New-season Offspring preview

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I posted this on the Styling You Facebook page yesterday but wanted to share here on the blog.

You know … because it’s good to get an Offspring new-season obsession brewing along nicely.

And because … I’m already in LUST with those boots.

First look Offspring Season 4

Season 4 Offspring preview

[iframe src=”″ width=”560″]

Excited. Much?

PS. Downloaded the Offspring: Moving In app yet

PPS. In case you missed it, I did a pre-season Nina pregnancy fashion forecast here.


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  1. Yes, any suggestions where I can source a cream cotton cape, jacket. Love the cotton jackets that Nina wears often. I have always favoured the boho fashions even when they are not the in thing so much.

  2. Oh my! I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am that Season 4 is now showing. Those gorgeous blue boots are Tsumori Chisato. They were sourced in Hong Kong and were the last pair, dammit! Just discovered (after scouring through your Offspring fashion posts) that just two weeks ago, I purchased the Black Leather Jacket (very Sergeant Pepper) that ‘Nina’ wore in Season 3. Can’t wait for your next update come Thursday 😉 xx

  3. Hi Nikki, I absolutely love Nina’s boots too and the cream crochet cape. Any chance you could find out where from please?

    1. Haven’t had any luck on the boots front Tara, sorry. And remember on both counts they are highly unlikely to be still available as they would have been called in from designers and stylists 9 months ago.

      1. Asher’s blue suede boots are Tsumori Chisato. They were sourced in Hong Kong and were the last pair.

  4. I saw an ad but can’t remember where..could be SBS for “Who do you thing you are” to feature next week and its Nina (the actress). The portraits of her ancestors have incredible resemblance to her. It looks fabulous and interesting but I can’t remember which night and time. Does anyone else know? She’s such a great actress.

  5. OOh yes those boots,Nice,love the colour….I want winter to come now,Thanks Nikki I got the Offsrpring App yesterday and love it.I want Nina back ASAP I have missed her I may have to invest in the DVDs.

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