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Keeping it Real: the Easter getaway edition

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Hello Tuesday after an Easter getaway. You’re looking not so fresh from where I’m sitting.

I can see the souvenirs you have left me in the form of a mountain of washing.

And if I do not see a glass of Villa Maria sav blanc again, well at least until Friday, it will not be long enough.

We didn’t just have a GOOD Friday. We had a GOOD weekend thanks to the generous hospitality of our good friends, the Woogs.

The scene of the GOOD weekend? A little village on the New South Wales Central Coast.

There may have been a little drama getting to our destination but once the esky contents were unpacked and evenly shoved in distributed to the two fridges, we set about establishing the tone for the next four days.

This involved lazy mornings, lazy lunch times and lazy evenings. My kind of perfection really.

To achieve the optimum state of bliss, tricky during an escape when kids are on board, we implemented a practised and perfected strategy: Parental Tag Teaming (PTT).

For those unaware of the win-win outcome of successfully implemented PTT, it goes a little something like this …

1. Dads surf early while kids are relatively content to watch TV and terrorise famous neighbours with outdoor activity. Mums wake up slowly, mainlining coffee and social media via iPad.

2. Prepare and present bacon and egg rolls to returning men, not because we have willingly transported ourselves back to the 1950s and live to serve but because we have a Thai massage and a shopping excursion booked in a neighbouring town and want to pass that tag with speed.

Priorities, Stylers, priorities.

Because nothing would be finer than shopping in Umina … yes, should you find yourself in this part of the world and in Umina, then these three shops should be on your radar.

Tribe Living

Expect to find a mix of well-priced casual fashion with accessories and interior pieces. I bought matching her and hers steel blue knits for Mrs Woog and I (exhibit A in mirror photo below).

Tribe Living, Umina

Furnishings with Deborah Lam

A workshop out the back produces some impressively stylish furniture upholstery. In the store itself? Stunning coastal interior pieces that would be very welcome in my home.

Deborah Lam Furnishings

Kym Hilliard

You’ll find casual style fashion with class and a strong ethical stance. Nothing not to love about the feel of this store. And the Kym in the name is who you’ll most likely find behind the counter ready to style you into your next outfit.

Kym Hilliard Umina

But I know you want more …

For a Sunday drive we conned Mr SY to drive us to Killcare, to check out another store.


This one is owned by my friend Edenland‘s aunty and except that the pies at next door’s The Fat Goose restaurant were calling, I would still be there lusting over Nancybird, Pony Rider and Samantha Robinson pieces.

moochinside, Killcare

… but back to the PTT strategy. It was also implemented and executed beautifully on Saturday afternoon. While the boys took to the boat for a spot of fishing, Mrs Woog and I found a water-view table at the Patonga pub with our name on it. The world’s problems were solved over a couple of champers.

Patonga hotel

The outfit

There is nothing like flying south to bring a welcome drop in temperature and a chance to wear some new-season threads. And if you think just because the seasons are a changing that I plan on rejecting chartreuse anytime soon, look away. Look away, now.

Chartreuse layering and NYDJ jeggings Virtu knit $79.95 | Ollie & Max shirt $85 | NYDJ jeggings (stockists here) | Zoe Kratzmann platforms | Uberkate earrings and necklace | Sunglasses from Willow & Bird

Chartreuse layering

(Everyone loves a photo-bomb …)

I love the versatility of this Virtu knit.* Layer it over a tank, a shirt (like I have here) or a long-sleeve tee when it cools down even further.

I’m thinking it will be a great winter wardrobe friend for these eggplant jegging-style NYDJs.* They don’t look too purple in this photo but they definitely do have that eggplant hue that makes a fresh, colourful change from black or denim. Not to mention the perfect winter 2013 approach to coloured jeans.

This is actually my favourite style of NYDJ jean. The stretch is the most comfy of all the varieties in my wardrobe and the fitted leg is perfect for wearing with ankle boots and ballet flats.

As for the location backdrop?

Central Coast, NSW

Please teleport me back. NOW.

How was your weekend? Do any shopping? Do you have stores in your ‘hood we should know about?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy

Comments 36

  1. Like someone else said here… I learn something from you everyday! I love the understated necklace for a casual day out… I usually try a necklace & think its too much… Now I know where I am going wrong… Thanks

  2. Hi Nikki just checked some online outlets for NYDJ, since I live in the country, however couldn’t locate the eggplant colour. What is the style and colour called? Do they come in different lengths (I am quite tall)? Thanks for your help!!

  3. looking SMASHING Nikki… I did not know what colour chartreuse even was, let alone think to don it, you teach me something every week. Seriously envious of you with weekends at Jabba, Davo next door penning a masterpiece, Mrs Woog to make you laugh til you cry…bliss. & Lastly the shops look divine – Umina’s come along way from the 80s when I was last there.

  4. I love the outfit, but also spied a lovely blue knit you are wearing in your mirror reflection shot. Where is that one from? NYDJ – best.jeans.ever!

  5. Nikki – I love the idea of burgundy jeggings / skinny jeans. I am a tall-ish size 10/11 usually. (Last pair of Legging type Jeans was GAP brand, size 6L) Would the NYDJ be good, or can you recommend another make? I’m a lover of buying online = hate going shopping!

    1. I LOVE them because I find it difficult to find jeans that fit me and feel comfortable. I would stick to the same US sizing as you had with the GAP brand – and definitely the skinny leg style.

  6. Hi Nikki would you mind sharing what size NYDJ you are wearing? We are similarly proportioned methinks. I would love to buy them for my 40th party next weekend. Suggestions for a party top to go with? Already have fab patent black heels and bling necklace /earrings. Thanks!

    1. Hi Bron, HAPPY 40th! I’m wearing US size 12, which is an Australian 16 equivalent. So it depends on whether the store has kept the US label or changed to suit. A lovely sheer floaty black shirt/top would work beautifully with your heels and bling, I think.

  7. Wasn’t the weather (mostly) perfect on the Central Coast for Easter? I know and love Moochiniside – bought something there last week – but don’t really know the shops at Umina. I will have to check your recommendations soon. Thanks Nikki!

  8. LOVE that method of solving first world problems. And … how do you take all those awesome full-length selfies? Do you have some magical fairy that appears on cue to press the button while holding the camera at just at the right height?

  9. Looks like you had a very nice weekend! We went down the Coast for a few days and had a great time. We ended up at Harbour Town on Sunday arvo and I managed to score two pairs of coloured jeans from Jeanswest for $20. Very pleased with that!! Good luck with the washing!

  10. Looks like a brilliant escape Nikki – very jealous! You were definitely better dressed for the entire weekend than I was. We adopted your usual Easter weekend break routine – we visited a restaurant on the lagoon on Friday, and did a little bit of ‘playing tourist’ in our area on Sunday, but otherwise I stayed in my comfy-clothes and watched a lot of telly. We are flying to Brisbane this Friday though for a week of holiday with family and friends, so I am already planning outfits where I get to wear my jeans and some scarves (Brisbane weather will feel cool for us – hopefully!).

  11. Your weekend looked amazing Nikki,I am glad you had such a fun time with the Woogs,and I like that parental tagging game though I think we called it something else in my day,who cares though it works.I must go to Umina when I visit my sister next and check out those shops,she lives at Point Clare and we always go shopping together.I like your matching her and her knits.I love your eggplant NYDJ jeggings I do like that colour and with the chartruese stunning!I can’t wait to wear my bargain pair of NYDJ grey jeans they are skinny with zips in the sides so will be great for Autumn and Winter with boots.I had a very nice weekend also visited my parents ,had a pedicure,went to a BBQ and the only shopping I did was a new microwave cause the old one died,but that’s ok as I did shopping last week and bought some more graphic pants,a new knit and those bargain jeans.
    You take it easy today if you can ,apart from the washing of course,it is a shame when we have a great weekend away with stunning weather for Easter might I add that we have to catch up on the work:(Have a nice day Nikki.

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