What's hot for autumn style 2013

What’s hot for autumn style 2013

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As we were leaving the US last August, the famous “September” editions of the big-name fashion mags came out. Despite their hefty weight {916 pages in Vogue alone}, I lugged them all the way back home.


Because I’ve always loved having that sense of being top of what’s coming next? What the next trends are?

Which is quite ridiculous these days because they way we all talk and source information about everything – fashion included – means that in Australia we are no longer a whole season behind. We seem to blend with our Northern Hemisphere fashion forecasters in ways that have never happened before.

So, as our fashion seasons change here – and yes, if you’ve been into your favourite store or checked out your favourite label online this week – they have changed, then it’s not so much a case of “out with summer; in with autumn” approach to our wardrobes but more how we can blend our summer with our autumn and re-visit pieces from early spring or even last winter.

Global fashion is like a giant melting pot. Lots of people throw their trends, colours and flavours into the mix, but the combinations you or I ended up wearing or adopting? That’s totally up to us and our own style.

A new fashion season does allow us to:

1. Replace or stock up on wardrobe basics for that season and;

2. Pick out a few show pony pieces to breathe life into those wardrobe basics.

I’m also a particular fan of shopping during the trans-seasonal time of the fashion year. This won’t apply to my southern friends but because winter is pretty mild up here {only the nights and mornings are freezing}, I get most wear out of clothes bought with mild – but not cold – temperatures in mind.

For me, that means shopping now and usually August. Then I usually need high-summer pieces for when it gets way too hot for any trans-seasonal compromise. You might need to add in some serious winter wear to the mix.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it’s a round-about way of saying that now is a good time to shop. Even if you’re still in a beach holiday frame of mind {and boy that applies here}, keep your eyes peeled for just the right addition to your wardrobe.

What's hot for autumn style 2013

Autumn style 2013 trends

1. Rich florals: incorporate these fabrics in tailored shapes and let your garment do the talking. Less will be more in the accessories department.

2. Leather: and not just in jackets. Think a-line skirts too, bringing a contrast of feminine and tough. Colour leathers are there for those wanting to lead the pack.

3. Embellishment: too much sequins and adornment will not be enough.

4. Prim and proper: Think pencil skirts, high necklines and long sleeves. It’s all about classic style.

5. Suits: Just when we’ve got used to deconstructing the suit, it’s back and worn matchy-matchy together. Not sure I’m ready for this.

6. Asian-inspired prints: there’s a richness in these that is both statement and classic.

7. Uniforms: a bit of military, a bit of country and a bit of urban thrown together for chic.

8. The full skirt: a work and play alternative to the pencil skirt. If hips are your widest point, then look for a drop-waist style. I certainly will be.

9. Body conscious: think slim-fitting garments designed to show off your shape through clever seam work and graphic lines. With skilled patterning and good fabrics, this can work for all sizes.

10. Sporty: A bit athletic, a bit sci-fi, a bit modernist. These are statement pieces to be worked back with classics. Reminds me of my David Bowie ’80s days.

{sourced and adapted from InStyle US, September 2012}

And to get you thinking autumn, I’m sharing today some key autumn style 2013 campaign images from some of my favourite stores and designers. Maybe something will catch your eye and make your new-season shopping list.

Mix Apparel autumn 2013


Mix Apparel

Country Road Autumn 2013

Country Road

Sportscraft autumn 2013


Trenery Autumn 2013


Zoe Kratzman autumn 2013

Zoe Kratzman Autumn 2013 {available March; neon yellow not available}

Maiocchi autumn 2013


Leona Edmiston autumn 2013

Leona Edmiston

Rockport autumn 2013

Rockport {available March}

Seed autumn 2013


Howard Showers autumn 2013

Howard Showers

French Connection

French Connection

Sacha Drake AW 2013

Sacha Drake

Feathers AW 2013


Camilla AW 2013


Everyday Cashmere AW 2013

Everyday Cashmere

Mimco AW 2013


See anything you like? What’s on your must-buy list for autumn 2013?

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  1. The new Maiocchi range is ah-maz-ing! I am trying very hard not to be tempted by ANY new clothes (rather difficult for me) so I can save for our trip to NYC in May.

  2. There’s a lot to love here. I have a confession and it makes me sound a bit dim, I swear that I’m not but….I have never really thought about shopping at this time of year. It’s still hot and I’m still wearing my summer things. I don’t usually think about cooler weather clothes until it’s, you know, cooler. And I’m often disappointed then because all the fab items are usually sold out in my size. Go figure! 😉

    So this is a great tip for me. I am going to head back to the shops. I have a better idea about what I want to buy now (after style camp). And as much as I would love to buy the French Connection outfit head to toe I’m not sure it would be a great look for me. I do remember your “forget the last 5 kg” rule, but I have great difficulty applying it. So I won’t be buying sweet snug little pants like that this year. Maybe next. But sigh…the colour and print is gorgeous.

      1. I’m with you Kathryn re the frock and the suits. And with the French Connection pants, at least try them on for me. I received some patterned pants today from one of my new advertisers, Motto … they are surprisingly flattering. Will blog soon!

  3. Oh! I love this time of year. Nothing like new season shopping. My eye has gone straight for the Maoicchi dress. Gorgeous! I’d love a full skirt too. Will keep an eye out. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Our weather in Perth is like yours, I need some pants other than jeans…. I swear that Trenery model is stunning, they have used her a few times and she is perfection.

  5. I love the Country Road & Trenery looks, and also the Sasha Drake dress – tailored styles suit me best (lucky I work in an office environment – that look around the house is a bit OTT!) ;-). Trans-seasonal shopping is also my favourite even though I live in Melbourne, as I’m mostly indoors with aircon and so just stick on a jacket when I have to go outside. I also have a few dresses that I wear in both summer and winter – I just put a long-sleeved top on underneath to transition into winter. After looking at your advertisers’ sites recently I intend to check out the skirt trimmed with leather from Motto – the right look but at a fraction of the price. Thanks for putting this list together, Nikki. I’m not a fan of wandering the shops aimlessly – I much prefer to plan ahead and then hit the stores with the looks I like. You make it very easy!

    1. Yes, lucky you have the office environment – and you have a very good point that if you are in a aircon-ed office most of the year then you really need the same kind of clothes year-round. And I don’t like wandering aimlessly either – online browsing is my friend!!

  6. I am looking forward to getting a pair of military style boots which I will not be wearing with a floaty floral skirt/dress – primarily because I will never wear a floaty floral skirt/dress. At the start of a new season I often think I don’t like the new trends but then I work out, I just need to pick out the things I like and wear them with the classic things I already have. Thanks for sharing and keeping us up to date!!

  7. So glad full skirts are back – while I love a slim pencil, full skirts suit my shape and my personal style and I always have at least one in my wardrobe (in fact I’m wearing one today, with a ladylike/classic spotted collared shirt).

    Am keen to try a leather skirt in either an A-line or pencil cut depending on what I can find – still kicking myself for not grabbing the soft A-line from Portmans last Winter. Love this one from SABA but at $499 it’s a bit out of my price range (http://www.saba.com.au/skirts/violet-leather-skirt/w1/i9552073_1164227/).

    Any recommendations for a soft leather skirt at a cheap-medium price point?

  8. I just invested in my 2 pairs of jeans (Trenery) and some metallic ballet flats. This autumn and winter will be about the jacket, so have my eyes peeled for some unstructured ones that do not make me look like a lego lady. I am also hunting for the tan ankle boots to replace the ones that I dropped a sausage sizzle on last year. Sausage sizzle does not come out of caramel leather FYI xxx

  9. I am loving the printed pants,and the oriental prints and I have a black jacket like the French Connection one.I don’t mind the sporty luxe look either I have a couple of pants from a few seasons ago that will fit in with that trend,loving those ballet flats too .I don’t like the suit look, all matchy matchy I did that in the 80s for work and It won’t be a look I will do again.I don’t like many skirts on me as I have no waist and find them uncomforatble,and hate leather ones with a passionbut i have a pair of leather panelled leggings from Witchery that I love.I would like a dressy winter dress and I have bought a new pair of leather tan ankle boots to go with jeans and leggings,for my average days at home looks ,we get very cold weather even though I am in Sydney,severe frosts and freezing nights and sometimes days so will do a winter wardrobe edit and see what I need and have a look soon,Thanks for this post Nikki.

  10. A black leather skirt is top of my list. There is a gorgeous full one at SABA but I like the Trenery one you have shared here might be a good compromise both with a more classic style and on price…$300 compared to $500. Definitely loving the military looks coming through and all the red. Love the looks you have shared 🙂

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