12 autumn 2013 workwear ideas

Let’s go shopping: autumn 2013 workwear

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Regulars here will know that it’s coming up to five years since I graced an office with my presence, arriving as early as possible to ensure not being left with a dodgy chair.

There was also a time that arriving punctually ensured you also had a computer terminal to work at. Handy things those computers when you had stories to write.

So, I count my blessings as I sit at my own desk in the corner of our lounge room … especially as we are coming into cooler weather and I can hear my Ugg boots calling me from the depths of my wardrobe. Yes, I’m guilty of letting my former standards slip because a typical day involves hitting the keyboard, jousting with the inbox and fighting the traffic on the school run (speaking of, did you see on Facebook the other night where I mentioned that my school is fundraising with a raffle of a VIP carpark at the school? Genius).

If you are office bound Monday to Friday, you may already be thinking about how to keep things exciting on the workwear front. You may also be breathing a sigh of relief that you can actually start layering again. I know I’m excited that the thought of putting a lightweight scarf around my neck without feeling as if something really clingy and sweaty is trying to strangle me.

I’m also excited to dive right in to incorporating new colours into the mix. Shhh … don’t tell chartreuse.

Think rich jewel tones, such as emerald, cobalt, fuchsia; a power-pop of red or berry mix. They’re all out there, leaving us without an excuse to work them back with our favoured black and shades of grey. No excuse, you here me?

Scroll down for some inspiration and shopping suggestions. Remember one or two key pieces may be all you need to give your autumn 2013 workwear wardrobe a seasonal lift.

12 autumn 2013 workwear ideas

Shopping suggestions

Just click on each image and then the caption below each image for more details.


Missed the post where I gave a rundown of the autumn-winter 2013 trends? Click on over here.

How are you giving your work wardrobe a lift this autumn?

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  1. Very very true When I
    take any interview I do notice these things lol. I remember when I went to my
    first interview I was looking not so good because no one has guide me. But
    your tips and advises are really good and girls should keep all tips in mind.
    First I always notice is work
    , then work shoes, then other things.

  2. Love the tops for autumn officewear! Went and picked up a gorgeous cobalt dress today that I just love – turns out that a pair of shoes I had (and love) are the perfect match for the dress…Monday’s outfit for work is already sorted!

  3. Although my work wardrobe is in pretty good shape, I love your work wear posts. Really I do. And I can’t tell you how *happy* I am that rich jewel tones are back in town. They’re very definitely my colours. I love emerald green and cobalt and red, and seriously, berry colours make my heart skip. Metalicus items are always fabulous, and I’m thrilled they have some brights this season. I haven’t bought much from them the last couple of years because the colours have been dull. I’m seriously thinking about buying the Ruby Olive necklace and I’d like to try the Feathers top (now I’m ok’ish with peplum ;)) – but I can’t find any stores in Queensland. Do you know of any shops in Brisbane/SEQ that sell Feathers clothing?

    BTW, I may have to stop reading your blog soon, before I max out my clothing budget!

  4. I’m picking up one of those Metallicus 5 way cardigans that I’ve had on order at lunchtime today. The mix of merino and the stretch makes it perfect not just for work but for travel as well.

  5. I am very excited that monochrome is making a massive come back too but when did it ever really go out of style ;-)! However I now embrace colour in a big way and love the richness of the autumn colours. A few bits and pieces here and there and I am set. I even have some in my wardrobe already. Surprise surprise!!

  6. Yes I did read about your exciting news on Facebook about a VIP parking spot at school ,GOLD idea,I remember back in the day when I drove to the school it was horrible if you didn’t leave at least a 1/2 an hour earlier than you had to you couldn’t get a good spot and sitting in the car in summer waiting was not my idea of fun and it always seemed to rain at pickup time,why is that I wonder?? I hope you win Nikki.
    I love your Autumn back to work outfits ,I don’t need any myself but love the Ruby Olive necklace in those berry tones so beautiful,I do like the jewel tones except for green ,I can do turquoise and Aqua but dislike green with a passion,love all the rest of the colours and I saw a beautiful pink knit the other day that looked nice.I love me a scarf too but it is too hot to wear even the lightest ones.

  7. I am loving that low heels are making a comeback. I have heard rumours that even Victoria Beckham is embracing them. The little kitten heels are lovely. Hopefully skirt and dress lengths will drop a little bit, too. Just an inch can make the difference to wearability, especially now I no longer have a waist to speak of.

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