15 ways to wear stripes

Let’s go shopping: stripes

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Stripes cop a bad name in fashion.

I blame whoever made the stupid rule up that all horizontal stripes make you look bigger.

It’s a myth, Stylers.

Stripes can actually have the opposite effect, so please, please do not place a blanket ban on them.

How do I know this?

Year 8 art. True story.

We had to create these patterns using parallel lines. I quickly discovered that by bringing some of the lines together you could create an illusion of shape.

And I’ve long worked that illusion of shape into my wardrobe because I love the classic style that stripes bring to an outfit.

15 ways to wear stripes

Nautical, French, call it what you will, I’ll take my stripes served up in every colour – from black to navy, red and orange.

Rarely a fashion season goes by without an injection of stripes but this season they really are everywhere … in tops, dresses, maxi dresses, jackets.

Here are 15 stripey shopping suggestions:

(Click on the caption under each photo for a link to check out and buy the garment featured)


PS. A number of my fashion blogging friends are part of the a group called Aussie Curves. These women rock their personal style every day but each week they take up a particular style challenge. This week that challenge is stripes. If you’re a curvy girl and scared of stripes, can I suggest you check out all the outfit posts linked up here. You might just change your mind.

Do you love stripes? What is your favourite way to wear them?

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  1. I love to wear them with everything! I seem to flock to them. But always w a touch of colour. Black and white dress? Add a colourful necklace. Stripey top, add bright shoes. I can’t stay away!

  2. I was watching QI on the ABC a few weeks back and they said the same thing, it’s a myth, however, I own very few striped articles of clothing and they are tops. I just prefer plain, patterned, or pictures over stripes.

  3. Another great post Nikki! I just bought a fab taupe & black horizontal striped maxi skirt from target last week and it’s super flattering even on someone as under-tall and curvy as me 🙂 Best of all it was an absolute bargain price!

    I also recently bought the amazing Del Mar maxi from Sacha Drake and like all her dresses it is incredibly flattering.


    I can’t wait for the weather to get warm enough to wear it. x

      1. I bought the green stripey one but the short version on Saturday. Cant wait for this bloody Qld weather to start being real Qld weather so I can wear it.

  4. These are really gorgeous suggestions Nikki. So many of those ‘fashion rules’ I grew up with were made to be broken! I only have stripey tops but those dresses have me tempted – thanks Nikki xx

  5. Love stripes too, have many dresses, skirts and tops. Looking at the gallery above the one that caught my eye I was surprised to see it’s from Target (the multi stripe strapless). Give me stripes over florals!

      1. Don’t start on that one Nikki – my mum has been trying for years to get me to mix them, mainly in decorating circle…sometimes I could do it but haven’t gone down that road (not sure if boys would like floral, lol) But I’d love for you to show me a good stripes & floral mixed outfit 🙂 🙂

  6. I love stripes and I don’t believe the old rule either they can actually make you look taller in my case, especially in a maxi dress,I have bought 3 striped tops this new season and also own a black and white ,navy and white and own quite a few striped maxi dresses and a maxi skirt .I like to serve up my stripes with coloured jeans ,plain jeans and the maxi dresses with a jacket.
    Thanks Nikki for more shopping inspirations and I love how you have incluced all sizes in the gallery I am far from curvy but love how you show all the options.

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