How to frame your face with a defined brow

How to frame your face with a defined brow

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With so much focus at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013* on the minimalist face, it’s quickly became apparent how important it is to give good brow.

Without a well-defined brow, your face “disappears”. This is especially the case if said face is under lights on a fashion show runway, as in the case of The New Generation show this morning.

Now, it might be too late for some but for those who have not plucked their brows within an millimetre of their lives, it is possible to tame and define them so that they frame your face. If you do fall into the thin eyebrow category, never fear, fashion is fickle. They’ll be back!

Catwalk to sidewalk tip

Maybelline NY Australia’s makeup director Nigel Stanislaus knows a good brow when he sees one. He then works with that brow to enhance and define it even more using EyeStudio Master Shape brow pencil.

How to frame your face with a defined brow

You need to fill your brow in a straighter shape. A lot of women have grown up with that Drew Barrymore high-arched look. We don’t want that. If you have that brow, we look at the two extreme points of the brow and try to fill it up with the pencil. You have to train it that way.

Use the brow spooler at the end of the pencil to comb the brows out at a 45 degree angle. If you have thicker brows, maybe spray a little bit of hairspray on them to keep them in place.

The fashion

A snapshot of the designs featured in the New Generation show from designers (from top to bottom below): Desert Designs, Betty Tran, Faddoul, Jamie Ashkar, Natalie & Sarah, The Letter Q, Tristan Melle and Zhivago.

Desert Designs | MBFWA 2103

Faddoul | MBFWA 2103

Natalie & Sarah | MBFWA 2103

Tristan Melle | MBFWA 2103

Jamie Ashkar | MBFWA 2103

The Letter Q | MBFWA 2013

Betty Tran | MBFWA 2013

Zhivago | MBFWA 2013


* Maybelline NY has engaged me as its official blogger for MBFWA 2013.

2 FW_Fall_2012_Colors_Logos_REVISED-AU-07

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  1. I never used to do anything much with my brows – I was hopeless at plucking them and they are blonde anyway. But they weren’t great… I then invested in getting them shaped properly, and it was like having a facelift! Great brows and a bit of lippy is all you need! So pleased to see the bright green back – I bought a few pieces this past summer and love it! I’d wear it anyway though 😉

  2. Nikki I have fine sparse brows always have and always will I suppose but brow powder is my best friend it helps give defintion and makes them appear more well endowed and I love a well defiined brow,i am a bit of a pro with the powder these days.You have lovely brows BTW!

  3. Nikki – I have unruly brows, but when I have them properly shaped, I reckon they’re the best part if my face. I’ve never had them waxed, but I discovered threading a couple of years ago. Excruciating business, but exceptional results.

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