Loved spending the day with The Great South East's Sofie Formica

Keeping it {not so} Real: the TV shoot outfit

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It’s no secret that I do like any opportunity to glam it up.

The reason?

Most of my workdays are spent in front of a computer at a desk in my lounge room.

I dress for comfort. The style bit, if evident at all, happens by accident.

Not so last Thursday.

I’d been asked to be on the Channel 7 travel show, The Great South East.

A little welcome for the crew at Willow & Bird, Cotton Tree

A little welcome for the crew at Willow & Bird, Cotton Tree

The segment won’t air until 2013 but I was asked to take The Great South East’s Sofie Formica on a quick shopping tour of just some of my fave places here on the Sunshine Coast.

So, I did what any lazy-girl beauty type would do … I called in the pros.

Makeup artist. Check.

Professional makeup by Pru Edwards

Pru Edwards knows her stuff. I reckon she’s shaved a good 10 years off and given me the kind of definition and finish you need for TV makeup.

Hair stylist. Check.

L'Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod treatment by Suite Three Hair

The girls at Suite Three whipped a L’Oreal Professionnel Steam Pod treatment through my hair and had me swishing out the door in under 30 minutes.

And when it came to the TV shoot outfit, I enlisted some help there too*.

Given all the talk last week about kaftans, it seemed fitting not to divert from the theme.

My thinking: stray flapping tuckshop arms would be covered and panty lines would not be in any danger of upstaging me.

The TV shoot outfit | Camilla kaftan | neon | chartreuse

This Camilla Beach House kaftan from Zambezee Boutique answered my call (I layered over my Sancerre white slip dress for a little extra length).

It provided the perfect backdrop for even more show-stopping colour.

… because, quite frankly, at this point I couldn’t see any point in toning things down.

Why stop when you’re neon roll, I say.

Enter stage left, this show-stopping necklace from the latest collection at Red Phoenix Emporium. Perfecto.

Red Phoenix Emporium necklace | neon

Add in some Noosa Amsterdam arm candy from Willow & Bird {love how you can interchange the stud buttons on this cuff and collect more to create different styles} and THOSE Zoe Kratzmann chartreuse shoes and I was ready to shop.

Noosa Amsterdam cuff at Willow & Bird

Yes, I was.

So, where did I take the Great South East crew?

These are just four of my many favourite stores here on the Sunshine Coast.

Willow & Bird, Cotton Tree

Photo: Willow & Bird

The mum and daughter team behind Zambezee Boutique ... Lorelei and Natalie have been in business together for 15 years

The mum and daughter team behind Zambezee Boutique … Lorelei and Natalie have been in business together for 15 years

Loved spending the day with The Great South East's Sofie Formica

Loved spending the day with The Great South East’s Sofie Formica

If you live here or travel here for weekends or holidays, what are your favourites?

Disclosure: I borrowed the kaftan and necklace for the shoot but fell in love with them afterwards … they now may or may not hang in my wardrobe 😉 The Noosa Amsterdam cuff was a gift from Willow & Bird. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

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  1. For anyone who hasn’t looked in their TV Week like I did since reading this post, the show is aired on digital channel 72, Saturday mornings. In repeats now but will obviously be new eps come next year.

  2. Great outfit.

    So much has changed since I lived there in the 80s and so many stores have popped up. I’d love to see the SC now and see how it’s changed. Will definitely be checking it out online if it’s not aired here in S.A.

  3. Nikki, you are just taking the world by storm!

    What’s the chances of the show being aired in North Qld?

    By the way, I LOVE that necklace. And you totally know how to rock a kaftan! x

  4. Willow and Bird would have to be the greatest shop on the Sunshine Coast. Everyone is so friendly and the owner Judy is an amazing lady, can never do enough

  5. Fantastic outfit! I always go by the ppw premise- the price per wear- the more times you wear an outift the more affordable it becomes 🙂

  6. Woo hoo, Congrats again! I can’t wait for the segment to air. I think the whole outfit came together perfectly, and I am glad the kaftan ended up in your wardrobe, it’s awesome! x

  7. You look stunning Nikki,I hope you bought that Kaftan if you haven’t you MUST it is your I’m going to be on TV present to yourself and the beads too,It would make a great dress for a coktail party or Christmas day so please buy It I know they are very expensive but your worth it:) and You have the excuse that you already have a slip to go under and your Zoe stunning shoes,and you look so pretty in it.
    I am so pleased great exciting things are coming your way ,you are the nicest person and I’m sure you showed chanel 7 the very best places to shop.
    We don’t often go on holiday but my favourite holiday is a cruise nothing to do except get beautiful by other people and laze around reading or watching a movie or a show and then turning up for meals ,my sort of holiday, though I would love to go to Europe and Greece and Paris, etc etc.I bet you are so excited about your tv debut and please make sure to let us know when it is going to air.

  8. You look stunning Nikki. I am looking forward to seeing the segment next year! I love little shops like the ones you visited, they are my favorite place to shop especially because they generally have fabulous people that own/run them that give you such great service!

  9. That outfit will come up really well on telly.
    I just had a huge flashback as my husband directed Sofie Formica’s first segment for The Great Outdoors, over 20 years ago.
    Feeling very old. Haha.

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