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Keeping it Real: Whitsundays Islands style

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The nights have started to cool down where I live. A little sign. A little indication that the change of seasons is actually happening.

I can wear cropped jeans and not feel like I’m in a sauna suit.

I’m filled with nostalgia for winter and ready to put on my long, soft pants and ugg boots.


As one last hurrah, I got to spend four amazing days cheering on the end of my summer in The Whitsundays in tropical north Queensland.

I’d love to tell you that the knowledge that I was flying into warmer weather allowed me to get clever with my packing. That I’d actually packed lightly for the first time ever.

But you know that I’d be lying wouldn’t you? 😉

No, I decided that a glamorous trip to such a picturesque region of the world required day and night outfit changes.

It required stunning accessories.

And it required a mix of existing wardrobe pieces and a couple of fun, new Queensland trans-seasonal garments*.

And, oh, OF COURSE it involved the incorporation of kaftans. Because I’ve never met me a kaftan I haven’t loved.

Here’s a little look at what came out to play, Whitsundays Islands Style.

Day 1

Whitsunday Islands | Resort Style

Verily dress* | Gregory Ladner scarf | Country Road wedges | Proof sunglasses | Uberkate necklace

Whitsunday Islands | Resort Style

i Allure kaftan | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace | Seed slip | Country Road wedges

Day 2


Mist dress | Sancerre slip dress | Red Phoenix Emporium earrings | Bella Lido tote*

Whitsundays Islands outfits

Verily kaftan* | Salita Matthews necklace | Country Road wedges | Uberkate earrings

Day 3

Whitsundays Islands outfits

Bella Lido kaftan* | Verily slip dress | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace (new-season) | Proof sunglasses | Bella Lido sandals



Whitsunday Islands | Resort Style

Camilla Beach House kaftan | Seed slip dress | Red Phoenix Emporium necklace | Nicholas heels

Beauty note

Ok, so heads up, my skin colour is never like this in late April. Or any month for that matter. I planned ahead and booked in for a fast-developing spray tan at Lime Health and Beauty, Cotton Tree.

The product used was Aviva. Loved the colour this created on me and best of all I could wash it off 1.5 hours after application. No going to bed smelling like a barbecue chook.

On my face, I used the new Clarins BB Cream in Light (on counter May 20). It’s a thicker BB Cream, most similar to those that are found in Asia. The SPF 25+ sunscreen worked for our days out on the boat and the coverage was just what I needed for a tropical getaway.  To match it back to my spray tan, I dusted bronzing powder on the areas of my face where light hits.

On my toes? OPI’s Atomic Orange. Just like a tropical cocktail for your toes.

And on my lips, I stuck with glosses and alternated between Maybelline NY Color Senational High Shine Lip Gloss in Glisten Up Pink or Captivating Coral.

Which outfit do you like best? Are you ready for winter or holding on to summer?

* These items were gifted to me for editorial considerationReview

Comments 53

  1. Hi Nikki, love the kaftans!!!! We are heading to Fiji very soon and would love to get hold of a mist kaftan before we go. Any ideas of where I might be able to order one not having much luck. Also any chance of letting me know what size you are wearing in the bella lido and mist kaftans.

    1. Exciting to have that trip on the horizon! Ok, re Mist … have you tried phoning the number for the agent in your state listed on this page http://www.mistasiapacific.com.au/mist_contact.php? I’m wearing the S (no I’m not a small woman but there is a lot of fabric in this so I always try down a size … with this one I went down another size again!). The other mist dress I bought in Bali I bought in a M instead of L for the same reason. Re the Bella Lido … that style is a “one size”.

  2. Hi Nikki. Can you tell me which Verily dress is the one in the first picture (blue – while you’re on what looks like a boat)? I can’t tell which one it is by looking at the website. I’ll be sure to take a close look at the Maybelline lip glosses too. Thanks for the tip

  3. Hi Nikki you look gorgeous as always. Just wondering how you found the tan as far as wearing and colour consistency. I’m very pale and always on the lookout for a good one so would be interested to hear any feedback cheers Kristy

  4. You’re a summer styling goddess Nikki. You look amazing in all of these outfits.
    I keep going back to look at the day 2 daytime pic though – the colours are stunning, I love the blue of the sky and what a magnificent beach, but I really LOVE that dress you’re wearing. You look fabulous in the Verily kaftan too – just beautiful. I like warmer weather, so this post has been a joy to read….as I’m sitting here in my slippers and cardi drinking a nice warm cup of tea.

    1. That dress was a Bali purchase. I’m even more in love with it as the fabric is so soft to wear and it’s a dress that doesn’t need ironing. I would wear it at least once a week (not for much longer though!).

  5. Hi Nikki, yes I love all your outfits too!!! I tried finding the verily kaftan from day 2 (love it!!!!) but can’t see it on the website. Do you have any info? Thanks, Mel xx

  6. Gorgeous girl Nikki!! My fave pic and outfit would be pic number 3 on the beach tho you don’t look shabby in any of them!! x

  7. You’re an inspiration Nikki. How do you manage to look so good even on the beach? My favourite outfit has to be the final one – Camilla Beach House kaftan – love those colours on you – also love the bright pop of colour the lime green necklace adds. Keep on rocking it 🙂

  8. Ohhhh, I really like that iAllure one. But in saying that, there is not one look I didn’t like! You do resort goddess very well! I am off to Hong Kong at the end of the month where the weather will be warm and humid! Not so pleased about the humidity but am very excited about Hong Kong. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank goodness for the return of Kaftans, they remind me of my friend Gigi’s hip and beautiful mum in the 70s, she used to swan around in them at home, so glam and comfy! Am off shopping now, they look gorgeous on you esp the iAllure and Verily.

  10. I love the Day 2 Verily Kaftan Nikki, the evening look, but seriously you looked stunning every day here as always.

  11. Oh, we’ve had a last blast of summer here in Sydney over the last week – and it has been lovely going down to the beach on the weekend! I love that Verily kaftan, and am sad that it is not on the website any more. I also think you need to do a “Posing Pointers” keeping it real!! I am hopeless in photos at the moment – I need to summons my inner Nikki somehow!

    1. I love going to the beach at this time of year as it’s so much more comfortable! If you contact Leonie at Verily she can let you know about that kaftan – it was a line that she created just to sell at the markets and in her pop up stores – and may still have some. I have to laugh re the Posing Pointers. I need some new ones! My girlfriend who used to run a model agency taught me this one and I’ve been a “cracked record” doing it ever since. Need more material!

  12. I love all of your Kaftans and dresses Nikki ,I especially love your new Verily stripey one,and the one you glammed up ,so pretty.I have never met one I didn’t like either,I have been wearing mine in this stunning weather we have been having it got to 30 degrees yesterday,so making use of some of the ones that are too hot in the real summery days and I got a compliment from a stylist in Target the other day,when I had my pretty colourful one on and she said you could be a stylist,you have styled that outfit so well.I said Thankyou and it made my day!
    I am ready for winter I have all my winter clothes sorted and bought new jumpers and jeans,but apart from a few cold days they are all waiting for me to wear.I prefer Spring and Autumn as I dislike the cold and we get very heavy frosts where we live but I do love a nice pair of boots and my jumpers and my Sussan poncho,so yes I do enjoy winter dressing though it makes more washing and it is not as lazy.Thankyou for sharing your beautiful outfits from your lovely getaway in the Witsundays.Stunning oufits!

  13. One could open one’s own kaftan shop with all those Nikki! I love the idea of the Verily kaftan with the arm cutouts. I find a normal kaftan too overwhelming with so much fabric but showing a bit of skin in this way helps to balance it out imo. The beach sure looks spanking!

  14. Nikki, this is very serious. I’m pretty sure this is my favourite style collection ever. LOVING the accessories like a nutcase. Everything is SO fresh, colourful, sexy and casual!!

    Looking SO good.


  15. Love all of them.
    The last week the days have been absolutely sublime here in Queensland, but I must admit I am longing to wear a different wardrobe. And my boots. I get boot envy when I see pics of people down south.
    I must remember this when I’m complaining about the cold in a month!

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