The Great South East

Styling You goes shopping on The Great South East

Nikki Parkinson Life 10 Comments

Visiting the Sunshine Coast in the near future?

Check out this segment from The Great South East, in which I was asked to share some of my favourite shopping spots.


For information about what I wore and the professionals I called in to complete the TV shoot here, it’s all in this post from late last year.

“Shopping on the Sunshine Coast offers something different and it really lends itself to the browse.”

For information about the shops featured, head to The Great South East’s website.

  • Amanda

    I’m from the Sunny Coast, but currently living in Perth. It was so great to see some familiar spots, makes me homesick!!! I loved your outfit and thought you were very cool and professional, definitely a natural!

  • Dot Liberman

    I know I’ve seen it somewhere before in your blog, pls remind me where your white slip is from?

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    I loved this Nikki,you were made for TV,you looked fab and presented well,Loved your Camilla kaftan on and I now know why you go to Silva Spoon so often and Cottontree to shop,You really do live in a little patch of heaven,Your neck of the woods is a place I am putting on my bucket list,Thankyou for sharing with us non Queensland residents.

    • I’m very lucky to live here Lisa and will miss it when I head to Brisbane at the end of the year.

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Yes you will,but you can always go visit Stacey(veggiemama) and go to the Silva Spoon together.

  • What a great segment Nikki! Looking gorgeous in that bright kaftan! xx

  • That was fantastic Nikki, thanks for sharing. When I saw your IG photo I was like, “Damn! Missed that!” How cool! Looking fab as always too 🙂 Congrats on the fantastic exposure this must have given you! 😀