Unlock Your Style in 14 Days | Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Hair Day

Unlock your style in 14 days: The power of a good hair day

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Remember those shampoo television commercials of a few years back. Ok, so maybe a more than a few years …

I just Googled the words “just stepped out of a salon” and apparently “a few years back” is actually the 1990s.

Oops, showing my age. Again.

Anyway, the reason that this particular shampoo brand sold truckloads of its product on the back of those few words and a good deal of slow motion hair flicking was that we all know that feeling, don’t we?

The feeling that nothing could possibly go wrong because our hair is cut, coloured and styled to perfection. By someone else. Someone more skilled at the job than we are.

I tell you, I do a fair bit of swishing myself every six weeks. In fact I’ll be swishing later on today when I’m returned to full blonde status, had a summer trim and a Steam Pod styling treatment.

But I digress.

Unlock Your Style in 14 Days | Never underestimate the power of a good hair day

It’s that just-stepped-out-of-a-salon feeling I want you to focus on.

The way I figure it is that if we can somehow harness – EVERY DAY – just a fraction of that feeling, then imagine how that can work to boost our style confidence. Every. Day.

Getting good hair days at home start in the salon.

A solid relationship with a hairdresser who understands your hair, your lifestyle and your budget will help make you look good every day.

When you’re standing in front of the bathroom mirror at home trying to tame the mane, that task will be a whole lot easier if it’s been regularly cut and styled to a shape that is easy for you to re-create at home.

Finding a hair stylist who gets this and is willing to work with you is gold. When you find them, don’t chop and change. Stick with them. This allows them to work on a short, medium or long-term plan for your hair.

In terms of hair styles, having a hairstylist who you trust with your hair will also give you more confidence to change your hair style.

And there is no surer way to give your style a boost than with a fresh hair style, cut or colour. The right combination – and sometimes just the change itself – can take years off your total look.

What about at home?

I know, I know. It’s so easy to drop the hair styling ball when life gets busy. I give you permission to do so.

Goodness knows I drop the ball every summer. It’s dropped right now. As soon as that humidity kicks in I become the lazy ponytail lady, interspersed with maybe a top or bottom knot. I rarely blow dry my own hair and until I welcomed the L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod into my life, I wouldn’t have bothered with any iron styling either. {The Steam Pod actually humidity-proofs my hair from the frizz of summers past.}

This is a big area of my personal style I want to improve on in 2013. I want to embrace different ways to wear my hair up. Quick, easy ways that look impressive but don’t take me forever to create.

Unlock Your Style in 14 Days | Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Hair Day

Style work

So who’s with me? Who wants to improve the way they style their hair?

Here are some ways how:

1. Book a “the works” appointment with your hair stylist. If you currently don’t have a stylist then ask around – girlfriends or colleagues who have similar hair to you and live in your area may be able to recommend someone.

2. Be upfront with your hair stylist about how long you have each day to style your hair – and your ongoing budget. A good stylist will work with you on both counts.

3. Book a session with your hair stylist specifically to get a tutorial on how to style your hair different ways for everyday. If you’ve always wanted to master your styling iron, then book a session devoted just to that.

4. Teach yourself different styling techniques at home. My blogging friend Christina Butcher at Hair Romance has written and compiled two e-books that will give you an amazing start. The first is 30 Styles in 30 Days and the second, 30 Braids in 30 Days. Both are incredible resources with simple-to-follow pictorial tutorials. Click here to visit Hair Romance. You’ll find links to both e-books at the top of site.

Tell me your hair story. Are you happy with your hair? When was the last time you changed your style or colour? And if you have an amazing hair stylist, feel free to give them a shout-out in case someone else reading this is looking for a stylist in your area.

… I’ll start with the recommendations: most of the styles above and my cut and colour I owe to the very special Maria Faulder at Suite Three Hair, Buderim {Sunshine Coast, Queensland}.

PS. Don’t forget if you want to share any of your progress along the way via photos, you can upload them in the comments or share via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #unlockyourstyle and make sure you tag me so I can find it (@stylingyou). Facebook uploads to my page are welcome  too.



** The Styling You Holiday Style Camp {Unlock Your Style in 14 Days} is based on the Styling You Manifesto. If you don’t have your own, you can download it here. I’ll also be giving away a proper printed Styling You Manifesto from The Smile Collective every day to the reader who catches my eye with their comments and participation.

Unlock Your Style in 14 Days (Day 4 manifesto winner): Jen (SE Qld). Jen, could you please email me your postal address: [email protected]

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  1. Hi, I just saw your article and hope I can find someone to help me. My daughter, just about to turn 13, has long, thick frizzy hair that is giving her troubl. Being at this troubling age I want to help her and take her to a good hairdresser to cut it for her and help us with how to tame it. We live in Brisbane northside so if any of you know of a good hair stylist that can help, would highly appreciate Kate it.


  2. Yesterday, I had my long thin hair chopped off to mid neck and it feels great. I only ever wore it up so why bother with long hair? I’ve been going to Kristy at Embracive at Chipping Norton for years. In the next few weeks if I’m not convinced with the length, we have decided to go shorter. She is probably right when she suggested a gradual change rather than the big chop in one move.

  3. I am pretty happy with my hair. My mother always impressed on us as children that it was much more economic not to fight what you are born with, just work on making the best of it. I have rarely coloured my hair. Although in my early 30s I went from blonde to strawberry blonde and a few years later I went paint box orange just until it washed out. I am not scared to change my hair, sometimes you need it just to shake things up. The last time I had a radical change was went I went back to uni two years ago and it was kind of short choppy and messy, which was great but by then I couldn’t afford the upkeep. I have been going to the same salon since my early 20s (20 yrs!! – Togninis Brisbane) and I have always been very happy. But for the last couple of years I have been growing it out long and cutting it myself. It’s easier to cut curly hair because bad cutting is not as noticeable. I know it doesn’t look as good as salon hair, in which I have always been a strong believer, but this is a short term measures until I finish uni. One of the things I long for when I return to work is a great hair cut. I have been following Hair Romance and I do find it very inspiring. So I have been shaking up the home styling a bit. It’s amazing what you can do with a hair band and a few bobby pins. I took up your advice, which I read a few months ago, of carrying some bands and bobby pins in my hand bag – great tip!!

  4. I have SO dropped the ball on this (and quite a few other things – gotta love CFS). But a full treatment at a trusted hair salon is good on a lot of levels. Being spoilt rotten for at least an hour and coming out with great looking hair that holds it’s shape for the next 8 weeks. Well, that’s my normal cycle. I’ve been very upfront that I love my hair long, hate using products, leave-in conditioner aside, wash it once a week and air dry. Two weeks if life really gets in the way. It gets brushed and that’s about it. If it’s really hot, I’ll twist it up. It’s got a wave to it – lovely and bouncy when freshly washed, still a decent amount of body when it’s due for it’s next wash.

    Seriously, a good hairdresser is like a good GP or dentist. You follow them around and weep tears of blood when they leave. BUT – if you don’t say what you want, what your constraints are, even the best salon in the world won’t necessarily get things right.

    I’ve been going to Axis Hairdressing in Canberra for years – never, ever had a dud experience. And this is the more than timely reminder to ring and make my next appointment!

  5. I love my hairdresser and what he does with my hair. He ‘gets’ me and that is what it is all about. I have followed him to three different salons. David now has his own salon which is completely wonderful. If you are in Brisbane I recommend David Murry Salon. http://www.davidmurrysalon.com.au

  6. Nikki I totally agree with you- I have long searched for a hairdresser who could tame my hair- it’s very thick and pretty wavey (so the Princess Di cut in the 80’s didn’t turn out so well….) But now, I’ve finally found the one- it’s been 2 years now, and every time I get a fantastic cut, and he understands my hair, and the fact I have 2 little boys so therefore very little time to spend on myself! It was by total chance as I’d long chopped and changed hairdressers – his name is Scott, and he works at Identity Cut and Colour at Wooloongabba- I swear if he ever leaves I’ll be beside myself!!!

  7. Hi Nikki, do you have any tips for good “work” hairstyles and making them last the day? After running around like a madwoman at work my good hair day can turn into a frightening/dismal hair day. I’d love to keep that polished look I (hopefully) started with when I left home…

      1. I’m a doctor in a hospital, with longish wavy red hair. I’m in aircon all day, and need to look professional but not super-corporate. I’m constantly on my feet and also often in theatre – and scrub hats are not kind to good hair days! I usually end up wearing my hair down and straightened or up in a ponytail, but it’s pretty boring, and still ends up looking worse for wear at the end of the day.

        1. Stephanie, sounds like you’re in need of some tutorials from Hair Romance – perhaps her 30 Styles in 30 Days ebook? Link to Christina’s site is in the post above. I’m going to be working my way through that myself as I’m the same as you. Straight or ponytail. The rest my hairdresser does for me!

  8. I moved back to Melbourne earlier in the year and with all the hassle of moving countries with a family in tow I hadn’t found a new hairdresser. My brother died suddenly and when my sister arrived in town for his funeral she was horrified at the state of my hair and immediately set about finding me a decent hairdresser because she wouldn’t let me go to his funeral with my hair as it was (she’s very bossy and everytime we get together she won’t leave until she’s sure my wardrobe, hair and makeup are all sorted…I LOVE HER!!). Anyway, she found Bec from Hair by Ciccone in Macleod in Melbourne. Bec is fabulous. She decides colour and cut and always gets it right. My sister came home for Christmas and she was impressed at the state of my hair…not so much my wardrobe, that she had to sort out, but she thought my hair was great!

  9. Very true Nikki. I do not have “wash & wear” hair and have come to accept that. It needs to be done or I feel terrible. Since I have discovered Moroccan Oil (the proper stuff) my hair world has changed – it has made blow drying my hair a breeze and it looks so much healthier and shiner and some days I can even work with the natural curl rather than having to straighten it. When I get my GHD hair dryer I think I will be in hair heaven. But I think the key is having a great foundation – a great cut and a colour that works for you because if you don’t, you can spend all the time in the world on your hair and it still won’t look amazing.

  10. It’s taken me just over two years to grow my hair from very short pixie cut to where it is now. I love having long hair again… Except when it’s stinking hot like it has been recently. And like you, I don’t even bother getting the straightener out in the humidity, because 5 mins after I’m done its starting to curl, so I’ve been embracing the curl and using products on it the reduce the frizz. But I would love to learn some easy up styles too. For those days when it’s just too hot to have long flowing locks.

  11. I see the wonderful Matt from Nischler in Hobart Tasmania. He is fantastic (as are the rest of his staff)! They are also up to date with the latest trends and techniques. Listens and delivers!

  12. I recently moved hairdressers because I moved house and didn’t have time to drive 45 minutes each way to my old lady. I now see Ashleigh at Hands for Hair in Adelaide and she rocks.
    The colour in my hair now is amazing, after years of not quite embracing my Ginger-Ninjaness I am now wearing it loud and proud even the male friends have commented on the colour! I did the big chop into a Victoria Beckham asymetrical short style and love it. When I had longer hair I downloaded Christina’s e-book and it changed my world.

  13. I love my hairdresser,her name is Amy from Inspire Hair Salon in Claremont Meadows NSW,I have been going to her for a little over a year and yes she gets my hair it is fine and curly and she gets it better becuase she has fine hair too,I have never been to a haidresser that had fine hair before,she knows what I like and how I want it done,she always tells me she has restored it to fabulous,not that I would call it that but she puts fullness and flickyness into it ,I can replicate it at home,so I am happy.I have tried to be longer shorter darker and now I have found the perfect lenghth and colour and Amy tells me if it is in good condition or not ,she is truthfull without being tactless which I like and you need good a good rapport with your stylist and trust ,I know she is going to give me what I want and I am so glad I found her.I think if your hair looks good you feel good I know it works for me.
    Nikki enjoy getting your hair done today 🙂

  14. Ah, I have the fabulous Nathan, who I have followed around the east (Randwick, Paddington, Surry Hills, East Sydney, Kings Cross, Paddington, Surry Hills) for a few years, make that 17!! He has talked me through a few different styles and back to blonde in that time. When he moved from his first salon I tracked him down like a bloodhound, do you know how many salons there are on Crown Street Surry Hills? It took over 5 years for him to start chatting – which is not a bad thing in a hairdresser really, he is a good listener! Anyway, he’s at Lunio, on Crown Street (not where I tracked him down all those years ago). He does a great cut and colour that both grow out so well – I need this as I don’t get into the salon more than 3 times a year!

  15. My hair is probably just a little bit shorter than yours Nikki and I tend to get very lazy with it in the heat and just ponytail it or messy bun it to get it off my neck as it’s just too hot to blow dry it, or iron it and leave it down and it just goes frizzy in the humidity anyway so it’s just easier up and off my face but it can look boring so I am not sure how to overcome that part of it? Will definitely check out the Hair Romance site for some inspiration. I tend to change the colour a little bit from season to season, going from blonde foils in Summer to more caramel and chocolate and a few blonde in Winter and just vary the shoulder length cut either to a longish bob or a more layered textured longer style.. I am thinking it might be time for a fringe again though once it cools down in a few months. I too love your wavy style in the photos above Nikki and also want to say a huge thank you for the gorgeous Manifesto I won yesterday , I am rapt!

  16. I have followed David to 3 different salons over the last 14 years. He has taken me from long red hair to very short blonde foils, with lots of different colours and cuts in between and I trust him implicitly.

    Finally, he is out on his own in a lovely warehouse space. David Millson , the hairdresser @BalmainRoad, Lilyfield.

  17. I get a bit lost when it comes to a quick down style that looks good & my best up styles happen accidentally. Definitely need some work here.
    My question is… Do u know who does your mentor’s hair? Her hair colour is amazing!

  18. So true Nikki, great hair is the icing on the cake for me! I am in Canberra and see Claire at NEXT in Braddon, she is fab, never had so many compliments about my hair and it’s easy to do because she cuts it well. Bridget

  19. When it comes to hair I won’t let anyone other than Panic Hair Bazaar in Brisbane touch it! They are hands down the best. They understand curly hair and they are all amazing inspiring people. I walk out of their looking good but feeling even better (I get my best ideas in the hairdressers chair!). L xx

  20. My sister and I have had the same hair dresser for years. We both have really thick hair so she understands how it needs to be cut. If you’re on the Gold Coast then check out Meg at Crown & Glory, she’s finally opened her own salon.
    She is also a session stylist. And my sister in fact just before Christmas had a one on one session with her on how to style her hair up. LOVE my Meg!

    1. THANK YOU Leanne, I shall look up Meg. I have been looking for a good stylist for several years now & its SO frustrating to be constantly disappointed that nobody seems to know how to treat my wild wavy but slightly frizzy hair. Fingers crossed Meg can!

    1. I’m contemplating that at the moment Nikki – with my 40th birthday next year I’m thinking maybe it’s time to just embrace it. But then I have people find out my age (I turn 39 in 9 days!) and respond with shocked ‘no’s and ‘really’s as they think I’m much younger and I think maybe it’s not quite time… While let you know how long it takes for my vanity to kick in once my current colour starts growingout 🙂

  21. I think you have gorgeous hair Nikki. And agree with Jodie, I love the wave!

    I’m never happy with my hair, I go from trying to grow it to bobbing it off, from light to dark and everything in between. Luckily I have a fantastic hairdresser who I’ve been with for about 15 years. However, I’m all but over my hair at the moment. In fact I have made the BIG decision to go the BIG chop! I’m going for a Posh Spice (I know!) inspired cut. Very short with the fringe flicking to the side and one side of the fringe left quite longish (see pic). I’m nervous but excited!

    1. I did the big chop in the same style. Takes me 10 minutes in the morning from soaking wet to walking out the door. I can braid the long side back on second hair days. I would recommend buying some pomade/wax/texture goop to mess it up a bit or do as I do and steal some from my husband.

  22. Great collage of pics- the loose waves are gorgeous! Enjoy the pampering at the salon today. You’ve reminded me to book and apportionment before school begins in two weeks. Thanks!

  23. Hi Nikki. I have to say – I haven’t seen your hair with a wave in it before – must’ve missed that post! I think that you look really great with wavy hair!

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