Hair straight to wavy: before and after

10 easy hair care and styling tips to try at home

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I have a pretty good relationship with my hair. I treat it with respect (most of the time) and it gives me love back (most of the time).

I can be feeling pretty awful, like right now with a stupid head cold, but a visit to the salon for a re-blonding, style cut and blow-dry will have me at least faking a GOOD day.

Because that’s the power of a good hair day, isn’t it? Never underestimate it.

Last Friday I flew to Sydney to spend the afternoon with some wonderful people at Schwarzkopf.  It was for the launch of the Schwarzkopf Style Studio, of which I’m excited to be a part.

It had been a 4am start and my hair had been pretty much left to its own devices from straightening the night before.

So, I was a very happy hair pig indeed to be ushered into the Schwarzkopf Studio for a bit of schuzzing.

Here’s a visual:

Hair straight to wavy: before and after

Necklace by Jess at Epheriell Designs

At the launch, I got to meet Schwarzkopf’s national technical educator, Grant Withnell.

Grant knows his stuff. I love getting into the heads (pun intended) of hair experts as you can always be assured of getting some pretty good take-home advice.

10 hair care and styling tips

1. If you need great colour coverage you need a colour with ammonia-based product. Use just the colour cream, not the developer (in a home colour kit).

2. Oils in haircare products provide suppleness and retain elasticity in your hair, they don’t make your hair oily.

3. If you have a really dry scalp, treat it with jojoba oil.

4. The best thing you can do with your hair is use a leave-in treatment – wet or dry.  They are designed to make the surface of the hair look flat, so light will more easily reflect off that surface and you’ll have shiny hair. Use a liquid spray-on treatment if you have fine hair.

5. Silicone doesn’t build up on hair because silicone is water soluble and will wash out. However if you’re washing your hair with a silicone-based product it may cause a problem. And if you are colouring your hair and you use a high-silicone-based product, do a deep cleanse shampoo before you colour it. Use your normal shampoo and mix some bi-carbonate soda with it.

6. If you put a colour on your hair and it goes too dark, use the mix of anti-dandruff shampoo and bi-carbonate soda, scrubbing it through the hair to remove any excess pigment from the hair.

7. Volume powder is your hair’s best friend. It looks like talcum powder but massages in clear. Shake a little in your hands or straight into your hair and work it in using your fingers through your hair to the scalp. Hair is visibility lifted and stays there. If you straighten your hair and it goes flat the next day, add volume powder. It’s different from dry shampoo, which is a powder that absorbs oil and is designed to be brushed out.

8. Don’t rely on hairspray or lacquer to hold your style. It’s the foundation products like mousse, gel, styling creams, which you add before styling that will keep your style in place. That way you keep movement in your hair and don’t create a solid mass.

9. Always use a thermal hair protector before drying and straightening or curling.

10. Finish with hairspray for down styles; lacquer for up styles.

Got those tips memorised? Awesome.

Moving on …

The Fringer

Remember, last winter when I decided to embrace the fringe?

Turns out I was so on-trend I was ahead of myself as Schwarzkopf has identified “The Fringer” as one of the four key catwalk looks for 2013.

If you’ve been considering embracing the fringe, read my at-home care tips first.

Hosting a fringe on your forehead is not unlike having a pet. It’s not just for Christmas – or that moment you step out of the salon. You really need to take good care of it to keep it looking good.

Tips for caring for your fringe

Have you got a home hair care tip you can share with us? Thoughts on embracing The Fringer? 

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    I turn 13 in 5 days, and for my birthday I would like to get a new haircut (Cut and Colour).My hair is currently black/brown, but I don’t want anything extreme as it would be my first time dying my hair. I was thinking about getting a fringe, but as I am a teen (or will be shortly), I have problems with acne. I was just wondering if you have any suggestions? Any helpful hints with help me heaps.

    Thanks, Chloe Eve 🙂

    1. Hi Chloe … my suggestion to you would be to hold off from colouring your hair as long as possible. Once you start it’s can become a life-long process. I would also avoid the fringe if you have acne as it will only make it more sweaty on your forehead.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I’m currently growing my hair back after losing it due to breast cancer chemotherapy treatment. I’ve gone without headress throughout my entire process as I was comfortable with that look but now that it’s just started growing back I can for see many bad hair days coming up.

    I’d love to know if you’ve done a post, or plan on doing a post on hats as I’m thinking this will be my only way to hide it as it grows out when I’m out and about socially.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 🙂

    Lia xxx

  3. Snap – I’m feeling poorly too. Your hair is looking even more amazeballs than usual, Nikki. I recently chopped a good few inches off my hair (well my hairdresser did) and now that I’ve lived with it for a few weeks, I’m ready to lose a few more inches!

  4. Ah, I just had a fringe cut in after a few years without, now I’d better read up on how to care for it. Have JUST got a plug for the hairdryer I brought to Syney 16 years ago… it’s time for the hair to be looked after now that I’ve got a bit of a grip with the clothes. Thanks Nikki for the tips above!

  5. Totally agree about the way a trip to the hairdresser can make everything look better (except sometimes my bank balance). I have spent the last year or so trying to grow my hair long – and it seems to have been taking ages. On the weekend I decided that it was ridiculous to be trying to grow it down when I know darned well that it looks great short…so off to the hairdresser and off with the lot. I not only am now rocking a pixie cut, I also went from blond (ish) to deep and dark brown – no one in the office recognised me on Monday!! I use a volume powder to give the back a little more texture and height, and I find it works really well – if it starts to go a little flat, I can just pop into the ladies and give it a run through with my fingers and it’s lifted again.

    I’m also saving about 15 minutes in straightening time each morning, which means I can have a little lie-in every day now! 🙂

    PS – Definitely agree with everyone else’s comments about your hair – you look gorgeous!!

  6. Thanks for those tips – they are all really helpful. I have one question (and I am sorry if the answer is really obvious!) but how do I know if I have a silicone based shampoo? I recently went with the fringe – after a few half hearted attempts I have gone for a heavy & long one. I have naturally curly hair that I used to straighten every day. Now I just do the fringe and leave the rest wavy (best results when using a hair oil to lessen the frizz) – apparently it is completely on trend. Go me!! ;-)!! I think it will be easier to manage now the humidity isn’t such an issue.

  7. Thanks for these tips! The tip about lightening dark colour would have been useful a few weeks ago, instead of washing my hair with the harshest shampoo I could find everyday. I’m sure I’ll use these tips in the future.

  8. I loved your fringe Nikki ,I think it takes years off BUT on my fine hair it is very much like a pet ,too much work !I treat my hair with respect all the time ,I use moroccanoil after I wash it ,and the only good thing that comes with aging is the slowing down of the oil produced on my scalp I only wash it 3 times a week.I do a weekly treatment and get my hair coloured at the salon too many “sparkles” for me to do it at home and she uses 3 colours on the roots ash brown ,ash blonde and dark blonde so I will leave it to my lovely hairdresser,I only have to go every 6-8 weeks now because the greys blend in.
    I do use a volume powder though with fine hair a little goes a long way.
    I have discovered this great range of shampoos and conditioners ,I still love Eco store.Edward Beale Moroccan gloss with Argan oil shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair ,they are very nice and come in a 500ml pump bottle and are about $10 ,and they are 20% off at Priceline this week ,I don’t think they would suit thick hair but are great for fine locks ,so if anyone wants to try them they are a bargain Price ATM.The one thing that I struggle with is electricity in my hair when it is windy,does anyone know a cure for that! Thanks for this post Nikki,with winter coming your hair needs more attention.

  9. Great tips – thanks Nikki. I’ve printed them out to keep handy. Love your hair with a fringe but I know that they are such high maintenance. I need a fake fringe!

  10. So agree about a fringe by the way. It definitely requires special attention during the day. I’ve just had mine cut back in and have decided to grow it out again, I think. I’m just too lazy in the morning!

  11. I’ve used a couple of different dusting powders, from very expensive to supermarket shelf. They’re a little bit awesome!

    I am so evangelical about my favourite hair oil product that I carry it with me in my handbag and have been known to fix my friends’ hair on the spot. They all go straight to the nearest stockist and buy it!

  12. I always love your hair tips. The new fringe post really helped me out. My fine hair can be difficult so I’ll be checking out the volume powder, although I’ve found dry shampoo seems to help also. Thanks for another great and very useful post!

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