5. You look great Nikki! And how lovely of you to help out a solo mum on Mother’s Day too 🙂

    1. Thanks Lorraine … think you’d like Sakana. Will take you if you’re ever up this way and free 😉 PS. Finished your book on the weekend and your passion for food is SO infectious. Loved it.

  6. I am so glad you had a lovely Mothers day Nikki ,you look fab and I must agree on the Dermalogica Primer I am in love too! I love where you live it is beautiful and the scenery divine and I am glad the weather came to the party.
    You are so Kind to look after Staceys 2 girls so she could have a break that is a real woman Kind gesture,i saw her pic on IG and she appreciated it so much 🙂
    I had a lovely Mothers day as well though because I could sleep in ,I found I couldn’t ? I went to visit my Mum and then went to lunch as well and My husband “cooked ” dinner Kentucky that is his style and for once I wasn’t complaining as I didn’t have to cook ,not my choice of takeaway but I went with the flow.
    I got PJs too a lovely black and pink pair and some chocolates and Jamie Oliver Mug( I wished It were Jamie inside the box) 2 pedi vouchers a slow cooker ,I know ! but my daughter tells me it will save time so who I am To argue and from my son some money and a huge bunch of birds of paradise which look stunning in a vase .I also managed to have a little read of some mags in the afternoon when no one was home ,so all in all a good day!

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